Indian Muslims lobby U.S. congress for anti-Indian, anti-Burma resolution HR 417


Always playing the victim. We rarely read or see anything else originating from the followers of Islam. Have you ever heard of a Muslim “human rights” organization ever strive for human rights for anyone else except Muslims? Guess why.

Human rights are only ‘rights’ if applied for Muslims to better the expansion of Islam and their laws and one-sided fascist ideology. They have no interest to offer equality or rights to anyone else. In both Indian and Myanmar (Burma) it is Muslims who are the initiators of the aggression and attacks on the native people due to Islamic intolerance.

And what is the most bizarre in Muslim arguments for their “human rights” is the endless comparison of them as holocaust victims as soon as their demands are not met – an atrocity they widely support against Jews in the Muslim world. It should also be noted that it was a Muslim (al-Hussaini) who promoted the holocaust experiment to the Nazi’s.


Lobbyist Hired to Push Anti-Modi Resolution in Congress

By Sunita Sohrabji, Staff Reporter, India West
Dec 19, 2013

Rep. Joe Pitts, co-author of a resolution that commends the denial of a U.S. visa to Gujarat CM Narendra Modi. (Getty Images)

The Indian American Muslim Council and the Coalition Against Genocide have hired a Washington, D.C. lobbying group to promote HR 417, a resolution that would deny a U.S. visa to Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi for his alleged human rights violations.Conversely, the Hindu American Foundation has launched an intensive campaign to oppose what it terms an “anti-India” measure, sponsored by Reps. Keith Ellison, D-Minn., and Joe Pitts, R-Penn. The legislation has amassed 22 supporters in the House. It must pass the House Judiciary Committee and the Foreign Affairs Committee before coming to the full floor for a vote.

Introducing the bill in the House Nov. 18, Ellison and Pitts said India’s religious minorities have suffered numerous human rights violations, including massive riots in Gujarat in 2002, which reportedly killed 2,000 Muslims over three days. Human Rights Watch has labeled the violence a “pogrom” against Muslims.

The riots began after a train carrying Hindus on a pilgrimage was set on fire by a Muslim mob, which killed 59 Hindus.

“This resolution’s strong bipartisan support shows that the rights of religious minorities in India are a priority for the U.S. Congress,” said Ellison. “All Indians should have the right to practice their faith freely, or to change their faith if they so choose. India is big enough for all its citizens. Its best leaders have worked to promote unity among its diverse populations, not division.”

“The victims of events like the riots in Gujarat demand justice,” said Pitts. “The Indian government cannot expect to make greater strides on religious freedom and human rights in the future while countless thousands have not seen justice for their lost loved ones.”

“Right now, millions of Indians face threats like harassment, displacement and outright persecution due to communal and religious violence. India is a land of unrivaled religious diversity, but with such diversity comes great responsibility in ensuring the rights of religious minorities,” stated Pitts.

Modi – a strong contender to succeed Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh – was first denied a U.S. visa in 2005. The Ellison/Pitts resolution urges the State Department to continue denying a visa to Modi.

Shaik Ubaid, former president of the IAMC, confirmed to India-West that IAMC and CAG had hired Fidelis Government Relations to push for support of HR 417 in Congress, but alleged that Modi also has full-time lobbyists working the Hill.

“America should not encourage corrupt people who have been complicit in mass murder,” said Ubaid, a neurologist.

Modi has never been given a “clean sheet” by the Indian Supreme Court, said Ubaid, noting that a case against Modi for his alleged involvement in the riots has languished in a lower court. Ubaid said it was unimportant whether HR 417 passes; the importance of the legislation is to start a dialogue about conditions in India for its religious minorities.

Ubaid said denying Modi a visa would not damage Indo-U.S. relations. “We must take a stand no matter what the price.”

Samir Kalra, director and senior human rights fellow at HAF, challenged Ubaid’s assertion, noting that denying a visa to a possible sitting head of state would irrevocably damage relationships between the two countries. He cited a recent statement by Rep. Ed Royce, chair of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, noting how harmful these types of resolutions can be to Indo-U.S. relationships.

“Modi has become a figurehead for anti-India and anti-Hindu views,” said Kalra. “Resolutions like these speak of a larger bias against India,” he said, alleging that the IAMC and CAG have links to terrorist groups in India. Kalra alleged that Ubaid was connected to the Islamic Circle of North America, which was considered a Muslim Brotherhood front organization.

“What happened in Gujarat in 2002 was tragic. But to this day, Modi has not been found guilty of being complicit in the riots,” he said.

The Organization For Minorities in India released a press statement supporting HR 417. “Now that Modi, a protege of both Hitler and Gandhi, is poised to become prime minister of India, the U.S. Congress has a moral duty to condemn his barbarism,” said Pieter Singh, an advisor to OFMI, labeling Modi the “butcher of Gujarat.”


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