There seems to be some “defect” in Hinduism, because worldwide, it is clearly not as respected as Christianity and Islam. Hindus struggle to get a fair representation for Hinduism in the media or in textbooks whether abroad or even at home.

This is hard to understand, because Hinduism has the best philosophical basis of all and is in tune with modern nuclear science. It acknowledges that the essence in all is consciousness (spirit) and shows practical ways how to realize this one spirit as true. It is therefore even in tune with the ever growing tribe in the west who say “I am spiritual, not religious”.

When India was ruled by Christians and Muslims, it was understandable that those in power promoted their religion as the best and denigrated the ‘primitive native religion’. But today, when there is an open market of ideas, why is Hinduism still getting a rough and very unfair deal when it actually deserved the highest respect, and how can this be changed?

One fine morning I realized what Hinduism is “lacking” and how this could be rectified. Hinduism would finally be on the same footing as Christianity and Islam.

It is simple.

The ancient rishis had left out only one important sentence after passing on their insights. This one sentence obviously makes all the difference whether a religion is respected, powerful and keeps gaining followers or whether it is demeaned, ridiculed and loses followers.

This sentence is:

If you don’t believe what we tell you, the supreme Divinity will throw you for all eternity into hellfire.

Let’s imagine Maharishi Vyasa, after compiling the Vedas, had added this sentence: “Whoever does not believe in the Vedas as the only truth, will be thrown for all eternity into hellfire by Brahman himself.”

Or after writing the Mahabharata, if he had added “Whosoever does not believe that Sri Krishna is the only true mediator between man and Brahman, will burn eternally in hell”.

Or if Valmiki, after writing down the teaching of Guru Vashishta to Prince Rama, had added that Vashishta alone is the true guru and whoever does not believe it will end up in hell.

Or even today, if Mata Amritanandamayi for example, who has several miracles to her credit and an unparalleled outflow of love, would claim that she is the only indigenous daughter of god and who does not believe it, will be thrown into hellfire forever…

If this had happened, Hinduism would not be the underdog. It would be on the same level with the respected religions. In fact, the newcomer religions probably had little chance to come up, because Hinduism was there ages before them and it could have easily declared those newcomers as inexcusable heretics that need to be put to death.

In fact, not all is lost. Since the Bible and the Quran were written down after Jesus and Mohamed had died and several earlier versions were discarded, maybe Hindus still could amend their sacred texts?

In case it is not clear, of course I am not serious.

But it struck me one morning that the respect for dogmatic religions is based on irrationality and how easily it could be corrected if Hindus would chose to be as irrational and if they would back up –this is an important ingredient – their irrationality with blasphemy laws. Hindus could take part in the one-upmanship of “only we are right” and threaten those who dare to dissent with death.

Actually, it is not so much irrationality but cunningness, because those who made those claims of eternal hell for outsiders in all likelihood did not believe it themselves. It could not possibly have come from Divine inspiration but is driven by worldly power.

The rishis in contrast were truthful. They were not cunning or irrational, and Indians – all Indians – can be proud of them.

But pride is not enough. Present day Indians need to take care that this irrationality does not eat into their society because it will lead to its downfall. It is not difficult to find examples for such societies.

Dharma finds expression through people who stand up for it and if necessary fight for it. Adharmic forces need to be called out and challenged.

It seems, on this world stage, a Mahabharata war is always on, in all ages. Yet ultimately, at a higher level beyond the dichotomy of good and evil, all are absorbed in the one eternal Brahman from whom all has originated.

There won’t be a huge cauldron of fire where billions of human beings will burn for all eternity. This claim by both Christianity and Islam does not deserve respect. It deserves ridicule.

By Maria Wirth

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Hindus make bold to be the inheritors of a great and exceptional civilization. And they are.Indeed, a wider recognition of this ancestral greatness would solve a number of contemporary problems Hinduism faces.

Separatism, the phenomenon that Hindu sects declare that they are non-Hindu and back-project that they never have been Hindus, is largely due to the bad reputation of Hinduism. Nobody wants to stay on a sinking ship (especially not the rats, the true nature of most defectors). Hinduism is slandered as “caste, wholly caste and nothing but caste”, and when at all it is admitted to be something else on top, it must be widow self-immolation, child marriage, dowry murders, nowadays the rapes that make headlines, and other human rights violations.

Hindus make bold to be the inheritors of a great and exceptional civilization.

Moreover, it is seen as superstitious, incoherent, flaky, and worst of all, weak. Hinduism has an intensely bad image, and that is why the Jains, Buddhists, Lingayats, Sikhs, Arya Samajis, Ramakrishna Mission and others insist that they are not Hindus, while another category of malcontents defect by converting to Christianity or Islam.

The Hindu territory has constantly been shrinking for more than a thousand years: Kabul, most of Southeast Asia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, de facto also Kashmir and parts of the Northeast, these have all been lost. But the conceptual domain of “Hindu” has also been shrinking. Originally, Muslim invaders introduced the term as meaning: all Indian Pagans (non-Abrahamics), whether Buddhists, Jains, tribals, low-castes, high-castes, and by implication also younger sects like Virashaivism, Sikhism, the Arya Samaj or the Ramakrishna Mission.

The insistence by many castes that they are “not Hindus” stems from two circumstances: the very negative reputation of Hinduism, contrasting with its fair name in de 19th century; and the fogginess around the definition of “Hinduism”, only aggravated in recent decades by a deliberate manipulation of the word’s meaning.

