Bangladeshis in ×India sent back $6.6 billion last year—6% of their homeland’s GDP

1. These Bangladeshis are grabbing money of Kafir-Hindu & sending it back to Bangladesh. What are these ×Bangladeshi Hill Billies up to ?

Answer: They are conducting Jehad, and this time an economic-Jehad against the Kafir-Hindu. They are members of a master-barbarian ideological cult, called Islam. They have been conducting Jehad against Kafirs( Non-Moslem Infidels ) for fourteen hundred years. They have been marching into Kafir lands, grabbing Kafir wealth, money, women, and Kafir property. Islam does not teach its members to earn livelihood by honest means. Grabbing Kafir money is a much easier route. These Bangladeshi infiltrators regard the Kafir-Hindu, as the enemy of their Allah, because Hindus do not believe in Allah.

2. The beginnings of Jehad are traced back to the words of Mohammad, and to the verses of Quran. Both encourage the use of Jehad against Kafirs of the world. Jehad is a religious duty of the Moslems. The word Jehad appears in many Quranic verses. It refers to struggle against those who do not believe in Allah. Jehad means to struggle in the way of Allah. A Moslem engaged in Jehad is called a Mujahid. Some Sunni scholars refer to Jehad as the sixth pillar of Islam. Jehad has a military meaning in a great majority of cases. But Jehad also has an economic dimension. The aim of the Bangladeshi infiltrators living in India, is to remove the Kafir-Hindu from power and convert his Bharat Varsha into Dar-Ul-Islam.

3. The lives of several Hindus have been liquidated by Islamic terrorists. The only fault of these Hindus was, that they believed in Sanatan Dharma. Hindus need to get rid of these Bangladeshis. They are Jehadi-Sullas.But most Hindus are directionless, they believe in some utopian pserudo-secularism, which is against the interests of the Hindu.

4. Hindus should stop importing Jehadi-Sullas from Bangladesh, and kick out those who have illegally poured out into India. .

Surinder Paul Attri

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