We know  now, AAP has a Frog’s perspective, and congress party headed by an Italian Catholic is a scorpion that stings. Thee corrupt Congress party is  supporting the party of  frogs  (AA Party) to form the government in  New Delhi. It is another fooling the public by the duck dynasty.

The majority Hindus are fooled by these sinister Frog and Scorpion for a long time.  We cannot alter the behavior or inborn nature of frogs and scorpions. But the majority Hindus can cut the stinging tails of Scorpions. We know that AA party is the creation of our enemies to defeat BJP and Modi. AA party has declared that their first priority would be to hand over our cultural center Kashmir,  to Jihadis to continue their terrorism and anti-Hindu policies.
How to combat this corrupt Congress Culture?  How to wipe our AA Party, and their ignorant followers?

Making Hindus more knowledgeable  about ruling by fooling for more than  sixty  years by the ant-national congress party and increase awareness and capabilities of Hindus is the only way  to elect Modi and BJP. Our chances of survival, are clearly based on our capacity to meet the challenges  imposed on us by our enemies. Our enemies, the duck Dynasty, and AA party have  unlimited resources, will power and psychological warfare agents within in India to sabotage our efforts, our knowledge is more than adequate to solve many of our largest problems created and augmented by the duck dynasty. To keep pace these growing and increasing interference by our enemies to keep the duck dynasty in power so that they can continue  their ruling by fooling. We have e to stop  this looting, corruption, coercive religious conversion, terrorism and Maoist violence, and ruling by fooling.  What we lack, more specially, is a combination of vision, understanding, and innovative action, which may enable us to use our knowledge more immediately and more effectively.

The congress party has betrayed our nationalism, ruled us by fooling us, and betrayed Muslims and secularism, tinkered with our education and still want to fool us.

Today, amid a growing sense of the oppressive ubiquity of the duck dynasty government, it is time for Indian citizens  to be active in Politics, register to vote and study the truth and wipe the congress culture from our society. The power of our soul and mind are real. Citizens who are unaware of, or those who do not believe in these powers are easy to be controlled and manipulated. Those skilled enemies and the agents can easily manipulate such Indian citizens to go against  National interests and work for for our enemies. AA Party and the members of the congress party and pseudo secularists in India have made an unholy alliance with our enemies to fool us and continue their subjugation, oppression and manipulation.
We are standing on their way. They use tricks, manipulation, bribery and war as tools to continue their deviant behaVior to fool us. It is like business stamping out competition. How do you think Coco-Cola and Walmart are successful?  Busy stamping out competition.

The twisted aim of the toad party (AA PARTY) and their relationship with the duck dynasty is clear. Make no mistake my Indian brothers  and sisters, we need a solid foundation based on our eternal Dharma,. It requires effort, and sacrifice. There are many forces that work against us, but I feel strongly that the main factors for our victory are our maturity, and the ability to study the issues.

When people are willing to stand behind MODI, the nationalist Leader,  put in the time and effort to support BJP, we can completely stop “RULING BY FOOLING” by the duck dynasty. INDIAN citizens must make concrete, rational, intelligent decisions about whom they support as the next Prime Minister of India. Narendra Modi, the leader Integrator or Catholic Buddhu Raul. No More excuses. You have the power to decide. I implore you to use it at the 2014 general Election.

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