Swami Aksharananda

Swami Aksharanand ji, who holds a Ph.D. degree in Hindu Studies from the University of Madison, Wisconsin (USA) deplored that it was unbecoming on the part of leaders of one billion strong Hindus to look at the United States and complain about the cross border terrorism (from Pakistan) and cry like babies.

He spoke extensively regarding the falsity of the “equality of religions” propagated by Gandhi and the modern day gurus and saints. The concept that “All religions are one” as propagated by Gandhi incessantly is the most destructive concept that is affecting us all. It is not only silly but dangerous fallacy to propagate the idea that all religions are one. Some of these gurus and sanyasis from India come here at the United Nations and invoke Allah and Jesus Christ. In fact, what are they saying to us Hindus, who are under severe attacks every day by the same forces of Allah and Christ. Hinduism and other religions can’t be equated and called same because “religions” of the world have been born in the environment of hostility. Tracing the origin of Abrahamic religions, Swami Aksharananda said that when Christianity came on the scene, it had to develop an antagonistic philosophy to deal with Judaism. When Islam came on the scene, it had to develop an antagonistic philosophy in order to deal with both Christianity and Judaism. He stressed on the point that Islam and Christianity in their very genesis are hostile and antagonistic creeds.

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One Response to ALL RELIGIONS ARE NOT SAME-Swami Aksharanand ji

  1. Steve says:

    No comments at all after a couple years? I for one, do not trust those who speak with authority regarding their own views in the third person … particularly not when the self-referencing author feels the need to vouch for the credibility of their views by virtue of a degree, rather than logic distanced from bigotry.

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