The hunger for power & Money makes these Hindus (!) short sighted. They have to constantly keep in mind what happened to the Hindus (and Sikhs) of Afghanistan, Pakistan& Bangladesh. The situation in Malaysia for Hindus is no better.  Encouraging and supporting unreasonable demands of Muslims will one day put even the descendants of Mulayam and Akhilesh in danger? Can they escape saying their ancestors were more a Muslim than Hindu? No! They will be surely butchered. Only escape route may be converting to Islam? Do the next generations of the Yadavs understand this? If not why don’t they advise their elders properly? They have to understand that Bharat is not a goose that lays the golden eggs. When Modi floated this term “secular burqa”, entire secular crowd was at his throat. Here we clearly explain what a secular burqa is.
Hindus can blame themselves for this sorry state. If 75% unite to vote these fellows out, even once, the definition of secularism can be changed for next 100 years at least. Secular Hindus keep talking such rubbish because they are yet to HEAR the voice of true Hindus.
Hindus are lazy impotent divided by caste, creed, race, religion and passive, cowards and corrupts. What’s use of voting or else votes when paid sumptuously, Hindus never goes to vote thinking. Muslim votes strategically to hold the country political parties to ransom and keep powers in their hands and they succeeded in keeping whole India prisoner. Hindus are bloody rascal, idiots and fools who let the country run by a mediocre political regimen instead of a visionary strong nationalist patriot PM like Narendra Modi. Most Hindu religious leaders, politicians, media people, intellectual class people of all professions are Muslim sycophants’ stupid people. They all are either coward or super-idiot or cunning people who praise, respect, favor and support Muslims either due to their cowardice, stupidity or vested interests. Hindu’s caste system has been ruining them. Hindus are divided in thousands of castes and there has been throat cutting rivalry among them to dominate and surpass others. There is caste-based voting, caste-based political alliances, caste-based selection of candidates for the seats of local bodies, assemblies, parliament, etc. 99.99% Hindu people blindly support the wicked, criminal, corrupt, irresponsible and incapable people of own caste and other allied (supporting) caste–They also harass and tyrannize the Hindus of rival castes or against whom they have inherited or self-generated prejudice/hatred, they join hands with Muslims in order defeat rival castes –and so on. A Hindu may be honest that he would refuse to take bribe/commission or yield to threat, but he is naturally biased (due to having all relatives within own caste) in favor of own caste and some other supporting castes—and he is also biased/prejudiced against certain castes. Caste based favor/disfavor is much more dangerous than taking bribe/commission—and this is the root cause of corruption of India’s political system. Politicians are sure to win due to their caste-based vote banks and Muslim vote-banks as it has happened in UP by electing Mayawati and Mulayam Singh with thumping majority. Even if politicians/officers/judges are highly corrupt and irresponsible, they get full support and protection form own caste and supporting caste people. This makes very difficult (almost impossible) to punish them under law or defeat them in election.Hindus are really a super-idiot and extremely shameless community who fight fiercely with own other Hindus on caste basis, do conspiracy against other castes of Hindus in order to dominate them, but start licking the feet of Muslims in no time giving them opportunity to dominate over them (Hindus) easily. The super-stupid Hindus refuse to take any lesson from the history or plight of Hindus at the hands of Muslims in present Kashmir, Pakistan, Bangladesh. Second round slavery of Hindus under Muslims might become a reality if Hindus don’t awaken even now. The first round was during 8th to 18th century when Muslims ruled, enslaved, massacred, tortured, plundered, raped, molested, humiliated, and converted Hindus to their heart-content. But, most Hindus still don’t have any shame or guilt for those days (Muslim dominance and Muslim rule in India).
When we talk to those Hindus of Kashmir (a Muslim majority state in India), Pakistan and Bangladesh, who have been directly tyrannized by Muslims, then they too would idiotically tell that just few Muslims are bad and rest are very good people. These exploited, humiliated and tyrannized Hindus would foolishly talk about Hindu-Muslim solidarity, unity, harmony, etc. So, majority of Hindus have the genetic weakness and tenancy to do shameless sycophancy of Muslims and wish for unity with Muslims even after being repeatedly kicked, tortured, killed, deceived and humiliated by Muslims. Those who hate Islam are not clear in their understandings of Muslims. They might hate one aspect of Islam (Muslims too) while appreciating the other aspects of it. Just criticizing few things of Islam won’t help at all. Islam is a noxious virus that can grow to its full devastating form even from its tiny fragment. This virus is also self-healing and self replicating. Even if a trace of Islam is alive anywhere, it is likely that Islam would rebuild (from its small trace) itself and grow to its dangerous form. So, one must reject Islam as a whole, not just its certain radical aspects –otherwise, Islam would emerge very powerful and destroy everything other good values, practices, culture, etc India had been under Muslim dominance for nearly one thousand years, and under direct Muslim rule for nearly 600 years. We feel and have been proved beyond doubt that rich and educated Muslims are far more dangerous than poor and less educated Muslims because of being more intelligent and resourceful.
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