Fear and loathing amongst Muslims? Naaa… how can that be! They are so peaceful and moderate. So what’s new?

The pain of the tremendous suffering under Muslim occupiers is still raw and fresh in the Indian people. TV soaps and films often repeat the suffering people went through, from slavery, to newborn babies thrown in the air to land on Muslim spears, women being brutally raped and decapitated, and on and on. It is from Muslim brutality and influence that India adopted Islamic culture and became a nation with child marriages, division, slavery, and all sorts of horrid brutalities that later became a cultural habit. They haven’t been able to recover. In Hinduism per say these odd practices do not form a part of religion – so they must originate from history. The religion itself, like Buddhism, is benevolent and patient. Small (often orphaned) children would be married off to an adult male, as a guardianship since a marriage would entitle him to decide over the child. Child marriages still presides in some rural areas of India. Honor killings is a fairly common part in the Sikh community and an adaptation from Islam. Slavery is another imported adaptation from Islam that continues to be widespread in India.

By the way, that “14% Muslim population” is as worn out of a claim as a 6-year old Muslim girl’s genitals. How can a Muslim population remain “14%” century after century. Let’s get real here. India is pushing a 50% Muslim presence. They just need to get their record keeping in order and they will be in a state of shock when they finally realize how bad it is. As a normal turn of events whenever the population explodes, Muslims have increased their terrorism in the country and al-Qaeda is now pouring into India through Afghanistan.

Now how strange is that, that these poor innocent Muslims who are always the victims of everyone else, pour into a country from Afghanistan when India has nothing whatsoever to do with Afghanistan and never had a presence there since Hinduism was exterminated from the area – by Muslims!? What’s the explanation for this? Can it be the same jihad tactics that dragged Israel into a 60 year defense of their own borders? Of course. It’s always the same goals: invasion and takeover.


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