CAN INDIA DIE ?


India has been attacked from without and within. Hate mongers from every sect are recruited and trained by our foreign agents for psychological warfare against universal spiritual dharma and its followers. India is the only country inhabited by large numbers of Hindus. We allow coercive religious conversion, foreign occupation, interference in India’s internal affairs and corruption. Why? Hindus, the majority are not participating in election campaign and we elect and retain scums, criminals and anti-Hindu, and anti national bogus secularist to rule us. Until Hindus are very active in politics and decide to participate in politics such betrayal of politicians and spying including psychological warfare, coercive religious conversion, jihad terrorism, Maoist menace, Marxist mischief will continue against Sanathan Dharma.

India was leading the world in science, technology, and Indians were living in peace, harmony, with universal spirituality while the rest of world were practicing cannibalism. Ibin Battuta, Fahiyan, and Marco polo write gloriously about Indian wealth, harmony and prosperity. They have traveled from Kashmir to Nepal and could not find any beggars,or unemployed person. India was a wonder to the world. People were happy. There was no unemployment, discrimination, and people were living in peace, prosperity and tranquility. While Europe and the Middle east and Africa were living under dark ages and practicing cannibalism, and wicked witches were for children for drinking for their blood. India produced one of the richest, highest civilization in the world, We were supplying 100 percent of the gold requirements of the world,Our contribution in Metallurgy , articulture, mathematics, medicine were unmatched in the world.Our literature, knowledge base, philosophy were so advanced and we were paving the way for modern science.

Our Motherland was attacked by Muslim criminals and western christian crooks. They have killed millions of Hindus and forcefully converted our ancestors. In spite of deviance amplifying Muslims and Christians India exist as a nation and our Dharma has been promoted by committed Indians around the world.

India is still not free, We have an uneducated, uncivilized Italian born Sonia deciding the destiny Of India. Her corrupt, criminal cronies are ruling the country and looting our wealth. The sudden spread of Islam can be compared to a massive ideological explosion that sent Islamic Jihadis flying across globe, beheading, killing, destroying, plundering, looting, and converting by sword across the way. India never recovered from the brutality of Islam. Christian exploitation. Christian Missionaries started arriving in peaceful India and immediately began conversion among peace loving Hindus Hindus and their Dharma simply went under Islamic brutal warriors and deceptive Christian missionaries. . Muslims and converted Christians have wiped out our civilization. With the help of betrayers and sell out Hindus, the intolerant people of the west colonized us.

Even today, we are not free. Invaders and occupiers destroyed our pride and patriotism . the corrupt Sonia government or or her criminal cabinet members nor the parliament is perturbed over the fact that our Hindu nation is subordinate to the desert dogmas. the average Hindu has lost the sense of to tell the difference between the real mother and the Italian surrogate mother. The average Hindu , the converted Christina and Muslims and our nation has reached such depth of inferiority, servility and degradation. it is very important to listen to to our genuine leaders such as MODI.

“Can India die? Then from the world all spirituality will extinct: all moral perfection will extinct such thing can never be. The Indian nation cannot be killed. Deathless it stands, and it will stand as long as that spirit shall remain as long as that Spirit shall remain as the background, so long as her people do not give up their spirituality, and so long as holiness is supremely venerated, India cannot die”. Swami Vivekananda.

Vibrant, and string Hindus willing to take risk to overcome denial, fear, passivity are around the globe. Therein remains our hope for dealing with the seemingly overwhelming challenges. Hindus will mobilize those strong minded Hindu men and women who will make the difference.

Our Rashtra will be led by Modi, the leader integrator who will consciously connecting our Vedic perspective and applying a variety of skills to establish new directions, options and solutions for our nation.



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  1. DevsDev says:

    Do u have any idea or information about the falling rupee vrs dollar? Or its impact on this HINDU nation…would like to read your expertise on something serious and practical as economy.Thanks.

  2. Hemen Parekh says:

    Rejoice You Jobless !

    In Aug 2013 , India’s Finance Minister announced a scheme called ,

    “ National Skills Certification and Monetary Reward Scheme “

    Here are the highlights of the schame :

     To impart skills to 500 million youth by 2022 ( i.e. 50 million / year )

     Of these,

    • Private Sector to train 150 million

    • 18 Central Ministries to train 350 million

     Scheme will provide employment as well as post-placement hand-holding for 1-2 years

     A youth trained by an accredited institution will be required to appear for a national skill test before getting a certificate and reward of Rs 10,000 from the Government . Towards this , Govt has set aside Rs 1,000 Crores / year for 1 million trainees

    Now , could the Minister be ignorant of the following ?

     For some 62 years , we have a Apprentice Act ( 1951 )

     Under this Act , private / public sector companies are required to train apprentices in different trades / crafts , for periods of 1 /2 / 3 years

     At the end of such training , trainees are required to appear for their NCTVT exams and pass , to get certificates

     Already thousands of Central / State Govt Industrial Training Institutions ( ITI ) are also imparting such skills training to youths who may or may not have passed 10th standard

     Most companies are using this Act/Scheme to engage such “ Trainees “ in place of permanent workers , to reduce labor costs

    But the Minister does admit that , notwithstanding past efforts on such a massive scale , country as a whole , created only 20 million jobs in 5 years ( 2004-2009 ) ! A meager 4 million / year !

    May be the Minister hopes that this time around , the Magic Wand of a reward of Rs 10,000 , will create a miracle !
    Only his arithmetic does not seem to add-up !
    Every year , 50 million trainees will add-up to a reward of Rs 50,000 Crores !
    Hopefully , the arithmetic will get corrected in time for 2014 National Elections !

     hemen parekh

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