According to Gandhi Rama and Krishna never existed

               All sects of Hindus, followers of Sanatan Dharma. Arya Samaj. Buddhists, Sikhs, Jains etc accept the historicity of Rama and Krishna. But according to Gandhi neither Rama was ever born nor Krishna but they were only imagination of the writers. He said  in Harijan dated 27th July 1937 that “I do not mention the name of Rama and Krishna, because they were not historical figures, but I am inclined to mention the names of Abu-Bakr and Umar. “Gandhi in his statement in in the “Tej” dated 5th October 1925 said “Mahabharata’s Krishna never existed on the earth.”

  Gandhiji’s views are similar to European Christian writers, many of whom do not believe in the historicity of Rama and Krishna. They also do not believe that Indian history and culture could be so old extending to millions and millions of years. According to our traditional calculations based on ‘Yugas” Hindus are as old as the creation of this earth and about 2000 million years, and to be precise 1, 97, 29, 49, 102 years and total age of the earth is 4,32,00,00, 000 years as per the Vedas and astrology-Jyotish. It is only the Hindus of this earth, who have maintained the calculation of creation of this earth, which is unique in itself.

  One may question Gandhi and his followers, as to why he was befooling the people by frequent references to Rama Rajya. If Rama did not exist, how there could be Rama Rajya? And Gandhi’s GEM Mr. Nehru used to ridicule concept of Rama Rajya. On Pare 72 of “Jawaharlal Nehru __ An Autobiography “he says “Even some of Gandhiji’s phrases sometimes, jarred me thus his frequent reference to Ram Rajya as golden age which was to return. But I was powerless to intervene, and I consoled myself with the thought that Gandhiji used the words because they were well known and understood by the masses. He had amazing knack of reaching the heart of the people.

  From the above it is clear, that Nehru had contempt for Ram Rajya, but thought that Gandhi was using this term only to attract the masses. In other words, Nehru believed that Gandhi was simply be fooling the people by talking of Ram Rajya, to create followers. Thus Gandhi was a big cheat, even as per Nehru.


Excerpt from the book,-Mahatma Gandhi-A Curse for Bharat – Ramdas Gandhi

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  1. longerh says:

    Bro, kindly remove this page. Because in every single quote, Gandhiji has rapidly claimed that he’s a hindu and whenever he loses the meaning of humanity he simply look at hinduism.

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