Why do we have an Aurangzeb Road in New Delhi?

Aurangzeb’s name is anathema in Indian history because it connotes the very apex of vice, venom and villainy, and torture, treachery and tyranny. None of Aurangzeb’s atrocities were secular, even if that be any consolation. They were carried out methodically, ruthlessly in the name of Islam for the glory (sic) of the Muslims. Ascending the throne at the crest of 950 years of alien rule in India, Aurangzeb, the sixth Mughal emperor, is a byword for Muslim misrule and misdeeds carried to a climax.” In my childhood I remember even the Government documents also used to mention that Tipu Sultan committed umpteen atrocities including forced circumcision in an around Srirangapattanam. But off late different Political parties started competition for secularism. Today he is hailed as hero. I guess it is the same case with Aurangzeb – The Hero, The most devout emperor! Going by the same standard it is not a wonder if our brothers openly celebrate centenaries lauding the achievement of Dawood Ibrahim. There will be stories that he was the most secular because he employed Hindus and ungrateful Hindus stabbed him in the back by leaving him after the 1992 Blasts. Then goes the adventurous story of how Mr. Dawood managed to escape to Pakistan and served the humanity (Read Ummah) Aurangzeb projecting him as a ruler who ruled his people equally irrespective of their religion, caste, etc. This example exactly suits to Hitler of Mughal times Aurangzeb (the evil incarnate).Aurangzeb had done more cruelties against Hindus than favours during his reign. If you u want Hindus to believe that Aurangzeb was actually secular and he destroyed the temples like Kashi Vishwanath for it was dishonoured. . Then it is like making the Iraqis believe that George Bush of America was actually a benevolent person and he is developing their country. The horrors of Islamic rule in India till the advent of British rule in India are totally ingrained in the minds of Hindus. You cannot change the mindset of Hindus who know that Temur, Gazani, Ghori, Babur and Moguls Empire stood only for religious expansion of Islam, conversions, killing, looting, and pillaging, raping, destruction of temples. If Aurangzeb was innocent in Kashi vishwanath temple destruction, then you people can also make Hitler a noble leader, telling that Hitler was not responsible for the killing of 60 million Jews but he gave employment to them in concentration camps which even Jews hailed as abodes of heaven Aurangzeb destroyed temples because he was zealot and anti Hindus. Aurangzeb was responsible for Hindus Kashmiri pundits’ massacre and the subsequent rise of Hindu Sikhs. The insulting taxes had a sinister design to weaken Hindus strength and induce conversions, which resulted in the rise of Marathas, the Jats, under Chhatrasal.  In the history of India there was hardly a more brutal, fanatic and Hindu killer Moguls emperor than Aurangzeb.

Yet his memory is “honoured” in the Indian coolie colony of bandit and bastard Nehru who took the pride out of the Hindu collective body.Here is a letter by someone who has recently been to broken Bharat’s capital, New Delhi. One is shocked to learn that there is a road called “Aurangzeb Road”. had the British and the Jews been at the dog’s level of self-esteem like the Hindus of partitioned India, there would have been one road in London called “Hitler Road” and one road in Tel Aviv called “Marshal Goering road”.
But the name is based on Aurangzeb who is known for his brutality and oppression of peoples especially his oppression of non-Muslims.
So in that case shouldn’t it be changed? Yet in New Delhi we have Aurangzeb Road, a constant reminder of the… When Aurangzeb came in power he destroyed temples and imposed taxes on Hindus which was not the case before in the Mughal reign. So did the Britishers us Works of Atheist Nehru and Communists in India have done enough damage to our pride. This could be one of those steps taken by them to portray Indian history differently. Aurangzeb torched thousands of temples and one of the major tyrants responsible for ethnic cleansing in India. Of course such direct analysis will never be presented in India because it becomes politically incorrect to educate the masses about the truth.  Shivaji waged wars to counter of the cultural erosion and genocide caused by Aurangzeb. I wonder we might have a Afzal Street to house Home Minister and Kasab street to house Rashtrapathi in future. I have been thinking of the same for a long time. In Aurangzeb’s time, Hindus were not allowed to ride on horses. They had to walk miles to pay the jizya tax. They were not allowed to sit down while waiting to pay the tax. Many poor Hindus only escape was to become Muslims.
You won’t find roads named after Hitler.
Tipu Sultan, St. Xavier is other names honored in Hindu-majority India. Recent name include so-called Mother Teresa.Aurangzeb was a secular ruler like Tipu Sultan. Tipu Sultan did his best to convert all non-believers (in what he believed) into “the religion of peace and equality” (trademark). He only destroyed Hindu temples and raised as many mosques as possible. Hence, Tipu is secular. In fact, In Karnataka we have many monuments, roads and institutions named after Tipu Sultan. He is also referred to as a freedom fighter in our history text books. Aurangzeb has not been lucky enough to get the title of ‘freedom fighter’

Aurangzeb built a number of mosques on destroyed temples, including Kashi Vishwanath, one of the most sacred places for Hindus. Other Hindu sacred places within his reach too suffered destruction with mosques built on them. A few examples: Krishna’s birth temple in Mathura, the rebuilt Somnath temple on the coast of Gujarat, the Vishnu temple replaced with the Aalamgir mosque now overlooking Benares, and the Treta-ke-Thakur temple in Ayodhya. The number of temples destroyed by Aurangzeb is counted in four, if not five, figures. Aurangzeb did not stop at destroying temples; their users were also wiped out.

