Gandhi was a coward he did not say “Hey Ram” but urinated and was frothing and fuming in his mouth


               Gandhi himself admits in his Atma Katha (Autobiography in Hindi) page-19, that “ I was very coward, and remained afraid of thieves, snakes, ghosts etc., and had no courage to go alone at night.  It was impossible for me to sleep at night without putting the lights on.  Again I felt shy of telling these weaknesses to my wife. “This was the mental health of Gandhi, when he was not a child, but had grown up and entered manhood.  This cowardice remained with him throughout his life.

               In his speech on 18-1-1948, he said “He was not a fortune teller, but God has given him intellect and understanding enough to know, that if for some reason or the other, they (i.e. Hindus) could not be friends with the Muslims of the Union (i.e. India), the Muslims of the whole world would be antagonized and they (i.e. Hindus) would lose India. (Delhi Diary page-354).

               From the above it is clear that Gandhi considered unity among the Muslims of the whole world as a natural and desirable phenomena.  Then why he against the unity of the Hindus within the only and one country, India? Why he advised the Hindus living in the truncated India, not to bother about what was being done to the Hindus left in Pakistan? Since he himself was coward he wanted all the Hindus to be cowards, and feel afraid of Muslims.  But his followers consider him to be an ideal fearless man, so much so that that “Hey Ram” cam out of his mouth, when he was fired upon as if he had full faith in Ram.  These are all canards and lies, spread by his followers.

               The facts have been disclosed in “Shakti Samachar of 1st July 1996, 16 Macus Lane, Kolkota-7”. It reads M.K. Gandhi did not say Hey Ram when he died by Nathu Ram Godse’s bullets.  Only stifled sound came out of his mouth which sounded like phoose.  Godse had said that at the time of his trial, but no one believed him at that time. Gandhi has been presented to the world as a courageous man, who did not fear death and died with the name of Ram on his lips and many such cock and bull stories.  Actually, the cowardly Gandhi was very frightened man and when shot and dying, he urinated profusely in his dhoti, he was frothing and fuming n his mouth and he dropped like a bag of potatoes.”  The truth came out of Gandhi’s former aide Mr. V. Kalyanam on Wednesday Feb. 8, 1999.  Speaking at the Forum of Loud Thinking Chennai, V. Kalyanam said,”I missed the bullets by six inches and I know exactly what happened on that day. The entire universe has been fooled with something which did not happen.”

               Gandhi’s adversary Mr. Jinnah, considered him a coward like a goat, has given a very realistic and interesting image of Gandhi. As mentioned on page 244 in the book “ Mohammed Ali Jinnah and Creation of Pakistan by – Sailesh Kumar Bhandopadhyaya”. It reads: “On Oct. 10, in a public meeting organized by Quetta Leage, he ridiculed the non-violent satyagraha of Gandhi and said sarcastically to obtain leadership, to sit like a goat under the police lathi-charge, then to go to jail, then to complain of loss of weight and then manage release (loud laughers)…….”

               We can see how accurate Jinnah was in his assessment of Gandhi.

  Excerpt from the book,-Mahatma Gandhi-A Curse for Bharat – Ramdas Gandhi
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  1. A.L.Rawal says:

    Gandhi might have ben a coward but he brought freedom to us. We are free only because of the freedom which he brought and which we are enjoying and also squandering to a great extent. He knew how coward would behave. So he formed a strategy for cowards and made lions out of them. At his one call all the cowards of the country gathered and were ready to shed their lives and blood for freedom. He knew the psychology of the cowards and threw the British out by making them brave. His non-violent struggle made people think that they did not have to use arms which they had not used for thousands of years. Those who had used them had lost the battles several times over in the battle field. Therefore he knew the weakness of the people of this country and formed his strategy like that.

    Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose raised an army of brave men but fell flat on his face. He took the help of Hitler and waited in Berlin for one year to meet him. The help he got was withdrawn at the most crucial hour when he was embattled in North-East. So he fell flat on his face. But the strategy of a coward succeeded. Nothing succeeds like success. He felt the pulse of the people, was with the people, organised and aroused a whole people so was successful. A country of India’s capacity could be handled only by wisdom and not by bravado.

  2. Even if Mahatma Gandhi was a coward, he was successful in bringing about freedom for the country which we are all enjoying and also squandering to a large extent. The strategy cahlked about by him was the strategy of a coward – non-violent resistence to the oppression of the British. He knew that Indians were basically cowards and had been used to living under slavery for thousands of years. Their small happy moments were their own in their personal lives. They had nothing to be proud of in their political lives. Therefore he formed a strategy which would involve all cowards of the country and follow him without arms.

    He knew that people of India had been prevented from using arms under the caste system. Those who carried them had been defeated several times in wars. Subhash Chandra Bose formed an army of brave soldiers of the country. He sought the help of Hitler, waited for one year to meet him in Berlin. He got some help but was ultimately defeated. He tried to fly on borrowed wings and fell flat on his face.

    But Mahatama Gandhi grew his own wings, the wings of a coward and was successful in flying the whole country to freedom including the thankless Mullas who demanded Pakistan and got it by threats of a civil war. No one criticises Jinnah the man who wanted Hindu girls to be raped en-masse and converted to Islam. Jinahh also wanted that Major Akbar should go to Kashmir, grab it and present it to him in October 1947 just as it was presented to Akbar, the imperialist Mugal, in October as a birthday gift. But it is only Majory A.K.Sinha who prevented this wish of Jinnah the fascist invader from being fufilled.

  3. himanshu says:

    amrit read bharat history you are talking like a fool who dnt know his history bharatiye was brave peoples always.and for ur kind information every cast have great fighters at that time but after mughal rule bhartiye becomes divided and vulnerable.and gandhi was nothing just a attention seeker if he was truthfull then why the hell he became nehru leader of congress beside no one voted for him.he was a coward and he made indians more coward thats why lakhs of hindus got murdered

  4. anupam108 says:

    if u cannot respect father of the nation, better face the corruption & inhuman behavior of congress…

  5. neerav says:

    Its people like you for which I become ashamed of my being an Indian. It is people like you that makes me doubt my Sanatana dharma. If you cannot respect the father of the nation, better do not disrespect him. Go and be the chamchas of Congress govt., it will benefit people like you. Gandhiji never intended to bring us freedom, he merely wanted us to overcome our own evils. What he did, and kind of insult he gets from idiots like you………………ashamed, really ashamed that people like you exist in this country. He had flaws, everyone agrees. That only makes him a greater human than he is. Nobody’s life was such an open book as his life was. I do not know, if Lord Rama was there or not, but I know there was this one person called “Gandhiji”. This is coming not from a old 80 year freedom-fighter veteran, this is coming from a 18 year old IITian.

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