There appears to be a popular belief among converted Christians and Mohammedans of India that since Hindus are in a majority they cannot be allowed to form the government. It is believed by Mohammedans and converted Christians that Hindus are the most irrational, tolerant people on earth.

Their behavior is unacceptable to evangelical Christians and Mohammedans and they should be slaughtered, subjugated and oppressed and ruled by Christians and Islamic terrorists.

This willful blindness towards the essence of Islamic terrorism and conversion of innocent, gullible Hindus has resulted in alien rule. And the Italian Mafia rule is unacceptable. Willful ignorance of conversion and alien rule will continuously harm our nation.

The result of this stunningly unlawful rule of India by the anti-Hindu government and the criminal politicians had harmed Hindus and India. The corrosive power of the Sonia government should be stopped by all means.

How? Hindus should organize and elect pro-Hindu government, This willful blindness of subversion, oppression, terrorism, coercive conversion put our children in dangerous situations.

Willful blindness, conscious avoidance, and deliberate ignorance, denial, apathy, and indifference had harmed Hindus and India. The principle of democracy, justice and fairness require Hindus to register for voting. India, however is a democracy But Muslims don’t believe in democracy. For Mohammedans, their Saudi Arabian dictates are supreme. Indian Hindus believes in fairness, justice, and equality. But non-participation in election functions just the opposite way.

India’s imperialistic constitution written by the British protect converted Christians and Mohammedans. The majority Hindus appease and favor atrocious and brutal rule. The western christian governments refused to divide their country provide special status for minorities . In India one third of the territory was given away to the brutal Mohammedans . It is time for the majority Hindus to participate in election and support the national leader Modi. If Hindus are unwilling to kick out tyrants and traitors India and Hindus will be doomed.

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One Response to SONIA GOVERNMENT AND HINDUS-Dr. Babu Suseelan

  1. Swastik Kumar Gangulee says:

    Sonia or no Sonia, the Hindus must unite for their survival. Once the country was divided on communal lines and one third of our country was given away in exchange of an unfair transfer of power, the country now belongs to the Hindus only. Appeasement of the minorities, a crucial instrument of vote bank politics, must stop. The mindset of subservience must be thrown out. It is time for the Hindus to relearn their own dharma, and be proud of their heritage. They must wake up from deep slumber and rise again as a nation.

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