Muslims suffered as much as Hindus: 90% of today’s Indian Muslims should know that their forefathers were converted by force under Aurangzeb. Even his own brother, Dara Shikoh, was executed for taking an interest in Hindu religion.

Yet, one has just to go through Aurangzeb’s own firmans (edicts), which are still preserved in the Bikaner archives, to know what kind of man he was.

One is also surprised that the Sikh community, particularly the Shiromani Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee, has kept quiet. Have they forgotten what Aurangzeb did to them?Guru Tegh Bahadur Ji - Was beheaded

Guru Tegh Bahadur was beheaded because he objected to Aurangzeb’s forced conversions. Aurangzeb, who had never forgiven the Sikhs for having supported his brother Dara, persecuted the Sikhs viciously. In response, Guru Gobind Singh transformed the Sikh community into a military community. Many perceive Guru Gobind Singh as no a warlord with any religious credentials; yet, he was a powerful military general who transformed the Sikhs into a militaristic society.

The Sikh community should debate whether they want to make Aurangzeb a hero or remain close to the Hindus? Why do not the Sikhs in Delhi lobby so that Aurangzeb Road in New Delhi is renamed after one of their gurus?

At least FOUR roads in New Delhi should proudly bear the names of the four sons of GURU GOBIND SINGH JI if our feeble and dying Hindustan is to give the last sign of life before expiring.

                                                                                                                          Younger sons of Guru Gobind Singh being bricked alive

Indian Muslims too have to make a crucial choice: do they want Aurangzeb’s inheritance to prevail upon Islam in India, or will they invoke Dara Shikoh’s spirit and bring the greatness of Sufism back into India?

Just stumbled on this concluding paragraph from a recent piece by Shekhar Gupta in which he takes on Krishna Menon wonder if he will ever say something similar about Aurangzeb. Read on

..Postscript: Do I have a personal wish on this sad anniversary? Yes. It is to be given a sand-blaster, a spray-paint can and an hour of amnesty. All I want to do is change the name of the avenue in central New Delhi named after Krishna Menon, the man primarily responsible for not just the humiliation of 1962 but also the loss of so many lives. A political system that still names avenues after an obstinate, autocratic disaster like him (whatever his filibustering brilliance), and that too, the avenue leading to its military headquarters, needs to introspect and correct its view of history. Or somebody pick up that sand-plaster and spray paint and rename it after Major Shaitan Singh or 13 Kumaon.[source]

I have just returned from Delhi and I was appalled to pass through a road named after the cruelest Mughal ruler Aurangzeb.

I must confess that I am disappointed that none of you accomplished journalists have asked the authorities to rename this road in order not to glorify the name of this most inhumane man. His atrocities against the non Muslims are well known. His name should be removed at once.

We are quick to change names like Bombay, Calcutta and Madras but fail to take action against removing the name of this cruel MOHAMMEDAN MONSTER from our road and especially in the heart of our capital. What a SHAME!

Please do something positive for your country and help change this unpleasant and offensive name of the road. Thanks. Why then should we be so anti British as to remove their names, yet ignore the Hindu killer Aurangzeb who converted so many people by brutal force, and committed heinous crimes against humanity, by naming a road in the capital of bleeding partitioned India after him?It was his deeds which laid the foundation of India’s partition on religious ground. Unfortunately this bleeding Islamic concubine called India has not seen the last of Aurangzeb’s legacy. There is more to come. Could we ask, how long will a road named after Prithviraj Chauhan survive in Lahore or Dhaka?

How long will Sonia Gandhi escape capture and GANG RAPE in Peshawar or Quetta? But in HINDUSTAN she is the uncrowned queen. Soon there will be umpteen roads named after her, and after Priyanka, too. Just wait to see the HINDUS’ love of KHANS, ALBANIANS and ITALIANS since we have ZERO “swadeshi” talent at home. The cowardly slavish NATIVES (Hindus) are terrified of the world backlash if they were to give decent HINDU and SIKH names to their roads and localities. By the way there is also a Shahjahan Road, an Akbar Road and a Sher Shah Suri Road in New Delhi, not to forget town provocative and degrading names like FAIZABAD, AURANGABAD, ALIGARH, TUGHLAQABAD, and ALLAHABAD and so on. After PARTITION that took the lives of one million Hindus, such names ought to have been “POISON” in the HINDU’S MOUTH.

Had it not been for AURANGI the Mughal dynasty may have prospered in India for much longer, even up to 20TH century, especially if DARA SHIKON had replaced Shah Jahan? But the MUSLIM FANATIC that AURANGI was, he antagonized all HINDU KINGS and within 13 years of AURANGIS death, by 1720, the MUGHAL rule ended and the Marathas become the de-facto rulers of India. The re-establishment of combined HINDU MARATHA -SIKH rule in India was only possible because of AURANGI. So AURANGI IS GREAT.

The MARATHAs and the SIKHS ruled most of India from 1720 to 1845, a period of about 125years, when the resurgent HINDU-SIKH rulers exterminated MUSLIMS from many part of India which would have not been possible without the contribution of AURANGI. SO AURANGI is certainly GREAT.

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