ANTI- NATIONAL PARADING AS ANTI-CORRUPTION,GRAM-SABHA ACTIVITS !STOP AAP AAP’s hooliganism at BJP office on March 5, 2014 in Delhi: An eyewitness account  Kejriwal’s drama in Gujarat, and his lies just to attract media attention.

What exactly happened after cops stopped Arvind Kejriwal in Gujarat

Ever since AAP leader Arvind Kejriwal, who is leading a roadshow in Gujarat, was stopped at Radhanpur in north Gujarat by the police and told that the Model Code of Conduct had kicked in with the Election Commission declaring the poll schedule, a whole deal of misinformation is being spread by the AAP with the help of friendly media in NCR. It is being repeatedly alleged that Kejriwal was “detained” and “arrested”. The allegation was used to fuel attacks on BJP offices in Delhi and Lucknow by AAP stormtroopers led by Ashutosh and Shazia Ilmi.
The Model Code of Conduct which governs election campaigning comes into effect immediately after polls are announced. The police and district administration become answerable to the Election Commission on all issues related to political and electoral activity.
Niticentral decided to get in touch with the District Collecter of Pattan Harish N Thakkar to find out what exactly happened at Radhanpur. This is what he told us:
“There was no detention or arrest of Arvind Kejriwal. Nor was any case registered against him. He was stopped to explain his roadshow and asked to get permission for his cavalcade as per the Code. Since the roadshow passed through this area after the Election Commission announced the poll schedule and the coming into effect of the Model Code of Conduct, we stopped his convoy of cars and asked him about it. Most of the cars had mediapersons in them and we were not aware of it this. So we asked for an explanation. Arvind Kejriwal and his two colleagues who were called in were offered tea. That’s about all that happened.”

Did Kejriwal lie about his arrest?

Published on Mar 5, 2014
An Aam Aadmi Party leader told a news agency that Kejriwal was detained allegedly on charges of violating the model code of conduct which came into effect after the Election Commission announced the Lok Sabha election schedule.
The Kejriwal aide said the AAP founder leader was on his way when police stopped the motorcade.
Kejriwal, the aide said, asked the police why he was being detained since he was not addressing any election rally — which would need official permission — and his car had no speaker.
“Still they took us to the police station,” the aide said. “We were kept in the police station for half hour and then let off.”
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