Mahatama Gandhi and Nehru Family guilty of killing 40 lakh Hindus


               Gandhi, Nehru and the Congress-men are guilty of getting killed 10 lakh Hindus and Sikhs in 1947, and another 30 lakhs during 1971 in East Bengal (now Bangladesh).  It is a historical fact, that India was partitioned in 1947 on the basis of Hindus and Muslims; of course Sikhs, Budhists, Jains and Animists of North East were counted with the Hindus.  The Christians were expected to remain where they were at the time of partition.  This basis of partition was accepted by the Congress, including Gandhi and Nehru.  Therefore, it was not only moral duty, but also legal obligation of Congress leaders, who had become the rulers of truncated India, to ensure the safety and well being of the Hindus and Sikhs etc. left in Pakistan.  But Nehru and Gandhi were only concerned about the safety of the Muslims in India, and bluntly refused to accept their responsibility for the safety and well being of Hindus left in Pakistan.

               As a result of Direct Action announced  by Mr. Jinnah and Muslim League, large scale killings of Hindus had taken place in Bengal in August 1946, and of Hindus and Sikhs in West Punjab in early 1947.  Keeping these facts in view. Some British Generals had advised Mr. Nehru to shift Hindu and Sikh population to safe places before partitioning India.  But no attention was paid to this advice. (A letter by B. V. Limaye – Organiser dated 20-9-2000).

               Now let us see, how alert Gandhi was to look after the well being of Muslims. Governor was to be immediately appointed for West Bengal, as the British Governor Burrows was leaving. Sardar Patel proposed the name of K.M. Munshi, but Gandhi felt that his reputation of bring unsympathetic to Muslims disqualified him. Then Patel said to raja Ji (C. Rajagopalachari), and told him that Gandhi and Nehru, both have agreed to it. So Rajaji was deputed as Governor of West Bengal to take care of the interests of those very Muslim League’s Muslims, who had butchered Hindus in Koltaka for creation of Pakistan (see Rajaji story 1937 to 72. by Rajmohan Gandhi – published by Bharatiya Vidya Bhawan).

               Quite contrary to it, Mr. Sri Prakasa, who was deputed as the first High Commissioner of Indian to Pakistan, had absolutely no interest in the well being of Hindus left in Pakistan, but was very much concerned about the well being of these Muslims, who had migrated from India to Pakistan. He himself admits in this book “{Pakistan-Birth and Early Days on page 43, that “ Constitutionally speaking, I was more responsible for them (i.e. Muslims) because they were Indians, than the Hindus in Pakistan, because they were the primary charge of the Government there (i.e. Pakistan), “He also encouraged these Muslims to return to India, and helped them promptly, if they wanted to do so, so much so that he created bad relations and bitterness with his Dy. High Commissioner, an ICS officer, as he was refusing permits to the Muslims for return to India. (See. Page31).

               Here in Delhi, thousands of intending Muslims were being sent back to their homes from Transit Campos, and even called back from refugee trains at railway station. (see Cabbages & Kinds __ by V.P. Bhatia, Organiser dated 24-4-1994). Not only that, Gandhi had gone on fast-unto-death, and all the conditions which he laid down for ending the fast, were for good treatment to Muslims, vacation of their property, in which Hindu and Sikh refugees from West Pakistan had been settled. One of the conditions was that no Hindu Refugee should be settle din areas dominated by Muslims, without the sweet will of Muslims. (see page 188-89 Last glimpses of Bapu__ by Manuben Gandhi).

               Here it would be relevant to metion one more indident. Dr. Khare, a Hindu Mahasabha leader, asked in the Constituent Assembly, “Whether Government proposed to declare all the Hindus and Sikha residing in Pakistan as nationals of Inida, and claim their protection as such. … Sardar patel in reply said that no government could make any declaration on behalf of anyone…”(see The Tribune dated 9-12-1947). Here we observe, that Sardar Patel, with an image as a strong man, refused to help the dying Hindus in Pakistan. Surely, this was due to the evil effect of his bad company with Gandhi, that he refused to perform his moral and legal duty. How can one expect, that helpless Hindus under harrowing conditions in Pakistan, could come before Sardar Patel and submit written applications for grant of Indian citizenship.

               In such a situation, when Pakistan was bent upon eliminating Hindus and Sikhs, and Indian rulers ignored their duty,. About ten lakhs (one million) Hindus and Sikhs were butchered in 1947, mostly in West Pakistan. The  remaining about 1.5 (one and a half) crore some how reached India. The biggest culprit for this tragedy was surely Gandhi. (see partition the …….phase of the country by H. D. Shourie. The Tribune dated 11-12-1997.

               Gandhi got 10 lakh Hindus killed in 1947. But the daughter of Gandhi’s GEM, Jawahar Lal Nehru, Mrs. Indira Gandhi, got thirty Lakhs (3 million) Hindus killed in East Pakistan during 1971. (Bangladesh government has sought apology from Pakistan fo rit. See The Tribune dated January 29, 1998 and Sept. 14, 2000). And practically all these 30 lakhs were Hindus, as is evident from Justice Hamoodur Rahman commission’s report, mentioned by Shri Atal Rawat in his article in the Organiser dated 3rd Sept. 2000. “One officer quoted by India Today as telling the Commission that General Niazi had himself asked as to how many Hindus we had killed. In May there was an order in writing to to kill Hindus. “The Pakistani Army had painted yellow “H” on the house of Hindus, to distinguish them from Muslims.

               The basic question is as to what Mrs. Indira Gandhi, the then Prime Minister did to protect the life of Hindu in East Pakistan? Nothing. Instead of punishing one lakh Pakistani soldiers who our security forcers had captured, they were all returned to Pakistan, after entertaining them with good food and all facilities. They all deserved death penalty for crime of killing 30 lakh Hindus, and other heinous crimes. East Bengal was handed over to Muslims of East Bengal who were all guilty of mass murder of Hindus on different occasions, including the on during Direct Action in 1946, Even Buddhist majority  Chittangong Hill Tract(CHT) was given. Buddhist Chakmas from there are now coming to India as refugees,. In what way India has gained from Bangladesh war, in spite of winning it after sacrifices by our armed forces, and huge expenditure? In fact, it would have been better to allow the Muslims of West Punjab and East Bengal to fight against each other, rather than freeing Bangaladesh. Now Bangaladesh is nothing more than another Pakistan, and Pakistan (in the west) has more time and energy to create problems for India, and an excuse that India has broken Pakistan.


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  1. Nandan says:

    Shame on Us. still we have not taking lessons from history. so we deserved same fate.

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