March 7, 2014
Time and again, Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi while addressing a rally on March 6, at Bhiwandi, Thane District, Maharashtra said, “RSS people killed Gandhiji and today their people (BJP) talk of him…They opposed Sardar Patel and Gandhiji.”  Rahul Gandhi has violated the model code of conduct as per Election Commission notification.
RSS Akhila Bharatiya Sah Sampark Pramuk Sri Ram Madhav has stated, “Legal action would be initiated against Rahul Gandhi for his irresponsible utterances linking RSS with Gandhi murder.  Complaint will be filed with Election Commission too.
It should be noted that not even a single inquiry the Government of India later made into the Mahatma murder case involved the RSSin it. In 1966 the Government set up a commission under Sri. J L Kapur, a retired judge of the Supreme Court, to make a fresh and thorough inquiry into the conspiracy that led to the murder of Gandhiji. The Commission, which sat at different places and examined about 101 witnesses and 407 documents, published its reports in 1969. It nowhere blamed RSS as the Gandhi assassin, and cleared the organization of any connection with the crime.


Former Supreme Court Justice K Thomas has stated, “…And I, therefore, went and read the judgment of Justice Khosla in the Mahatma Gandhi assassination case and I found that the learned judge of Punjab High Court has completely exonerated Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh as not having anything to do with the assassination of Mahatma Gandhi.”
Rahul Gandhi says RSS people killed Mahatma Gandhi

PTI  Bhiwandi (Maha), March 6, 2014 | UPDATED 19:32 IST

Congress Vice-President Rahul Gandhi on Thursday took on RSS, blaming the outfit for assassination of Mahatma Gandhi.
He also ridiculed senior BJP leaders for claiming credit for introducing computers in India.
“RSS people killed Gandhiji and today their people (BJP) talk of him…They opposed Sardar Patel and Gandhiji,” Rahul said while addressing a public rally here in Thane district.
The Congress leader attributed technological advancement in the country to late Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi and technocrat Sam Pitroda.
“When it comes to computers, it was Rajiv Gandhi, Sam Pitroda and other young leaders, (who brought it in India),” Rahul said.
He said, then the most senior opposition leader in Parliament had questioned saying why was Rajiv Gandhi talking about computers.
“They had said India doesn’t need computers as it would snatch away jobs. Look what happened, computers have changed India. After 10 years, the same leaders said it was they who gave computers and telecom to India.
“Similarly, after five-ten years, they will say NREGA and RTI were their creation,” Rahul said.
The Congress Vice President also wondered how it was possible for the opposition (BJP) to do in three months what Congress has done in 60 years.
“The opposition says what Congress has done in 60 years, they will do in three months. How is this possible,” he asked.
Underlining the need to empower women, Rahul said, “there are 50 per cent women in the country but a proportionate number is not seen in state legislature and Parliament.
The rally was Rahul’s last public function during his two-day Maharashtra tour which began yesterday.
Earlier today, he had an informal meeting with editors in Mumbai.


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