1. A few days ago, the renowned film star Sabana Azmi commented that, Muslims are discriminated in India. I also ask that lady, Why are you barking here? Go to Pakistan immediately and live in peace there. But they will never pay any heed to such unpleasant realities, because they are hopelessly devoid of a thing called shame.

2. My Take:
In 1946, 95% of the Moslems of India, expressed that they did not want to live, with the Kafir-Hindus of India, and insisted upon a separate home-land of their own ( called Pakistan ).

3. After coming into possession of their Damn-Pakistan, with what face can they now live & breathe in the Kafir-Land of India, without feeling the least bit of self-disgust, and self-degradation. But shame is not perceived by Moslems, in general.

4. Moslems are a shameless-bunch.

Surinder Paul Attri

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