1. Hindus have been told & are still being told, every day of the week, by Phoney-Liberal Hindu Holy Men ( HHMs ….90 % of the HHMs are of the phoney-liberal brand ) that all religions are the same, and that they all lead to the same destination. This is a Big Fat Lie, In fact, this is first-rate, ace lie, there is no truth or reality in this ballyhoo. Many among these HHMs also ballyhoo:
“ Hindu Muslim Bhai Bhai “
Neither are all religions the same, nor do they lead to the same destination. If all religions were the same, then why would they use different scriptures, why would they go to different places of worship, why would their messages be different, and so on & on ?
2. Regarding Hindu Muslim Bhai Bahi Baloney:
How can a butcher & his victim be bhai bhai ?
How can a sinner & saint be bhai bhai ?
How can a bank-robber & bank-manager be bhai bhai ?
How can a Moslem & Hindu be bhai bhai ?
What is not baloney is that, Hindus have received bum dope from, Hindu leaders & HHMs. If we Hindus do not wake up to this phoney-baloney, then we are all lost. One has to be insane not to recognize, the reference & meaning of revolting-teachings of Quran & Hadis. Take a look:
a. On unbelievers ( that is, non-Moslem Infidels, also called Kafirs ) is the curse of Allah
b. Allah is the enemy to unbelievers
c. The unbelievers are impure, and their abode is hell
d. Moslems are superior people, entitled to rule the rest of the world
And so on & on.
3. Islam’s record of history reveals ( Christianity is same way ) that:
Islam’s contribution to human civilization is big fat zero. The followers of Islam ( the Sullas ) want to live in the sixth century, they want to impose their boorish, barbaric Islamic ideology, on the rest of the world. Throughout the year, the Moslems are engaged in terrorism, coups, blood-shed, and above all Kafir-Killing ( killing of Non-Moslem Infidels ). Islam was born in blood, it succeeds through blood, and it shall continue its blood-letting, as long as it survives, or is allowed to survive. Islam cannot operate any other way. It is absolutely foolish to conceive that, Islam can be reformed. According to Moslems, Islam is perfect, revelatory and hence cannot be changed, modified, or amended in any way. Any attempt to modify it, would invite the penalty of death.
4. Moslems in a Kafir-country always complain of injustice, which has never been done to them. The only injustice done to them in a Kafir-land, is their inability to dominate the Kafirs & convert the Kafirs to Allah’s religion, and they regard this as, iniquity & unfairness. Because they expend their time on Quran & Hadis, rather than learning the sciences & skills of modern age, they cannot compete with Kafirs, in either education, knowledge, skills, or earning power. Moslems can certainly improve through the study of modern science & education, but not through the study of Quran & Hadis ( the two gospels of hate ). Nor can they learn the entities of freedoms, rights, responsibilities, or duties, through the study of Quran & Hadis. Through the study of Quran & Hadis, they will only learn to hate the Kafirs, to kill Kafirs, pillage & plunder Kafir property, and rape Kafir-Women.
5. Moslems are told by their grease monkeys ( Islamic-Clergy ) that, their Islam is the perfect religion, and will rule the world. This is not going to happen. Moslems are living in a Fool’s Paradise, because they are not smart enough to realize that what their grease-monkeys ( Islamic-Clergy ) are telling them, is a fiction & fabrication.
Regardless, however, Moslems cannot be reformed, improved, or made reasonable, by asking them to respect others ( that is, Non-Moslem Kafirs ). They have not done this in the last 1400 years, and they are not going to do it, this time around. The only way is to confront Sullas & eliminate them.
6. To conclude:
If you don’t defeat Islam, then Islam will defeat you.
Surinder Paul Attri

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