After sketching some details of this phenomenon, we proceed to show that a correct assessment of the basic texts and the history of Hinduism would largely remedy both the bad name of Hinduism and the shifting sands of the term’s meaning. It may sometimes be diplomatically wise to speak of “Buddhists and Hindus” or “Hindus and Sikhs”, but the scholarly fact to be clearly realized and kept in mind is that the sect founders Shakyamuni Buddha and Guru Nanak never meant to break away from Hinduism, anymore than Shankara did when he founded his Dashanami monastic order, Hindu par excellence.


Yet, Hindu civilization has everything to make its scions proud. If this greatness were highlighted rather than its real and imagined shortcomings, the defecting sects would eagerly come back. Those Sikhs who militated for Khalistan only yesterday, will turn around and shout: “Sikhs are Hindus”, or rather: “We Sikhs are more Hindu than you!”

Consider for instance the Vedic seers. Mind you, historically, “Hindu” is every Indian Pagan, i.e. every non-Christian and non-Muslim Indian. This implies that it includes many more people and more traditions than the strictly Vedic lineage, to which a certain hostile discourse tries to narrow “Hinduism” down. But even this much-maligned Vedic lineage has given the world enough to make all Hindus proud.

First of all, we have their praiseworthy choice of what things notto do.  The Vedic seers did not invent fairy-tales about their tradition being eternal and God-given. Whereas the Quran and the Biblical Ten Commandments are in the form of God addressing man, the Vedic hymns are more truthfully in the form of men addressing the gods.

I am aware that some Hindus try to understand the Vedas as a kind of Quran, eternal and revealed. They like to crawl under the heavy weight of scriptures ascribed to a divine author, showing the lack of self-understanding common in this age of degeneracy of Hinduism.

Fortunately, the Vedic seers knew better: they walked upright and composed those scriptures themselves. The Vedas were not created by a superhuman source and then memorized by dumb and uncreative human beings; they were created by skilful and understanding human beings, the ancestors of contemporary Hindu civilization.


And then there are the things they did do. First of all, they created great poetry using elaborate metaphors, crafty verse forms and a unique system of memorization. Hindu society set apart a class whose job it was to memorize and pass on the tradition, genealogies and literature.

Vedic recitations today are deemed, even by hostile Indologists, as undeniably a kind of tape-recording of the original recitation thousands of years ago. It is this class of reciters that nowadays comes in for the harshest criticism. All the separatist sects invariably flaunt an anti-Brahmin hate discourse.

They thereby prove they don’t value the transmission of knowledge. In their rants that “the Brahmins monopolized knowledge”, they seem not to care about the “knowledge” part, nor do they busy themselves with acquiring or transmitting this knowledge.

To be sure, inertia and the psychological effect of being honoured by society caused some pride and smugness among the less meritorious members of the Brahmin class, a human phenomenon known in societies the world over. But the merits of this class, and especially of the society that set it apart, are unique.

Next, consider the insights captured in the literature they transmitted. Many great ideas that were to come in full bloom in later philosophies of India, East Asia, and more recently the West, already existed in germ in the Vedic hymns thousands of years ago.

Originally, Muslim invaders introduced the term as meaning: all Indian Pagans (non-Abrahamics), whether Buddhists, Jains, tribals, low-castes, high-castes, and by implication also younger sects like Virashaivism, Sikhism, the Arya Samaj or the Ramakrishna Mission


Thus, the correspondence between microcosmos and macrocosmos, between man and universe; the identity of man with the intelligence of the sun (so’ham); or the vibratory nature of reality (aum), still central also in Buddhism (om namo amituo fuom mani padme hum) and in Sikhism (omkar), are already themes in Vedic poetry.

Such elementary concepts as the division of the year in 12 and 360, and such profundities as the monistic unity underlying the plurality of gods, or the distinction between the ordinary self acting and the real Self merely observing, are all present in a single Vedic hymn – ideas to which entire schools of philosophy are mere commentaries.

Later, the doctrine of the Self was explicitated by seers like Yajnavalkya, who is up there with Plato as an ideas man next to whom a whole philosophical tradition is but a series of footnotes. Even the Buddhist no-Self doctrine, which spread around Asia, can only be comprehended by presupposing the concept of the Self.


The seers’ pluralistic outlook is not equally exceptional, at least not when compared with Chinese or ancient Greek worldviews,– but nowadays the majority of mankind is in thrall to two religions (the Religion of Love and the Religion of Peace) that believe in suppressing pluralism and claiming the sole truth for themselves.

Against their narrow-minded exclusivism, the Hindu tradition offers the solution. Inside and outside the Vedas, almost everywhere in India, we find a religiosity that makes no truth claims about God. The devotional rituals practised in all temples, before sacred trees or in sacred groves, simply express awe for the sacred, the most fundamental and universal layer of all religions.

Secularists advocate superficiality and philosophical illiteracy, which is now having its effects on India’s population. A rediscovery of the real treasures of Hindu tradition will gladden the hearts of all those who can call themselves its inheritors. Say with pride: we are Hindus!

(Published in Prabodhan, the book edited by Prof. Saradindu Mukherji and made public at the World Hindu Congress, Delhi, 21-23 November 2014)

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Marriage of Jodhabai with Akbar is a highly humiliating episode in the history of Hindus–but instead of feeling humiliation, majority of Hindus appear to celebrate that cowardice episode. The film Jodha Akbar was made by Hindu producer, director, actor, actress, etc to portray, glamorize and praise  terrorist Akbar as a great person.Millions of shameless and idiot Hindu/Sikh/Jain/Buddhist viewers watched and praised this film. Please note that neither the producing team nor the viewers were forced by any Muslim to do so. They all did so just their attitude of licking the feet of Muslims even after most educated Hindus roughly knowing how tyrant, wicked and barbaric Akbar and other Muslim rulers were. After watching such films and serials, Hindus consider Muslims great. They don’t hesitate in praising Muslims and marrying their sisters, daughters, etc with Muslims. Thousands of such Hindu (includes all religions of Indian origin such as Sikhism, Buddhism, Jain, etc) girls marry with Muslims every year and their children become 100% hardcore Muslims who would contribute to Islamic jihad and become the enemy of Hindus and entire mankind. But, no Hindu intellectual or religious leader has wisdom and courage to speak against this shamelessness and foolishness. and Indian educated class appreciating highly wicked Muslims ruler like Akbar, Tipu Sultan, etc in books, stories, poetry, films, speeches, etc and majority of Indians liking this, then isn’t it the slave-mentality of Indian Hindus?

