श्री कृष्णजी के पग आपके घर आये ,

आप उल्ल्हास और खुशिओं के दीप जलाएं/

दुःख और चिंता ,आप से आँखे चुराएँ,

कृष्ण जन्मोत्सव की आप सब को शुभ कामनाएं

Krishna Janmashtami / Janamashtami – जन्मष्टमी

The birth of Lord Krishna was for the express purpose of re-establishing the fundamentals of faith within the hindu people. As spoken in the Bhagavad Gita by Krishna himself yada yada hi dharmasya, glaanirbhavati bharata, i.e. whenever faith is under attack in this world, I will re-appear to protect those who are devoted to me and to re-establish faith and order. The message of Vedanta preached to Arjuna through the Bhagavad Gita is perhaps the seminal work and crown in the jewel of all Hindu texts.

yadaa yadaa hi dharmasya
glaanirbhavati bhaarata.
Abhyutthaanam.h adharmasya
tadaatmaanM sRRijaamyaham.h..

यदा यदा हि धर्मस्या, ग्लानिर्भवति भारत ।

अभ्युत्थानम् अधर्मस्या, तदात्मानं सृजाम्यहम् ।।

Sri Krishna, the eighth incarnation of Lord Vishnu is the most popular avatar and is regarded as purna avataar(complete incarnation). All other deities are regarded as his manifestation. His story and his exploits(leela) are numerous and very well known. To the Hindu, he is the supreme statesman, warrior, hero, philosopher, teacher and God himself. He is the great exponent of Bhagavadgita, the “song celestial”.

The Birth of Krishna

The festival of Janmashtami is observed as a day of fasting until midnight – which is the time at which Lord Krishna was born to his mother Devaki in a prison cell. The demonic king Kansa had put Devaki (his sister) into prison because he had been told by his advisers that the son of Devaki would be his nemesis. Kansa had planned to kill Krishna at birth, but as soon as he was born, the prison gates magically opened and his father smuggled him out to be raised by his adopted mother, Yashoda.

Sudama and Balarama were two of Lord Krishna’s favorite companions during his childhood. The stories of Krishna’s love for butter and milk products is legendary and woven into many poems, rituals and bhajans. He was always being scolded by his adopted mother Yashoda for doing all kinds of mischief as a young child.

The Divine Powers of Krishna the Child

At a young age, Lord Krishna and Balarama went to the court of King Kansa and challenged his wrestlers to duel with them. After killing all his seemingly unconquerable wrestlers, King Kansa challenged Lord Krishna to a duel. Krishna simply assumed his supernatural powers and killed him easily. The people celebrated because they were forever rid of Kansa’s evil rule.

In another instance, there was a great flood which was threatening to destroy the entire population of Krishna’s village. Krishna showed his supernatural powers by lifting the entire village, including the govardhan mountain on his shoulders and thus saving them from the calamity of the flood.

May Lord Krishna come to your house & takes away all your Makhan & Mishri with all your worries & sorrows.

Happy Janmashtami

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  1. vedicupvan says:



                                                           By Brigadier Chitranjan Sawant,VSM

    Brave officers and Jawans of the Indian Army were engaging the Paki enemy in a do or die struggle to dislodge those intruders from the territory of Bharat in Kargil in 1999. The enemy had stealthily occupied the dominating heights of hill tops like Tiger Hills, Tololing and various hill features in Kaksar and so on. The wily and cunning Regular Army personnel gave the appearance of irregular non-state agents to avoid being dubbed as an aggressor. They were well entrenched and well provided for in respect of weapons, ammunition, rations and dry fruits like almonds, raisins, dried grapes etc. Dislodging them was an uphill task.

    Initially the Indian infantry had no artillery and air support. The senior commanders had misjudged the strength, and motive of the enemy. The brigade commander of the area in his bravado just said that the Paki intruders were few in numbers and within a couple of days they will be killed or driven away from the Indian territory. “CHADHDI KALA” was his parting byte to the electronic and print media journalists who quizzed him about the border situation.


