Most Hindus around the world are unhappy with the anti-national congress party. The majority of Hindus think corrupt, criminal congress politicians do not talk about the real national problems affecting the nation, or real issues.

Many Hindus also believe that corrupt, inefficient anti-national congress politicians do not listen to Hindus or about their concerns. Nationalist Hindus also believe that the political process exist in India is not meeting their needs.

Recently the Sonia regime has increased the price of oil, diesel and vegetables. Indian economy is in shambles. Indian Rupee value in the international market is plummeting and going downhill fast.

Every year, Indian American Intellectuals form, WAVE, Hindu Janajagruti, VHP, RSS, and other Hindu organizations in India and abroad are pointing out what every Hindu ought to do. Educated Hindus on national and international politics have written how the majority voters with different values would attack the problem. Since educated and committed Hindus have presented several plans for action on each issue. Talking together, taking appropriate action is an important part of the democratic process.

Recently the Catholic lady Sonia  and the alien government in India has ordered Hindu temples to deposit Gold, jewelry, diamonds and other precious valuables donated to Hindu temples to provide the valuables to government . The looters of Hindu funds want to target only Hindu temples. The anti-Hindu center government and several state Governments are looting Hindu funds and misappropriating it for personal gains.

Hindus have to wake up from the deep slumber. When Hindus join in for the democratic process, the majority can hear the views and opinions of nationalist Hindu leaders like Sri  Narendra Modi. He allows people to measure the anti-national congress party and the pseudo secular suggestions and anti-Hindu values. It is high time for Hindus to wake up to the reality of India and to preserve our all-inclusive culture and protect our values and temples and kick out anti-Hindu corrupt politicians once for all. Hindus must think as an individual and members of their community to promote our scared values.

Narendra Modi and other Hindu leaders will listen to you. For Modi every person’s thoughts and feelings are important. We invite every Hindu to join in India’s reconstruction and you will be heard.


Discrimination against Hindus in India is a problem in our society. The economic gap between Hindus and India’s converted Christians and Muslims is getting wider. Hindus should ask: should the anti-Hindu, anti-Nationalist Congress government take appropriate action to close the gap? When will the Italian group ruling India will stop taking Hindu temple wealth. When wills the Vatican regime take action to stop circulating Pakistan printed Counterfeit Indian currency. When will the mafia gang stop looting our money?  Coercive religious conversion, Jihadi terrorism, corruption, and discrimination against Hindu swamis and sadhus will end? If so, what should be done?


To many Hindus, general election means the end of British Christian colonial rule. We are a country where Hindu Dharma is coming true. We are free to judge people who they are. Independence from British Christian colonialists was not so helpful. Our country was divided, and Hindus lost millions and the fertile land.

Sri Narendra Modi wanted to talk about what still needs to be done. Some progress has been made in Modi ruled state of Gujarat. But discrimination against Hindus, political discrimination, coercive religious conversion, terrorism, distribution of Pakistan printed counterfeit Indian currency, and price rise are still with us. There is a wide gap between India’s Hindus and converted Christians and Muslims. This means that the promise of freedom has no yet been met. In 1947, Hindus thought we have got freedom from British Christian colonialists. Hindus thought that we will live in economic freedom peace, and progress. But this is not what happened.

Hindus must talk and act about problems affecting the majority of India. Otherwise we will not be able to agree on how to solve them.  What should be done?  The goal of Hindu talk about Freedom, peace and progress is to figure out what we can agree on. What is the best way to attack the problem of continued anti Hindu, anti-national congress party and their inability to stop India’ problems? What actions are likely to work best in the coming election? What public actions are needed in 2014 to fulfill the majority dream of establishing Hindu Dharma?

For several years, Hindus have been fighting to have freedom from Islamists. Then we have been fighting to have self-rule, independence and freedom from British Christian colonialists. Today and the question is how to gain real freedom, economic independence, and political power from the anti-Hindu, anti-national congress party and several regional criminals retaining power in state politics.  As we have seen, people have different ideas about the meaning of freedom. So, they have different ideas about what government should do.

Hindus who favor that “All religions are the same”, that we can gain freedom by respecting all religions. They say it is important to have strong laws favoring religious conversion, and Islamic rule. It is important for Hindus to live like Christians, bow under Islam and follow sharia law. And it is important for bogus secular Hindus that everyone should have an equal opportunity in India. Hindus should be ruled by Muslims and Christians, and it is not government’s job to ensure equal results they categorical say that in the past Muslims favored Jihad termism, discrimination, mass murder of Infidels and share law, Hindus must respect Islam and Christian rule. We must support affirmative action plan for Muslims and Converted Christians. In their view, corruption, crime, violence, terrorism, religious conversion, poverty, looting of Hindu wealth, is created by nationalist Hindus. Pseudo-secular ideas, anti-national plan and anti-Hindu agenda fit in with the ideal of freedom. And, according to the congress party, Hindus need not be active, or give up anything very much. It does not require any more public action from Hindus. The Congress party’s and pseudo secular ideas are hopelessly flawed and inadequate, and that it had to be replaced by logic. The e phony secular Hindus and Islam Fascist Congress party is inadequate to deal with Jihadist and the conversion gang, international politics and the hostile Islamic neighbor.

At a heavy price, of course, Hindus have paid a heavy price. There were distinct waves of disenchantment with pseudo-secularism, (VEER SARVARKARM HEDGEWAR< RAJAJI). The disenchantment wave was different siren was had sung in many different keys. These men of national heroes were far more interested in the logical, metaphysical and were pragmatic aspect of politics.  They were auto thinkers who concentrated on more humanistic, more realistic aspect of Hindu India, Nehru, and the pro-Islamist, anti-Hindu Congress party was successful in poking fun on the great nationalist leaders with the help of anti-India, alien oriented media pundits. Hindus are now realistic and saw the bluff of pseudo-secularism of the congress leaders. Our passionate outburst against our current system of corruption, nepotism, pro-Islamic, anti-Hindu policy is not enough.

But is it enough?

Hindus should not shy away from rejecting pseudo-secularism, pro-Islamist policies of the congress party and  must construct  a world philosophy based on our sacred Vedas that will encompass and illuminate science, art, morals, dharma, and politics.  We should form a political philosophy as an instrument for cultural promotion, preservation of our scared Dharma, for the benefit of our children and grandchildren.



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  1. Swastik Kumar Gangulee says:

    Your article raises two important questions to Indians: 1. Why progress in the country remains stunted in spite of high sounding policies inducted by the government? 2. What every Hindu should do about it? The answer to the first lies in a realistic assessment of the state of affairs of the country in its 67th year of freedom. And answer of the second question lies in assertion of the Hindus as a nation. The Hindu mind has a propensity to rely more on myths than on history. The Hindus were easily misled to believe that it was not necessary to fight for their freedom. Instead, a not violent noncooperation movement was enough to drive away the British empower. It was also made to believe that a Hindu-Muslim amity was possible in spite of the magnitude of blood shed that took place in the process of the partition of British India. It had two fall outs: the aggressive party thought that their aggression was paid off; and the Hindus had bear brunt of the partition in silence and depression. Though the Congress party failed to secure an independence of which the nation could be proud of, it succeeded to establish a culture of corruption and to make it socially accepted. It blocked all avenues of national growth, diluted the Hindu identity, and reinforced the national decadence with a misconceived notion of secularism. What the Muslim invasion as well the colonial occupation could do in centuries, the Congress party did that in 67 years. The Hindu identity is lost, progress remains as a distant dream, and the Hindu homeland is yet to be defined! Jai Hind!

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