No Muslim forced them to make this film. This humiliating film was watched by millions of Hindus without any feel of shame. The idiot Ekta Kapoor of BalaJi Tele films is now telecasting a mega serial named Jodha Akbar on Zee TV to portray Akbar further great. Again this serial will be watched by millions of Hindus without any feel of shame. The DNA of the Hindus is corrupted with foolishness, shamelessness and cowardice

The Rajput Community is strongly opposing the serial named JODHA-AKBAR. This serial is based on the fake story which had no strong evidence. It is based on some baseless and imaginary literature. The eminent historians hadn’t proved it. Rajputs had shaded their blood to protect the motherland from the foreign invaders. This serial dishonours our pride so it is our birth right to oppose it. We request you on the behalf of Rajput community and the Rajput organization to stop making and broadcasting this serial. Rajput community is one of the major community in this Nation and so their feelings should be regarded and respected. The warrior race couldn’t bear the distorting with their history.

It has been shown in the serial that Rajput women are sitting next to Akbar and their husbands are threatened with life by holding swords over their heads. These Rajput kings are given a choice to keep either their wives or life when they choose life over their wives. Thus the producers have indulged in grave insult of Rajput women. (The true history is that most of the Rajput kings fought against cruel Muslim regime and thousands of Rajput women jumped into fire to save their dignity, but by distorting history, the producers, director, writer, actors have insulted Hindus. This will also teach wrong pro-Muslim history to future generations of Hindus demoralizing them. Can there be any greater loss caused to Dharma than this? – Editor, Dainik Sanatan Prabhat) There are even other incidents in this serial where Rajput kings are insulted.

Without knowing the history, producer Ekata Kapur and ZEE TV channel have misled people by showing wrong things without taking permission of Hindus or Rajputs; therefore, the people of this community are enraged. ABKM has said that ZEE TV channel has started such controversial serial only to increase its TRP; therefore, telecast of such controversial serial should be stopped immediately else, the Rajput-Kshatriya community will stop it. (Such organization with devout Hindus is an ideal example for Hindus. Owing to such organizations, the respect for Dharma still preserved amongst Hindus. All Hindus should follow the example of this organization and extend their support !

Secularists’ have taken it upon themselves to prove their bleeding hearts liberal credentials. Secularists are the soldiers for the “less powerful” (religious, economic, caste, region, etc.). That necessarily means that they are not soldiers of the TRUTH .When they advocate for minorities specially Muslims, they necessarily begin compromising on absolutely neutral truth. what is interesting is that they does not understand that after 65 years of disastrous, immoral, incompetent Congress rule, in a nation with weak constitutional protections for the opposition (talk to a constitutional expert – don’t just apply your lay impression – India has a very lopsided weak democracy), it is the right of center that has been the underdog all along.

Secularists are the soldiers for the minorities and will not raise voice for the majority even when they have legitimate grievances with the minorities. That is why we see ridiculously contorted arguments, nonsensical logical chains of inference in their writings, debates on TV channels. Those are just examples of their cognitive dissonance. Their brains are struggling to reconcile their bias with the facts, and it finds it easier to distort the facts than to know the unknown bias. Like a horse, with blinders, unable to see behind its arse.

See the secular credentials of most respected Mughal ruler AKBAR.Taking a thousand girls’ virginity just for the sake of one’s entertainment is acceptable, being civilized and is not any destruction to a woman’s soul?? Is it not a sexual violence?? What civilization do you belong to?? Does your civilization allow deflowering a thousand women??? If not, then you may now consider yourself as an OUTCAST!!

Only a TRULY patriarchal idiota who doesn’t even know his mind’s biases could condone the treatment of women as some kind of flowering plants that “was just deflowered, not destroyed”.

What an idiocy. Akbar was very cruel. And yes he was a sexual predator. We do not think those virgins slept with him at their own free will. They were raped against their wishes. Why not calls spade a spade. If Chengiz Khan is rapist then so is Akbar. And these Mughal were in fact bastards fathered by Chengiz Khan when he was raping Afghanistan. So genes might be responsible. Is that the reason Pakistan and North India are so unsafe for women? Akbar’s Aulad on rampage indeed?
Akbar was invader. He was invader. He was not Indian. He subjugated Indians. We tell these liberals to not be hypocrite. Do not blame for British if you do not want to blame Mughal invaders. Let us not forget what great Naipaul had told us… British really liberated Indians and Hindus from corrupt and biased Islamic rulers. Those who condemn British rule are anti Hindu and anti India. I completely agree. Hindus have to thank the British for inadvertently uniting their land, freeing them from Islamic rule, and bringing the age of modern science into their land.