    Our Young Officers and Jawans were just given summary situation brief and ordered to climb up the hill features and dislodge the enemy. It was a major mistake on the part of the senior commanders who did not appreciate the battle situation in an objective manner. They had little intelligence information about the enemy’s weapons, numbers and tactics. Their mistake was a big a blunder as that of the General of the British Army who had ordered the charge of the Light Brigade where six hundred cavalry officers and men rode into the valley of death facing cannon fire in the Crimean War. They knew that the orders were wrong but like good disciplined cavalry soldiers they carried out the orders and not many survived. Lord Tennyson had written about them ” Theirs not to reason why, but to do and die; rode into the valley of death, rode the six hundred”

    The Indian casualties in the Kargil war at the initial stages were alarming. Nevertheless, the officers and men of the Infantry obeyed wrong orders given under political and public pressure and laid down their lives for the cause of the country. How appropriate the lines are for the brave dead:

          “ How else can a man die better,

             Than facing fearful odds,

             For the ashes of his forefathers

             And the temples of his gods.”

    For the non-English knowing Jawans the rendering into Hindi runs thus:

             “  Is-se Achhi Mrityu aur kahan,

                Jab Veer Yvodha Home Ho Gaye

               Apne Poorvajon Ki Chita-bhasm

              Aur Dev Mandiron Ki Raksha Mein.”

    Nevertheless an intervention by Yogeshwar Shri Krishna was a sine-qua-non for raising the sagging morale of our fighting forces. Before climbing up the enemy bullet ridden mountainous pathless terrain, the officers and Jawans visited the makeshift temples in tents where the Regimental Pundit narrated the factual stories of Yogeshwar Shri Krishna raising the low morale of the Commander-in-Chief of the Pandav Army, Arjun by his psychological discourses. Krishna Ji capped it up with the memorable lines:

          “ Tasmad Uttishth Kaunteya, Yudhai  Krit NISHCHAYAH.”

    Yogeshwar Shri Krishna exhorted the famous archer, Arjun, saying that if he died he would find an open entry into Heaven. If he won the battle, the entire Earthly pleasures would be his to enjoy. Therefore, arise, O Kunti Putra and fight the battle with Determination.

    The officers and Jawans of the Indian Army deeply involved into the battles of the Kargil war now faced the enemy with resoluteness and decimated the invading forces. Mind is the Man. Yogeshwar Shri Krishna’s exhortations to Arjuna were equally applicable to the Indian Army personnel who were up against heavy odds. Once that Determination to annihilate the Paki invaders was generated through the words of Yogeshwar Shri Krishna, there was no looking back and no retreat. It was just an onward march to wipe out the Paki intruders of their regular army.

    The morale of the Paki fighting machine and their senior officers and politicians was so low that they refused to receive the dead bodies of their own kith and kin slain by the brave soldiers of Bharat. When the public pressure in Pakistan mounted on the ruling class of politicians they came down on their knees to beg for the return of the dead bodies of those Paki officers who were politically well connected. In the best traditions of the Indian Army, the rest of the slain Paki soldiers were buried with honour as per the Islamic rituals.

    How did the savage Pakis behave with Capt Saurabh Kalia and other Jawans of the Jat Regiment when they mutilated their dead bodies -, gouged their eyes and let them rot before handing over to the Indian Army. It was indeed a disgraceful conduct of the Pakistan Army who care little for the age-old traditions of the martial men all over the world. Those savages mutilate the bodies of soldiers who died fighting. Shower  Shame on the Paki Generals and soldiers for their cowardly behavior.

    Our officers and men are aware of Yogeshwar Shri Krishna’a sayings:


    Never beg for mercy of the enemy and Never run away from battle. Indeed this life is a saga of daily battles and we have to win them day after day.

    The closing words of the Gita are:


     Wherever the behavior of an individual or a body of men or women is as per the dictates of the DHARM, there is bound to be Victory. Indeed a laudable close to the great Gita that the Supreme Court of India has adopted as its Credo. The Indian Army too behaved like an Army of a cultured country and that is why the ultimate victory was that of the brave officers and Jawans of Bharat. Let us tread on the path shown by Yogeshwar Shri Krishna in our day to day life and also while waging war with an enemy country to defend our motherland BHARAT.

    Email:  sawantchitranjan@yahoo.com        or      chitranjan.sawant@gmail.com 

    Mobile   9811173590.                Landline:  0120-2454622.

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