WARNING TO THE HINDUS !!! Watan Ki Fikar Kar Nadan (HINDU)! Musibat Ane Wali Hai-वतन की फ़िक्र कर नादान(हिन्दू) मुसीबत आने वाली है

Watan Ki Fikar Kar Nadan( HINDU) ! Musibat Ane Wali Hai
Teri Barbadiyon Ke Mashware Hain Asmanon Mein

वतन की फ़िक्र कर नादान( हिन्दू) मुसीबत आने वाली है
तेरी बरबादिओं के मशवरे हैं आसमानों में !

Think of the homeland, O ignorant one! Hard times are coming
Conspiracies for your destruction are afoot in the heavens

ज़रा देख उस को जो कुछ हो रहा है,होने वाला है,
धरा क्या है भला एहद-ए कुहन की दास्तानों में !

Zara Dekh Uss Ko Jo Kuch Ho Raha Hai, Hone Wala Hai
Dhara Kya Hai Bhala Ehd-e-Kuhan Ki Dastnon Mein

Pay attention to what is happening and what is going to happen
What good there is in repeating the tales of the old glories?

यह ख़ामोशी कहाँ तक?लज्ज़त-ए फरयाद पैदा कर ,
ज़मीन पर तू हो और तेरी सदा हो आसमानों में ?

Ye Khamoshi Kahan Tak? Lazzat-e-Faryad Paida Kar
Zameen Par Tu Ho Aur Teri Sada Ho Asmanon Mein ?

How long will you remain silent? Inculcate the taste for protest!
Even Your assertive plains on the earth should echo in the heavens!

न समझो गे तो मिट जाओगे ए हिन्दुस्तान वालो !
तुम्हारी दास्ताँ तक भी न होगी दस्तानों में !

Na Samjho Ge To Mit Jao Ge Ae Hindustanon Walo !
Tumhari Dastan Tak Bhi Na Ho Gi Daston Mein

You will be finished if you do not care to understand, O ye people of India!
Even the mention of your being will disappear from the world’s chronicles

Mohammed Iqbal was a man of all variegated seasons and a poet of many swinging moods. He was once an intense nationalist with burning passion to awaken a slumbering nation. It is during the first phase of his rather prolific poetic career that he issued to Indians of his generation the warning quoted above which, in fact, hasn’t, over time, lost a bit either its relevance or its bite.

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