Communal riot in Muzaffarnagar took six lives injuring thirty four. United Hindus must choose the way of ‘best defense’.


Muzaffarnagar on Fire. Maintain Peace and Harmony.

Six including a Hindu journalist killed in clashes in Muzaffarnagar, curfew clamped. Situation worsened after the attack upon the participants of Maha Panchayat.

Hindu Existence News Bureau with input from PTI & Agencies | Muzaffarnagar (Uttar Pradesh) | 7 Sept 2013::  Six people, a journalist and a photographer among them, were killed and 34 others injured on Saturday during fresh clashes between members of two communities in Muzaffarnagar, where an incident of violence 10 days ago has kept communal tensions simmering.

Rajesh Verma, an IBN7 journalist, was critically wounded when some unidentified men in a mob fired indiscriminately in Khalapar area. He succumbed during treatment.

The photographer, Israr, hired by the police, was beaten to death in Sekeda village by a group of people returning from a meeting held in Naglabadhod. The meeting was held in defiance of prohibitory orders, for seeking withdrawal of the cases registered against those accused of August 27 Kawal violence.

It is told that two Hindus are died in the violence while four Muslims are died, while the chance of more casualties cannot be ignored in the face of spreading violence.

Saturday’s violence started when a group of people going to attend a meeting of Maha Panchayat at Naglabadhod clashed with the members of another community in Shahpur village en route. About six people were injured in the clash. A few of them reached the meeting venue and told the people about the attack.

When the meeting ended and the people dispersed, a clash broke out at Meenakshi crossing of the city. This time, the two groups used firearms. Soon, the violence spread to rural areas such as Basiakla, Almaspur, Mujhera of the district as well.

Violence broke out again in the Kawal area when members of a community returning from a Maha Panchayat meeting in Naglabadhod clashed with members of another community.

The incident comes shortly after Home Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde said that incidents of communal violence have increased in the country and cautioned all States to remain alert and foil any attempt to disturb peace ahead of the general elections. “Communal violence incidents have increased since last year. While 410 incidents occurred in the country last year, this year, till now, 451 incidents have taken place,” he told reporters in New Delhi.

The tension initially brewed up when three persons were killed on August 27 over a dispute which has now culminated into a communal rift between two communities.

The village had witnessed a horrific series of events after two girls, returning back home with their kin Gaurav from college, were allegedly molested by a local resident Shahnawaz. Gaurav first tried to oppose Shahnawaz’s act but finally decided to go home silently.

After sometime, Gaurav returned with his friend on bike and allegedly attacked Shahnawaz with sharp weapon. Meanwhile, hearing Shahnawaz’s cries, his neighbours rushed to his rescue. They nabbed the two youths and beat them mercilessly to death. When Shahnawaz was taken to hospital, he was also declared dead by the doctors.

After the three deaths, tension prevailed in the area and incidences of violence have denied to end.

During the fresh violence, a photographer named Israr was beaten to death in Sekeda village by a group of people returning from a meeting, police sources said.

Recent Photo Muzaffarnagar

Shinde said all States have been alerted in view of recent incidents and he has personally called up Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav on Saturday and discussed the subject.

In a related incident, five persons were injured when members of two communities pelted stones at each other in Basiakla village. In Ilmanspur village, a mob set afire a vehicle.

Security had been tightened in view of Naglabadhod meeting and prohibitory orders imposed in the area, police said.

Several people had participated in the first meeting held in the aftermath of Kawal violence despite a ban imposed by the district authorities.

The police also booked several politicians for making inflammatory speeches in the area. These included three Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) leaders – an MP and two MLAs from Muzaffarnagar – and one Bharatiya Janata Party MLA from Meerut.

Actually, the Maha Panchayat of Jaats, Gujjar and Rajputs have came closer through such Maha panchayat cutting the political edge only to fight against the attack upon their agriculture, women, temples, farms and business by fanatic people bearing Arabic names. Consequently, united Hindu forces resolved to fight unitedly against  anti Hindu elements with a process of ‘best defense’.

The police also registered cases against 299 others for promoting enmity on religious grounds after they posted a forged video of the killings of the youth on social networking site Facebook.

See updates here: Army called in after communal violence kills nine in UP’s Muzaffarnagar, curfew imposed: TOI.

Meanwhile, crime branch on Saturday arrested ex-Jansath block head, Virender Singh, for an alleged provocative speech during the last meeting on August 31.

Singh is cousin of Shashank Shekhar Singh, who was former Uttar Pradesh Cabinet Secretary in the previous Mayawati Government in the State.

According to DSP JR Joshi, the ex-block head was arrested for allegedly participating in an “unauthorised meeting” while prohibitory orders were in force in the area.

But, there is a huge repercussion as the non Hindus are usually allowed to hold their meeting without any permission and  even perform Namaz putting public inconveniences like road block etc., while the Hindus are discriminated rampantly.

DGP Deo Raj Nagar said the Government has formed a Special Task Force to investigate the Kawal incident.

“Some elements are trying to create communal tension in the region. The STF will be helpful to normalise the situation. No one would be allowed to breach peace in the area,” he said.

As per latest report, there is a chance to outbreak the situation in a wider range if not controlled properly.

Hindu Existence Forum urges all concerned to maintain peace and harmony with their best effort.

Encouraging and supporting unreasonable demands of Muslims will one day put even the descendants of Mulayam and Akhilesh in danger? Can they escape saying their ancestors were more a Muslim than Hindu? No! They will be surely butchered. Only escape route may be converting to Islam? Do the next generations of the Yadavs understand this? If not why don’t they advise their elders properly? They have to understand that Bharat is not a goose that lays the golden eggs.

The Hindus supporting Muslim’s rules of Mullah Mulayam,Imam Akhilesh,irrespective of caste are on the radar of nationalist Hindus and will be taught a hard lesson at appropriate time,which is not very far ! It is very sad that’modern’ yadavas,the descendants(as they claim) of Lord Krishna are acting as KAMNSA and are in glove in hands with anti national forces just to grab power.The situations will change dramatically and traitors of Hindu society, supporting Samajwadi party of Mullah Mulayam will face the tragic fate as of great sinners in time to come.


Courtesy: PTI | IBN7 | TOI | Agencies/hinduexistence

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