Read Akbar carefully! How Akbar would hunt (with tens of thousands of men on foot and horses driving the jungle animals into an ever-shrinking area, with Akbar finally coming in as

police do in Hindi movies, and with thousands of animals slaughtered in one go); drink (he would become a more than mild case of temporary mental derangement, sometimes even roaming around his camp crying/cursing in a drunken stupor, with his ministers and generals
wondering when he might “descend down”); use “gaanjaa”/”afoo”/”charas”
(aplenty, on a daily basis), etc.Imagine a Chinese-looking powerful hooligan(goonda) who, having had his daily fix of “gaanjaa” and quite some wine, as returning from one of those gory hunts and then, inching closer to you for your deflowering —with hundreds of his security
men making it impossible for you to even think of running. Imagine looking into his eyes. Imagine his smell, a mix of the fragrances used in Hindu AND Muslim AND Parsi ETC. temples + fragrances used in his royal court + smell of wine + smell of “gaanjaa” + smell of the roast
wild animal he just had before passing by your village… … How romantic that sounds, no? Any man who ruins the life of 1000 women citizens of his land is a criminal and barbarian worthy of the greatest punishments possible. Any man who is illiterate is by definition uncivilized. We must disprove entire hypothesis with just these details. We are humans for a reason – our brains. Otherwise, the name for the species is APE.

Shameless Hindus, who watch Jodha-Akbar serial which glorifies Hindu hater Cruel Akbar and insults Hindus, are worthy of getting killed by Terrorists! O Hindus, boycott ‘Jodha Akbar’ serial.



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Why do we have an Aurangzeb Road in New Delhi?

Aurangzeb’s name is anathema in Indian history because it connotes the very apex of vice, venom and villainy, and torture, treachery and tyranny. None of Aurangzeb’s atrocities were secular, even if that be any consolation. They were carried out methodically, ruthlessly in the name of Islam for the glory (sic) of the Muslims. Ascending the throne at the crest of 950 years of alien rule in India, Aurangzeb, the sixth Mughal emperor, is a byword for Muslim misrule and misdeeds carried to a climax.” In my childhood I remember even the Government documents also used to mention that Tipu Sultan committed umpteen atrocities including forced circumcision in an around Srirangapattanam. But off late different Political parties started competition for secularism. Today he is hailed as hero. I guess it is the same case with Aurangzeb – The Hero, The most devout emperor! Going by the same standard it is not a wonder if our brothers openly celebrate centenaries lauding the achievement of Dawood Ibrahim. There will be stories that he was the most secular because he employed Hindus and ungrateful Hindus stabbed him in the back by leaving him after the 1992 Blasts. Then goes the adventurous story of how Mr. Dawood managed to escape to Pakistan and served the humanity (Read Ummah) Aurangzeb projecting him as a ruler who ruled his people equally irrespective of their religion, caste, etc. This example exactly suits to Hitler of Mughal times Aurangzeb (the evil incarnate).Aurangzeb had done more cruelties against Hindus than favours during his reign. If you u want Hindus to believe that Aurangzeb was actually secular and he destroyed the temples like Kashi Vishwanath for it was dishonoured. . Then it is like making the Iraqis believe that George Bush of America was actually a benevolent person and he is developing their country. The horrors of Islamic rule in India till the advent of British rule in India are totally ingrained in the minds of Hindus. You cannot change the mindset of Hindus who know that Temur, Gazani, Ghori, Babur and Moguls Empire stood only for religious expansion of Islam, conversions, killing, looting, and pillaging, raping, destruction of temples. If Aurangzeb was innocent in Kashi vishwanath temple destruction, then you people can also make Hitler a noble leader, telling that Hitler was not responsible for the killing of 60 million Jews but he gave employment to them in concentration camps which even Jews hailed as abodes of heaven Aurangzeb destroyed temples because he was zealot and anti Hindus. Aurangzeb was responsible for Hindus Kashmiri pundits’ massacre and the subsequent rise of Hindu Sikhs. The insulting taxes had a sinister design to weaken Hindus strength and induce conversions, which resulted in the rise of Marathas, the Jats, under Chhatrasal.  In the history of India there was hardly a more brutal, fanatic and Hindu killer Moguls emperor than Aurangzeb.

Yet his memory is “honoured” in the Indian coolie colony of bandit and bastard Nehru who took the pride out of the Hindu collective body.Here is a letter by someone who has recently been to broken Bharat’s capital, New Delhi. One is shocked to learn that there is a road called “Aurangzeb Road”. had the British and the Jews been at the dog’s level of self-esteem like the Hindus of partitioned India, there would have been one road in London called “Hitler Road” and one road in Tel Aviv called “Marshal Goering road”.
But the name is based on Aurangzeb who is known for his brutality and oppression of peoples especially his oppression of non-Muslims.
So in that case shouldn’t it be changed? Yet in New Delhi we have Aurangzeb Road, a constant reminder of the… When Aurangzeb came in power he destroyed temples and imposed taxes on Hindus which was not the case before in the Mughal reign. So did the Britishers us Works of Atheist Nehru and Communists in India have done enough damage to our pride. This could be one of those steps taken by them to portray Indian history differently. Aurangzeb torched thousands of temples and one of the major tyrants responsible for ethnic cleansing in India. Of course such direct analysis will never be presented in India because it becomes politically incorrect to educate the masses about the truth.  Shivaji waged wars to counter of the cultural erosion and genocide caused by Aurangzeb. I wonder we might have a Afzal Street to house Home Minister and Kasab street to house Rashtrapathi in future. I have been thinking of the same for a long time. In Aurangzeb’s time, Hindus were not allowed to ride on horses. They had to walk miles to pay the jizya tax. They were not allowed to sit down while waiting to pay the tax. Many poor Hindus only escape was to become Muslims.
You won’t find roads named after Hitler.
Tipu Sultan, St. Xavier is other names honored in Hindu-majority India. Recent name include so-called Mother Teresa.Aurangzeb was a secular ruler like Tipu Sultan. Tipu Sultan did his best to convert all non-believers (in what he believed) into “the religion of peace and equality” (trademark). He only destroyed Hindu temples and raised as many mosques as possible. Hence, Tipu is secular. In fact, In Karnataka we have many monuments, roads and institutions named after Tipu Sultan. He is also referred to as a freedom fighter in our history text books. Aurangzeb has not been lucky enough to get the title of ‘freedom fighter’

