Marriage of Jodhabai with Akbar is a highly humiliating episode in the history of Hindus–but instead of feeling humiliation, majority of Hindus appear to celebrate that cowardice episode. The film Jodha Akbar was made by Hindu producer, director, actor, actress, etc to portray, glamorize and praise  terrorist Akbar as a great person.Millions of shameless and idiot Hindu/Sikh/Jain/Buddhist viewers watched and praised this film. Please note that neither the producing team nor the viewers were forced by any Muslim to do so. They all did so just their attitude of licking the feet of Muslims even after most educated Hindus roughly knowing how tyrant, wicked and barbaric Akbar and other Muslim rulers were. After watching such films and serials, Hindus consider Muslims great. They don’t hesitate in praising Muslims and marrying their sisters, daughters, etc with Muslims. Thousands of such Hindu (includes all religions of Indian origin such as Sikhism, Buddhism, Jain, etc) girls marry with Muslims every year and their children become 100% hardcore Muslims who would contribute to Islamic jihad and become the enemy of Hindus and entire mankind. But, no Hindu intellectual or religious leader has wisdom and courage to speak against this shamelessness and foolishness. and Indian educated class appreciating highly wicked Muslims ruler like Akbar, Tipu Sultan, etc in books, stories, poetry, films, speeches, etc and majority of Indians liking this, then isn’t it the slave-mentality of Indian Hindus?

No Muslim forced them to make this film. This humiliating film was watched by millions of Hindus without any feel of shame. The idiot Ekta Kapoor of BalaJi Tele films is now telecasting a mega serial named Jodha Akbar on Zee TV to portray Akbar further great. Again this serial will be watched by millions of Hindus without any feel of shame. The DNA of the Hindus is corrupted with foolishness, shamelessness and cowardice

The Rajput Community is strongly opposing the serial named JODHA-AKBAR. This serial is based on the fake story which had no strong evidence. It is based on some baseless and imaginary literature. The eminent historians hadn’t proved it. Rajputs had shaded their blood to protect the motherland from the foreign invaders. This serial dishonours our pride so it is our birth right to oppose it. We request you on the behalf of Rajput community and the Rajput organization to stop making and broadcasting this serial. Rajput community is one of the major community in this Nation and so their feelings should be regarded and respected. The warrior race couldn’t bear the distorting with their history.

It has been shown in the serial that Rajput women are sitting next to Akbar and their husbands are threatened with life by holding swords over their heads. These Rajput kings are given a choice to keep either their wives or life when they choose life over their wives. Thus the producers have indulged in grave insult of Rajput women. (The true history is that most of the Rajput kings fought against cruel Muslim regime and thousands of Rajput women jumped into fire to save their dignity, but by distorting history, the producers, director, writer, actors have insulted Hindus. This will also teach wrong pro-Muslim history to future generations of Hindus demoralizing them. Can there be any greater loss caused to Dharma than this? – Editor, Dainik Sanatan Prabhat) There are even other incidents in this serial where Rajput kings are insulted.

Without knowing the history, producer Ekata Kapur and ZEE TV channel have misled people by showing wrong things without taking permission of Hindus or Rajputs; therefore, the people of this community are enraged. ABKM has said that ZEE TV channel has started such controversial serial only to increase its TRP; therefore, telecast of such controversial serial should be stopped immediately else, the Rajput-Kshatriya community will stop it. (Such organization with devout Hindus is an ideal example for Hindus. Owing to such organizations, the respect for Dharma still preserved amongst Hindus. All Hindus should follow the example of this organization and extend their support !

Secularists’ have taken it upon themselves to prove their bleeding hearts liberal credentials. Secularists are the soldiers for the “less powerful” (religious, economic, caste, region, etc.). That necessarily means that they are not soldiers of the TRUTH .When they advocate for minorities specially Muslims, they necessarily begin compromising on absolutely neutral truth. what is interesting is that they does not understand that after 65 years of disastrous, immoral, incompetent Congress rule, in a nation with weak constitutional protections for the opposition (talk to a constitutional expert – don’t just apply your lay impression – India has a very lopsided weak democracy), it is the right of center that has been the underdog all along.

Secularists are the soldiers for the minorities and will not raise voice for the majority even when they have legitimate grievances with the minorities. That is why we see ridiculously contorted arguments, nonsensical logical chains of inference in their writings, debates on TV channels. Those are just examples of their cognitive dissonance. Their brains are struggling to reconcile their bias with the facts, and it finds it easier to distort the facts than to know the unknown bias. Like a horse, with blinders, unable to see behind its arse.

See the secular credentials of most respected Mughal ruler AKBAR.Taking a thousand girls’ virginity just for the sake of one’s entertainment is acceptable, being civilized and is not any destruction to a woman’s soul?? Is it not a sexual violence?? What civilization do you belong to?? Does your civilization allow deflowering a thousand women??? If not, then you may now consider yourself as an OUTCAST!!

Only a TRULY patriarchal idiota who doesn’t even know his mind’s biases could condone the treatment of women as some kind of flowering plants that “was just deflowered, not destroyed”.

What an idiocy. Akbar was very cruel. And yes he was a sexual predator. We do not think those virgins slept with him at their own free will. They were raped against their wishes. Why not calls spade a spade. If Chengiz Khan is rapist then so is Akbar. And these Mughal were in fact bastards fathered by Chengiz Khan when he was raping Afghanistan. So genes might be responsible. Is that the reason Pakistan and North India are so unsafe for women? Akbar’s Aulad on rampage indeed?
Akbar was invader. He was invader. He was not Indian. He subjugated Indians. We tell these liberals to not be hypocrite. Do not blame for British if you do not want to blame Mughal invaders. Let us not forget what great Naipaul had told us… British really liberated Indians and Hindus from corrupt and biased Islamic rulers. Those who condemn British rule are anti Hindu and anti India. I completely agree. Hindus have to thank the British for inadvertently uniting their land, freeing them from Islamic rule, and bringing the age of modern science into their land.

Read Akbar carefully! How Akbar would hunt (with tens of thousands of men on foot and horses driving the jungle animals into an ever-shrinking area, with Akbar finally coming in as

police do in Hindi movies, and with thousands of animals slaughtered in one go); drink (he would become a more than mild case of temporary mental derangement, sometimes even roaming around his camp crying/cursing in a drunken stupor, with his ministers and generals
wondering when he might “descend down”); use “gaanjaa”/”afoo”/”charas”
(aplenty, on a daily basis), etc.Imagine a Chinese-looking powerful hooligan(goonda) who, having had his daily fix of “gaanjaa” and quite some wine, as returning from one of those gory hunts and then, inching closer to you for your deflowering —with hundreds of his security
men making it impossible for you to even think of running. Imagine looking into his eyes. Imagine his smell, a mix of the fragrances used in Hindu AND Muslim AND Parsi ETC. temples + fragrances used in his royal court + smell of wine + smell of “gaanjaa” + smell of the roast
wild animal he just had before passing by your village… … How romantic that sounds, no? Any man who ruins the life of 1000 women citizens of his land is a criminal and barbarian worthy of the greatest punishments possible. Any man who is illiterate is by definition uncivilized. We must disprove entire hypothesis with just these details. We are humans for a reason – our brains. Otherwise, the name for the species is APE.

Shameless Hindus, who watch Jodha-Akbar serial which glorifies Hindu hater Cruel Akbar and insults Hindus, are worthy of getting killed by Terrorists! O Hindus, boycott ‘Jodha Akbar’ serial.



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