Bengal’s Muslim population increase by 40% in a decade

India is experiencing a new revival of extreme danger. Muslims are trying to re-occupy all their old invaded territories and it includes India. India has an escalating terrorist problem: new Al-Qaeda infiltrates are pouring into the country. With a nation in such chaotic state as India, security is difficult.

Indian politician Dr. Subramanian Swamy weighs in on the country’s growing Muslim aggression and problems:

“There has been an increase of 40% in Muslim population in a few districts of West Bengal within a span of 10 yrs. The Bangladeshi infiltration has swelled the population density of the state.

After J&K, Bengal has the highest Muslim population and this has led to their massive appeasement by our political leaders to secure their votes.

Result? The rural areas have become a living hell for any non-Muslim (not just Hindus) while the rest of us remain oblivious of the threat.

We wont escape the consequences of apathy to our fellow nationals. We failed to protect those in Kashmir; we must stand for Bengal or this will engulf our entire nation.


Dr. Subramanian Swamy is an Indian academician, politician, activist and economist. He was the President of the Janata Party. He has written on foreign affairs of India.

For some time, while completing his dissertation in 1963, he worked at the United Nations Secretariat in New York as an Assistant Economics Affairs Officer. He subsequently worked as a resident tutor at Lowell House atHarvard university.

Swamy is an ardent proponent of the conservative Hindutva philosophy. In 2011, Swamy wrote a controversial article “How to wipe out Islamic Terror” that advocated declaring India a “Hindu State in which non-Hindus can vote only if they proudly acknowledge that their ancestors were Hindu.” This article later resulted in Harvard choosing to discontinue their association with him.

religious jihad

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