Aurangzeb built a number of mosques on destroyed temples, including Kashi Vishwanath, one of the most sacred places for Hindus. Other Hindu sacred places within his reach too suffered destruction with mosques built on them. A few examples: Krishna’s birth temple in Mathura, the rebuilt Somnath temple on the coast of Gujarat, the Vishnu temple replaced with the Aalamgir mosque now overlooking Benares, and the Treta-ke-Thakur temple in Ayodhya. The number of temples destroyed by Aurangzeb is counted in four, if not five, figures. Aurangzeb did not stop at destroying temples; their users were also wiped out.

Muslims suffered as much as Hindus: 90% of today’s Indian Muslims should know that their forefathers were converted by force under Aurangzeb. Even his own brother, Dara Shikoh, was executed for taking an interest in Hindu religion.

Yet, one has just to go through Aurangzeb’s own firmans (edicts), which are still preserved in the Bikaner archives, to know what kind of man he was.

One is also surprised that the Sikh community, particularly the Shiromani Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee, has kept quiet. Have they forgotten what Aurangzeb did to them?Guru Tegh Bahadur Ji - Was beheaded

Guru Tegh Bahadur was beheaded because he objected to Aurangzeb’s forced conversions. Aurangzeb, who had never forgiven the Sikhs for having supported his brother Dara, persecuted the Sikhs viciously. In response, Guru Gobind Singh transformed the Sikh community into a military community. Many perceive Guru Gobind Singh as no a warlord with any religious credentials; yet, he was a powerful military general who transformed the Sikhs into a militaristic society.

The Sikh community should debate whether they want to make Aurangzeb a hero or remain close to the Hindus? Why do not the Sikhs in Delhi lobby so that Aurangzeb Road in New Delhi is renamed after one of their gurus?

At least FOUR roads in New Delhi should proudly bear the names of the four sons of GURU GOBIND SINGH JI if our feeble and dying Hindustan is to give the last sign of life before expiring.

                                                                                                                          Younger sons of Guru Gobind Singh being bricked alive

Indian Muslims too have to make a crucial choice: do they want Aurangzeb’s inheritance to prevail upon Islam in India, or will they invoke Dara Shikoh’s spirit and bring the greatness of Sufism back into India?

Just stumbled on this concluding paragraph from a recent piece by Shekhar Gupta in which he takes on Krishna Menon wonder if he will ever say something similar about Aurangzeb. Read on

..Postscript: Do I have a personal wish on this sad anniversary? Yes. It is to be given a sand-blaster, a spray-paint can and an hour of amnesty. All I want to do is change the name of the avenue in central New Delhi named after Krishna Menon, the man primarily responsible for not just the humiliation of 1962 but also the loss of so many lives. A political system that still names avenues after an obstinate, autocratic disaster like him (whatever his filibustering brilliance), and that too, the avenue leading to its military headquarters, needs to introspect and correct its view of history. Or somebody pick up that sand-plaster and spray paint and rename it after Major Shaitan Singh or 13 Kumaon.[source]

I have just returned from Delhi and I was appalled to pass through a road named after the cruelest Mughal ruler Aurangzeb.

I must confess that I am disappointed that none of you accomplished journalists have asked the authorities to rename this road in order not to glorify the name of this most inhumane man. His atrocities against the non Muslims are well known. His name should be removed at once.

We are quick to change names like Bombay, Calcutta and Madras but fail to take action against removing the name of this cruel MOHAMMEDAN MONSTER from our road and especially in the heart of our capital. What a SHAME!

Please do something positive for your country and help change this unpleasant and offensive name of the road. Thanks. Why then should we be so anti British as to remove their names, yet ignore the Hindu killer Aurangzeb who converted so many people by brutal force, and committed heinous crimes against humanity, by naming a road in the capital of bleeding partitioned India after him?It was his deeds which laid the foundation of India’s partition on religious ground. Unfortunately this bleeding Islamic concubine called India has not seen the last of Aurangzeb’s legacy. There is more to come. Could we ask, how long will a road named after Prithviraj Chauhan survive in Lahore or Dhaka?

How long will Sonia Gandhi escape capture and GANG RAPE in Peshawar or Quetta? But in HINDUSTAN she is the uncrowned queen. Soon there will be umpteen roads named after her, and after Priyanka, too. Just wait to see the HINDUS’ love of KHANS, ALBANIANS and ITALIANS since we have ZERO “swadeshi” talent at home. The cowardly slavish NATIVES (Hindus) are terrified of the world backlash if they were to give decent HINDU and SIKH names to their roads and localities. By the way there is also a Shahjahan Road, an Akbar Road and a Sher Shah Suri Road in New Delhi, not to forget town provocative and degrading names like FAIZABAD, AURANGABAD, ALIGARH, TUGHLAQABAD, and ALLAHABAD and so on. After PARTITION that took the lives of one million Hindus, such names ought to have been “POISON” in the HINDU’S MOUTH.

Had it not been for AURANGI the Mughal dynasty may have prospered in India for much longer, even up to 20TH century, especially if DARA SHIKON had replaced Shah Jahan? But the MUSLIM FANATIC that AURANGI was, he antagonized all HINDU KINGS and within 13 years of AURANGIS death, by 1720, the MUGHAL rule ended and the Marathas become the de-facto rulers of India. The re-establishment of combined HINDU MARATHA -SIKH rule in India was only possible because of AURANGI. So AURANGI IS GREAT.

