An organisation – be it the RSS or any other – that really wishes to lead the Hindu society rather than merely pretending to do so or politicking to put one of its front organisations into power, must first develop a clear national vision.

1. The Hindus are a nation by themselves. India is their homeland. Sanãtana Dharma is their nationality. It is legitimate for Hindus to try and establish a polity based on their nationality. It is legitimate for them to uphold their national culture, assert their collective rights, regain control of their holy places and institutions. It is legitimate for them to establish a State that would give pride of place to their own nationality, its heritage and its symbols, to the exclusion of all others.

2. Islam is not a religion, but an imperialist political doctrine. It is certainly not dharma. A true follower of Islam cannot but be treading a path that Hindu thought would consider adharma. It is a lethal doctrine that has done much damage to humanity and will surely do more as long as it survives.

3. It is a wrong nation that the basic tenets of Islam are good or that bigotry, fanaticism, treachery, brutality etc. are subsequent accretions to it. It is not correct that Islam preaches or permits any form of brotherhood with non-believers.

4. Concepts like Zimmi, Kafir and Jihad are basic to Islam and cannot be changed as long as the creed survives. Muhammad�s doctrine is like a seamless garment from which not even a single thread can be pulled out without causing disintegration of the whole.

5. All the evils we see in Islam today – terrorism, mob-violence, intolerance, fanaticism, disloyalty to motherland etc. – spring directly out of the Quran and the Hadis. From its very birth, Islam has rested and grown on these planks. They are sanctified by �Allah�s words� and The Prophet�s own example. If jihad, kafir-slaughter, idol-breaking, revenge-killing etc. are discarded, nothing would remain of Islam.

6. Islam cannot by any stretch of imagination be regarded as a part of India�s national heritage or culture. Sanãtana Dharma and Islam are diametrically opposite views of the universe, divinity and human soul. The two cannot be fused or harmonised into one or even made to co-exist peacefully without destroying one or the other.

7. Islam is and shall remain, for the Hindus, an anti-culture. It is an enemy culture, a parasite culture. It runs directly against everything that the nationality of the Hindus stands for. Attempts at glorifying Islam, writing apologetic about it, whitewashing its crimes, and painting a benign face of it, are misguided follies.

8. A distinction must be made between Muslims and Islam. The two are not identical. In fact, Islam is the culprit, the Muslims its victims. Islam holds the Muslims prisoners to a life of hatred, bigotry, intellectual slavery and unspirituality. It dooms them to a life of violence, treachery, carnality and obnoxious ritualities.

9. A Muslim�s loyalty to Islam is because of his failure to appreciate that he is its victim. A Hindu therefore need have no particular respect for that loyalty. Islam is the disease, Muslim is the diseased. Islam is the drug, Muslim is the addict. A Muslim�s fondness for Islam deserves no more consideration than does an addict�s attachment to his favourite drug.

10. People who are Muslims today have the same innate human goodness in them as others. But this goodness is muzzled by the malevolent teachings of Islam. If an individual can be brought out of the addiction to Islam, he may become a tolerant, harmonious human being again.

11. It is true that Indian Muslims of today are largely descendants of Hindu converts. It is also true that the Hindu ancestors of many of them had belonged to lower castes. But it is not true that lower-caste Hindus voluntarily converted to Islam on account of oppression by other Hindus. Almost every conversion was by the choice between the Quran and death, by arson, rape and plunder, by a hundred legal, economic and social discrimination, by the burden of jizia, and oppression of every kind.

12. It was natural that the poorest and weakest sections of Hindu society succumbed most to this oppression. This explains why a larger proportion of lowest classes of Hindus (barring exceptions like the Rajputs) are in the fold of Islam today.

13. We ought not therefore bear any animosity against Muslims of undivided India (Bhãratavarsha). They are our own people, the progeny in fact of the weakest segments of our society who could not withstand Islamic oppression or hold on to their nationality.

14. But these people have been alienated from us, from their motherland, from their nationality and ancestral culture, all because of just one evil influence – Islam. If they are rescued from that influence they can become harmonious members of the family again. It is our duty to help them know how false and diabolical is the creed of Muhammad, how it is holding them prisoner, and how it deserves not their loyalty but their contempt.

15. Prophetic monotheism such as Islam and Christianity has promoted a world-view that has been hastening mankind to its doom. This world-view regards God as (creator but) external to universe, Nature as devoid of any holiness or divinity, the animal and plant world as mere objects of gratification of man who alone is made �after God�s image�, and the present life to be our only life till the day of Last Judgement. It has led humanity to an over-exploitative, non-conservationist materialistic consumerism.

16. The monotheistic notion that only the �faithful� are God�s/Allah�s/Jehova�s favourite children and that the rest of humanity is an abomination deserving annihilation, has smeared the world with hatred, warfare, persecution and bloodshed.

17. To save itself from disharmony with Nature and discord within human society, the world today needs the catholic vision of the Sanãtana Dharma, the light of its yogic spirituality, the succour of its pluralism.

18. History has therefore placed a twin responsibility on the shoulders of the Hindus – to expose Islam, and to spread the light of Hindu spirituality.

No other nation has suffered so much from Islam for so long without being overwhelmed by it, lost so many of its people to that creed yet survived in its original nationality. No other nation has such empyrean spiritual traditions with which to evaluate Islam and study its theology and practice. No other nation still remains a land of Sanãtana Dharma yet holds so many Islam-convert descendants in its homeland. If Hindus don�t spread knowledge about Islam, who would?

No other nation possesses the unique spiritual heritage that Hindus do. The light of yogic spirituality and quest for Truth are unique gifts of Hindu Rishis to human civilization which we have to give to the world. This nation has to bring to the world the message of tolerance and harmony, dharma and spirituality, renunciation and service by spreading the Sanãtana Dharma. A Hindu who denies himself this role even a hundred years after Swami Vivekananda and keeps deluding himself by the notion of a �composite Hindu-Muslim national culture�, is a sadly misguided soul.

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