Manmohan Singh is History’s most shameless coward. He is a scheming utterly ruthless placidly bovine looking yet dangerously diabolic enemy of India. We cannot expect patriotism or integrity from an Immigrant Italian who was touted as the greatest Renunciation surpassing the Buddha when she so cleverly passed on the mantle of PM to her canine Manmohan. It is a matter of great shame to the nation that the media, Mulayam, Mayawati, Dawood Ibrahim’s henchman Pawar, gutter breed Karunanidhi, and whole host of beastly beaten maid and squeaks in the parliament are unable to stem the rot that has destroyed all of us. That the UPA still a monolithic arsenal solidly behind the Italian can and will do far greater damage to the nation is certain. Since we are spectators let us watch the gladiators in the arena of the Indian PARLIAMENT being vanquished by the invincible Sonia and her breed of Chidambarams and Kapil Sibals. The show is on let the Indians be treated to the spectacular sight of blood curdling horrors yet to unfold. It just chip in with a small supplement -Manmohan Singh can’t accept any challenge let alone Modi’s. We find Manmohan a miserable being lacking any courage though highly educated but all the powers of him are lying in the hands of Sonia Maino. It is a shame. Indians would like to see someone as PM who cares for the nation. Root cause of all troubles so far and many more to come is result of India’s democracy wearing burqa of fake secularism. Congress + Left liberals are agent to destroy the great Hindu nation. The unfinished task of Mohd Gazani – Moguls – Britishers is taken over by Sonia and her Sardar. Both are Taliban. Till political leaders of burqa secularism including Sonia and left liberals are personally affected, the blood of common man will continue to spill daily. Instead, we wish it spills once and for all… mean a bloody revolt in Indian polity..Time is not far.It is naked truth of Sonia + Manmohan Singh.He will go down in history as a “Kaliyuga reincarnation of Jai Chand” who had betrayed Mother India. People used to believe that Sonia Gandhi did wonderful service to the country by placing Manmohan Singh as PM, especially because he was the “right man” for our economy. It was a team made in heaven – “secular politics + good economics”. Events have proved us utterly, horribly wrong. This team is not secular (coalition with Muslim League in Kerala), and disastrous at running the economy. As a citizen, we are extremely disappointed.

Apparently Indians, the illiterate, semi literate, literate and the super secular breed of Islam appeasers are all mesmerized by Sonia-Singh who had an unprecedented second innings with the dumbest PM that too never elected one, to finish off the job. We are afraid that whatever disaster may await us the charm of UPA will not wear off. With a record of scam-a-day and corruption that has brought the country to the brink, the “Power is Poison”lady has made the nation addicted to the poison, and we have a billion zombies who cannot be revived to their past lives. It is the greatest tragedy in the life of a nation that the govt that has continuously bled them has still survived. It is a minority govt yet no no-confidence motion could be brought against this corrupt governance. You have the greatest betrayers like Mayawati, Mulayam, Nitish and Karunanidhi who can make dead pigs fly. The media of Arnab,Burkha,Rajdeep and his likes, the TV channels all funded by the UPA mafia are doing a perfect job of Nation decimation.

There is no hope for the living zombies here as well as hereafter.Congress & their paid intellectual stooges campaigned for Modi all over India by showing him as a Merchant of Death. One may be not blind admirer of Modi , but certainly he belongs to a different class in which we have very few politicians left.

It’s misfortune that amongst the 1.2 billion Indians, they can’t find even a handful of young people to lead the Nation.The young leaders of democratic countries offer a stark contrast to the tired old politicians in India, whose only goal seems to retain or acquire power at any cost.Indians were FOOL To VOTE OUT NATIONALIST Govt. in 2004 for ITALIAN who still cannot Deliver her Speech without reading.A lady having no knowledge of economics or administration is ruining the basic fabric of the country.Position of power without accountability. Once was an aberration, twice has to be a suicide and that’s what has happened, petrol at 80, onion at 80, rupee at 62. Vote Congress ruin nation.Socrates is supposed to have said — A herd of donkeys led by a lion can defeat a pride of lions led by a donkey. Congress is led by a ferocious feline

Instead of making poor to stand on their own feet, empower them through providing conducive atmosphere to earn, the UPA has only been providing free crutches. If the poor are empowered and allowed to stand on their own feet and become literate, they won’t be dependent on the freebies given by Congress. Thus it would lose its purchasable vote bank. UPA appears to believe either loot the national economy or distribute whatever is left in treasury to buy votes. It would finish the country.It is rather very distressing to see that the Italian goons and their Desi chamchas are destroying India in every front. Rupee is at record low; economy is in a mess, no development, no progress, foreign policy in shambles,borders wth PAKISTAN and China are not secured. What great loot! Is there no person in India who can save the country from the wrath of the Italian goons and their Desi chamchas?


क्या करूँ ,कहाँ जाऊं ,देश का उद्धार कौन करेगा?,यह प्रत्येक राष्ट्रभक्त भारतीय की सोच और पीड़ा है!!!

More than indulging in Self-Appreciation on 15th August, it is the time for Self-Realization.It is time to check whether we have actually achieved what those aspired, who died for our freedom.Is this the actually the “FREEDOM” our ancestors dream of?Is this the INDIA, post 67 years of INDEPENDENCE, that we can call “THE GREAT INDIAN DREAM”?It is the time to forget the Highs and look for the Lows stopping us from moving ahead.It is the time to forget the Bests & search for the Worsts that’s been ailing the nation for long?Time to downplay the Good’s but rather look at the FOLLIES, so that those can be mended. We still got a long way to go……………It’s the time to PREPARE, not the time to REST.

Kudos to NAMO for breaking the tradition for GOOD. The UPA which is the private property of Sonia with Manmohan as the lowly gatekeeper is the De facto owner of India. Leave alone the economy in shambles and an unprecedented calamity waiting to engulf the country, it still has the power of media dominated by Arnab Goswami, Mayawati who sees nothing wrong in Robert Vadara’s slaughter of the land, Akhilesh and Mulayam who are plain rotten goons, not unlike the five hundred odd parliamentarians who are gleefully keeping the cold run of our democracy burning with the enormous currency notes of Sonia and the fireman Manmohan. All these deadly forces are far too great for a single Modi to vanquish. At best it may be a valiant effort. The writing is on the wall. The rapid destruction of the land no longer sustainable by such global corruption and siphoning off our resources by the Corporates and other Crocodiles with the active collusion of the cabinet as well as the MP’s of UPA and allied has begun. Let us wait for a miracle.

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