The MARATHAs and the SIKHS ruled most of India from 1720 to 1845, a period of about 125years, when the resurgent HINDU-SIKH rulers exterminated MUSLIMS from many part of India which would have not been possible without the contribution of AURANGI. SO AURANGI is certainly GREAT.

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When one thinks of mass murder, Hitler comes to mind. If not Hitler, then Tojo, Stalin, or Mao. Credit is given to the 20th-century totalitarians as the worst species of tyranny to have ever arisen. However, the alarming truth is that Islam has killed more than any of these, and may surpass all of them combined in numbers and cruelty.

The enormity of the slaughters of the “religion of peace” are so far beyond comprehension that even honest historians overlook the scale. When one looks beyond our myopic focus, Islam is the greatest killing machine in the history of mankind, bar none.

The Islamic conquest of India is probably the bloodiest story in history. — Will Durant, as quoted on Daniel Pipes site.

Conservative estimates place the number at 80 million dead Indians.

According to some calculations, the Indian (subcontinent) population decreased by 80 million between 1000 (conquest of Afghanistan) and 1525 (end of Delhi Sultanate). — Koenrad Elst as quoted on Daniel Pipes site

80 Million?! The conquistadors’ crimes pale into insignificance at that number. No wonder Hitler admired Islam as a fighting religion. He stood in awe of Islam, whose butchery even he did not surpass.

Over 110 Million Blacks were killed by Islam.

… a minumum of 28 Million African were enslaved in the Muslim Middle East.  Since, at least, 80 percent of those captured by Muslim slave traders were calculated to have died before reaching the slave market, it is believed that the death toll from 1400 years of Arab and Muslim slave raids into Africa could have been as high as 112 Millions.  When added to the number of those sold in the slave markets, the total number of African victims of the trans-Saharan and East African slave trade could be significantly higher than 140 Million people. — John Allembillah Azumah, author of The Legacy of Arab-Islam in Africa: A Quest for Inter-religious Dialogue

Add just those two numbers alone together, and Islam has surpassed the victims of 20th-century totalitarianism. However, it does not end there. Add the millions who died at the hand of Muslims in the Sudan in our lifetime.

Much of Islamic slavery was sexual in nature, with a preference for women. Those men who were captured were castrated. The mulatto children of the women were often killed, which explains why Islam was not demographically shifted towards the black race, unlike slaves in the West, who bore children to breed a mestizo class. Add in those dead children; and we arrive at well over 200 million.

Remember that in the 7th century, North Africa was almost totally Christian. What happened to them?

By the year 750, a hundred years after the conquest of Jerusalem, at least 50 percent of the world’s Christians found themselves under Muslim hegemony… Today there is no indigenous Christianity in the region [of Northwest Africa], no communities of Christians whose history can be traced to antiquity.– “Christianity Face to Face with Islam,” CERC

What happened to those Christian millions? Some converted. The rest?  Lost to history.

We know that over 1 million Europeans were enslaved by Barbary Pirates. How many died is anybody’s guess.

…for the 250 years between 1530 and 1780, the figure could easily have been as high as 1,250,000 –  BBC

In the Middle Ages…

…many slaves were passed through Armenia and were castrated there to fill the Muslim demand for eunuchs. — Slavery in Early Medieval Europe.

The same practice ran through Islamic Spain. North Europeans captured from raids up to Iceland, or purchased, were butchered in the castratoriums of Iberia. Many died from the operations that ran for centuries.

The number of dead from the Muslim conquest of the Balkans and Southern Italy is unknown, but again the numbers add up, surely into the millions over the centuries. Don’t forget the 1.5 million Armenian Christians killed by the Turks during WWI. We do know that over five centuries, vast numbers of Christian boys were kidnapped to become Islamic Janissary mercenaries for the Turks. Add those in, too.

Muslims prized blonde women for their harems; and so enslaved Slavic women were purchased in the bazaars of the Crimean Caliphate. In Muslim Spain, an annual tribute of 100 Visigothic [blonde] women was required from Spain’s Cantabrian coast.

For decades, 100 virgins per year were required by the Muslim rulers of Spain from the conquered population.  The tribute was only stopped when the Spaniards began fighting back — Jihad: Islam’s 1,300 Year War Against Western Civilisation

Add in the death toll from the Reconquista and the numbers climb higher.

Research has shown that the Dark Ages were not caused by the Goths, who eventually assimilated and Christianized:

…the real destroyers of classical civilization were the Muslims. It was the Arab Invasions… which broke the unity of the Mediterranean world and turned the Middle Sea — previously one of the world’s most important trading highways — into a battleground. It was only after the appearance of Islam… that the cities of the West, which depended upon the Mediterranean trade for their survival, began to die. — Islam Caused the Dark Ages

Add in those unknown millions who died as a consequence.

How many know the horrors of the conquest of Malaysia? The Buddhists of Thailand and Malaysia were slaughtered en masse.

When attacked and massacred by the Muslims, the Buddhists initially did not make any attempt to escape from their murderers. They accepted death with an air of fatalism and destiny. And hence they are not around today to tell their story. – History of Jihad.org

We may never know the numbers of dead.

After Muslims came to power in the early 15th century, animist hill peoples eventually disappeared due to their enslavement and ‘incorporation’ into the Muslim population of Malaya, Sumatra, Borneo, and Java via raids, tribute and purchase, especially of children. Java was the largest exporter of slaves around 1500. — Islam Monitor

In the same manner, Islam arrived in the Philippines. Only the appearance of the Spanish stopped a total collapse, and confined Islam to the southern islands.

