Dear Friends,

Please read the small article compiled based on received information.
This seems to be a new trend. Let all of us be on the look-out whether many such cases are taking place right under our noses. One can be certain such youths are the right material to be turned into jihadis. Therein lies the significance of the mail below. We must resort to and pursue legal action in all such cases. If there are problems in finding lawyers for such action, please do let us know. We can jointly solve such issues

Youths packed off to Yemen from Kerala after being religious conversion.
08/06/2014 21:02:44  Media Inputs

Police are searching high and low for the international racket that has been packing off youth from India to Yemen, after converting them Islam. This shocker came to light when Vimal Kumar, a native of Binanipuram was missing for two months.

Following a complaint registered by his father, police discovered that Vimal Kumar had secretly converted to Islam, in a secret conversion centre in Kaloor. Following this, he was taken to Yemen via Kozhikode airport. Police are now searching for Suhail, Vimal’s friend who instigated him to accept Islam.

Police are now interrogating Akhil who, after converting to Islam took the name of Abdullah and reached Yemen.

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Friends, as stated earlier, please let us know in case you have any information on this from any channel.

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