Illegally built religious structure demolished in extended Juhapura(pictures)

August 06, 2014  

You can call it an extended part of Juhapura area in Ahmedabad. The Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation(AMC) recently observed that several illegal structured including ice factories, godowns and also one religious construction were built over AMC’s land reserved for waste disposal plant. Ever since Guruprasad Mohapatra has become Municipal Commissioner, the AMC teams are very active in demolition of illegal constructions, especially in periphery area of city that witness such activities regularly. On Wednesday morning, the AMC teams arrived at Vishala-Narol road with good number of police men including women cops. The AMC teams demolished religious structure and other illegal constructions smoothly, without any major protest. A dead body of Gulu Baba buried in this dargah structure was unearthed and shifted to nearby graveyard in presence of relatives of Gulu Baba and Maulvis. Leader of opposition in Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation(AMC) and Congress leader Badruddin Sheikh reached on the spot to inquire what was going on. He said it was for the first time that dead body was unearthed and shifted to another place. Locals of Juhapura/Vishala-Narol area and AMC team both deserve congratulation for smooth, peaceful and effective operation. It is unfortunate that in another operation in Maninagar area, the AMC team couldn’t demolish Jain Upashraya due to Chaturmas(religious period of four months for Japa, tapa, anushthan).AMC team proved weak in Upashraya case.

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