The coming of the Spanish saved the Philippines from Islam, except for the Southern tip where the population had been converted to Islam.– History of Jihad.org

Again, the number of dead is unknown; but add them to the total.

The animist Filipinos were eager to ally with the Spanish against Islam. In fact, much of Southeast Asia welcomed the Spanish and Portuguese as preferable to Islam.

…from the 17th century successive Thai kings allied themselves with the seafaring Western powers – the Portuguese and the Dutch and succeeded in staving off the threat of Islam from the Muslim Malays and their Arab overlords.– History of Jihad.org  

A few galleons and muskets were not enough to conquer Asia. Islam had made the Europeans initially appear as liberators; and to a certain extent they were. Who were the real imperialists?

Even today…

…Malaysian Jihadis are plotting to transform multi-ethnic Malaysia into an Islamic Caliphate, and fomenting trouble in Southern Thailand.– History of Jihad.org

Add this all up. The African victims. The Indian victims. The European victims. Add in the Armenian genocide. Then add in the lesser known, but no doubt quite large number of victims of Eastern Asia. Add in the jihad committed by Muslims against China, which was invaded in 651 AD. Add in the Crimean Khanate predations on the Slavs, especially their women.

Though the numbers are not clear, what is obvious is that Islam is the greatest murder machine in history bar none, possibly exceeding 250 million dead. Possibly one-third to one-half or more of all those killed by war or slavery in history can be traced to Islam; and this is just a cursory examination.

Now consider the over 125 Million women today who have been genitally mutilated for Islamic honor’s sake. In spite of what apologists tell you, the practice is almost totally confined to Islamic areas.

New information from Iraqi Kurdistan raises the possibility that the problem is more prevalent in the Middle East than previously believed and that FGM is far more tied to religion than many Western academics and activists admit. – “Is Female Genital Mutilation an Islamic Problem?” ME Quarterly

Once thought concentrated in Africa, FGM has now been discovered to be common wherever Islam is found.

There are indications that FGM might be a phenomenon of epidemic proportions in the Arab Middle East. Hosken, for instance, notes that traditionally all women in the Persian Gulf region were mutilated. Arab governments refuse to address the problem. — “Is Female Genital Mutilation an Islamic Problem?” ME Quarterly

Remember that this has gone on for 1400 years; and was imposed on a population that had been formerly Christian or pagan.

FGM is practiced on large scale in Islamic Indonesia; and is increasing.

…far from scaling down, the problem of FGM in Indonesia has escalated sharply. The mass ceremonies in Bandung have grown bigger and more popular every year. — Guardian

The horrified British author of that Guardian article is still deluded that Islam does not support FGM, when in fact it is now settled that FGM is a core Islamic practice. Islamic women have been brainwashed to support their own abuse.

Abu Sahlieh further cited Muhammad as saying, “Circumcision is a sunna (tradition) for the men and makruma (honorable deed) for the women.”  — “Is Female Genital Mutilation an Islamic Problem?” ME Quarterly

What other tyranny does this? Not even the Nazis mutilated their own women!

Unlike the 20th-century totalitarians whose killing fury consumed themselves, reducing their longevity, Islam paces itself. In the end, though slower, Islam has killed and tortured far more than any other creed, religious or secular. Unlike secular tyranny, Islam, by virtue of its polygamy and sexual predations, reproduces itself and  increases.

Other tyrannies are furious infections, which burn hot, but are soon overcome. Islam is a slow terminal cancer, which metastasizes, and takes over. It never retreats. Its methods are more insidious, often imperceptible at first, driven by demographics. Like cancer, excision may be the only cure.

So whenever you read about this or that Israeli outrage — and there may be truth to the complaint — place the news in context. Look whom the Israelis are fighting against. Islam is like nothing else in history.

Mike Konrad is the pen name of an American who is not Jewish, Latin, or Arab. He runs a website, http://latinarabia.com, where he discusses the subculture of Arabs in Latin America. He wishes his Spanish were better.

Read more: http://www.americanthinker.com/2014/05/the_greatest_murder_machine_in_history.html#ixzz3lLzmc2mT

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In a recent blog post, Saif Samejo, lead vocalist for the Pakistani Sufi band “The Sketches,” raised a number of questions about current events in Pakistani society: the recent exposure of a child sex abuse scandal, the honor killing of women, and freedom of speech. He offered a vision of hope for a pluralistic Pakistan, in which members of all religious communities, including Shi’ites, Ahmadi Muslims, Hindus, and Christians, could live together.

Saif Samejo is the founder of “Lahooti Live Sessions” – a platform for local Sindhi musicians to come together.

Saif Samejo

Following are excerpts from his blog post:[1]

“[God] Has Created Many Species, But We Have Further Divided Ourselves Based On Religion And Caste”

“A few days ago, I was sitting by the Indus River in [the town of] Jamshoro, singing a patriotic song. Moments later, I noticed a fisherman who burst into laughter observing me. When I asked him why he was laughing, he said,

“‘Saeen [Sir], where is this Pakistan this song speaks of? Here, I don’t have the money to send my children to school or even shop for Eid. That aside, women are continuously killed in the name of honor, children are raped and such brutalities are recorded, then sold. People are murdered because they belong to different sects or religions, be it Shi’ites, Ahmadis, Christians, etcetera. There’s no tolerance in this society. Hindus can’t even build their temples on this land, plus their girls are kidnapped and forcefully converted to Islam.

“Then there’s our culture, which is constantly threatened by religious fanatics. When human beings are treated this way, then to no surprise, there is no such thing as animal rights either. Animals are killed, be it for pleasure or business, even I kill fish for survival. So the song you’re playing isn’t practical, it’s very far from reality. Perhaps Pakistan looks good only on Pakistani TV.’

“His words were impactful, and honestly, I wasn’t shocked, as I too was aware of this harsh reality. The weather was pleasant and birds were singing over the gushing Sindhu [Indus] River. I deliberately closed my eyes to get a good sense of my surroundings.

“But the fisherman’s words echoed relentlessly in my mind. It’s true, I thought to myself. Our soul is sacred in Pakistan, but one’s body is not. God is sacred in this nation, but not God’s creation. He has created many species, but we have further divided ourselves based on religion and caste. And as a dreamer I can’t digest such predetermined facts for myself.”

“Giving Verdicts Against Religions Other Than Islam Is Believed To Be Freedom Of Speech – Yet When [This Practice Is] Reversed, We Kill; Don’t We Realize That This Only Spreads Hate?”

“How can another define correct and incorrect for me? Isn’t this slavery? The majority finds no fault in this, but is this normal? I’m aware that my individual freedom cannot be fully utilized, but I should at least hold the right to think, feel and imagine a world of my own. I love Pakistan, but why isn’t that enough? Is it compulsory to hate India, America and Israel, in order to love Pakistan?

“There’s no logic in hating one thing to love another. But sanity escapes us. It proves that I’m not even free to love. Giving verdicts against religions other than Islam is believed to be freedom of speech, yet when [this practice is] reversed, we kill. Don’t we realize that this only spreads hate?

“They call Pakistan a fort of Islam, but I wonder what happened to [founder M.A.] Jinnah’s Pakistan, where everyone was free to worship their God, regardless of which religion or sect they belonged to. I wonder what Islam we practice, because religious discrimination isn’t taught in the Islam I believe in.”

“I Dreamt Of A Pakistan Where The Temples And Churches Were Respected Just As Much As Mosques… Where The Bhagavad Gita And Vedas Are Perceived To Be As Sacred As The Holy Koran”

“With these thoughts still swirling in my mind, I started dreaming. I dreamt of a colorful Pakistan that celebrated Holi. One that decorated the streets with mud oil lamps and fireworks on Diwali. One that celebrated Christmas and shared sweets with its neighbors. One that greeted everyone on Eid, no matter which faith they belonged to.

“I dreamt of a Pakistan where the temples and churches were respected just as much as mosques; where the Bhagavad Gita and Vedhas are perceived to be as sacred as the Holy Koran. A country that nurtured all, regardless of one’s caste or creed. I wake up now craving a nation that doesn’t dig out the corpse of [2013 road accident victim] Bhoro Bheel and dishonors it on the streets just because he was Hindu.

“I am awake now, full of desire. I desire a nation that allows the Pope, Dalai Lama, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, Sadhguru and others religious figures to visit and preach on our land, just like our own scholars do. I want to be a citizen of Pakistan, one who respects other countries of the world and in return receives the same treatment. We once lived in a Pakistan where everyone was welcome to feel at home, no matter which country they belonged to. Where did that Pakistan go?

“I was told that an Ahmadi-Pakistani scientist named Abdul Salam was the first Pakistani Nobel Prize winner. He was celebrated all over the world. But he was not welcome in Pakistan. Perhaps we had forgotten that the first foreign minister of Pakistan was Zafarullah Khan, an Ahmadi. Three governor generals were Christians and the first law minister of Pakistan was Jogandar Nath Mandal, a Hindu. Ironically, the second Nobel Prize winner Malala Yousafzai, who survived an assassination attempt by the Taliban, cannot return to Pakistan either. Apparently we believe she is a foreign agent. Do we know the meaning of honor?”

“If We Believe In God And Believe That Everything Belongs To Him, How Can We Label The Soil As Hindu Or Muslim? Do Trees Follow A Religion?”

“Yes, we do. We kill in the name of honor. Yet we never honor our heroes. But I don’t understand why we practice this hypocrisy?

“These heroes were raised on our soil and brought a change to our society that no one else could, yet we do not honor them. Instead we remain impressed by invaders and colonizers who once occupied our land and tarnished our culture. Such individuals are listed as heroes in our syllabus.

“So, there is a question I wish to ask you all, a question that has bothered me since I woke up. Like birds, should we also not be free to practice whatever religion we believe in? Should we not be free to call ourselves Pakistani without the fear of being ridiculed, or worse, killed? Should we not be free to hold our heads up high in pride? Should we not be free?

“If we believe in God and believe that everything belongs to Him, how can we label the soil as Hindu or Muslim? Do trees follow a religion? Can we divide birds into sects, in terms of Shia and Sunni? And like birds, should we not be free to build our own nests with the confidence that we will not be hunted down by official or unofficial militants? I eagerly await your response.”


[1] Blogs.tribune.com.pk (Pakistan), August 30, 2015. The original English has been lightly edited for clarity and standardization.

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Maria Wirth

I assume you are a Hindu. In that case, do you really have to ask this question here on quora? Can’t you ask your conscience? Have you ever looked into the eyes of a cow (or goat, or chicken)?

We westerners were indoctrinated by Christian tenets (and Muslims by Islamic tenets) that nature including animals is there to serve man who is considered ‘the crown of creation”. The result is a brutal yet unnecessary bloodbath all over the world of billions animals slaughtered daily (alone in US some 90,000 cows daily), often skinned while still alive. It is considered “normal”.

Do we have the moral right to do this? Hindu Dharma requires using one’s intelligence. It is not a fixed belief system, like Christianity and Islam.
Your ancestors discovered that a cow particularly is like a mother, gentle and giving, everything the cow gives is useful, including its urine and dung. Who would kill her? Who would kill any animal unless necessary for whatever reasons?

Humanity would be more human and ecology would also benefit greatly if this massive brutal slaughter were at least reduced if not stopped.

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