Govt officer propagates Islam among Hindu students through illegal ‘Iftar’ party; Shivsena, HJS protest


August 15, 2013

Books distributed to poor students in 'Iftar'
Books distributed to poor students in ‘Iftar’

Propagation of Islam through’ hostel of Social Welfare Department at Sambhajinagar !

Hindus should realize fanatic’s conspiracy of ‘Islamization’ of Bharat ! Barring Shiv Sena, all powerful pro-Hindu organizations are indifferent; therefore, Hindus need to unite and establish Hindu Rashtra for preventing such conspiracies !

Shiv Sena to teach a lesson to fanatic officer ! – warns Shri. Chandrakant Khaire, Shiv Sena, MLA

  • HJS warns to stage agitations if action is not taken against fanatic officer !

  • Minister for Social Justice promises to investigate the matter within 15 days !    

  • Students distributed books on introduction to to holy ‘Quran’, message of Islam, sweet message and world leader

Sambhajinagar (Maharashtra) – No religious program can be organized in Government hostel; but a fanatic Muslim officer from Social Welfare Department paid total disregard to the rule at Kileark (Sambhajinagar). On 28th July, taking advantage of helplessness of more than 1000 students from backward class, ‘Iftar’ party was organized in the hostel for inculcating culture of Islam and 4 books on Islam were distributed to every student; a lecture on Islam was also arranged. The assistant Commissioner of Social Welfare Department Mr. Jalil Sheikh tried to suppress the matter when it was exposed and has claimed that the students had only arranged the party. As a pretense, he set up inquiry committee of subordinate officers to investigate the matter; but Shiv Sena and Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) have raised voice against him and made a demand to take action against the concerned officer. They have also warned to stage agitation. Minister for Social Justice, Shivajirao Moghe has promised to investigate the matter and take action within 15 days.  

1. On 28th July, a big ‘Iftar’ party was organized for students from backward community and economically backward class between 6.00 p.m. and 8.00 p.m. The students were distributed cashews- almonds and fruits besides books on introduction to holy Quran, Islam’s message, sweet message and world leader propagating Islam. After distribution of books, a lecture by a professor from Maulana Azad College was also held on ‘How Islam is a superior religion’ and giving message to students that there is no alternative to Islam if peace is to be established in the world.

2. In terms of rules formulated in 1984, no religious programs can be organized in Government hostels and programs to celebrate birth or death anniversaries of great leaders can only be arranged. Permission is also required to be taken to hold even such programs; but for ‘Iftar’ party, total disregard was paid to all rules and regulations.

3. Under the guise of ‘Iftar’, glorification of Islam was done which has enraged students. When they questioned the concerned officer about it, he shouted at them and threatened to not talk about it anywhere. Cell phones of students were confiscated and returned after deleting all pictures taken on this occasion; therefore, students are scared.

4. A Muslim student named Wahid Sheikh had sought permission only to distribute fruits among students. He only organized such program is what is claimed by officers. They are pressurizing students for the same and forcibly taking their signatures on a letter. A question is asked that ‘how can a poor student arrange for distribution of dry fruits, fruits and books on Islam to 1000 studnets?’

5. Assistant Commissioner of Department of Social Welfare said in this connection that permission was given only to distribute fruits in view of national integrity; but he had no knowledge of distribution of books. Was the lecture arranged for students anti-national, is the counter-question asked by Jalil Sheikh and he has refused to answer any other questions.

6.  This senior officer set up a committee of his subordinate officers to inquire into the matter. One of the lady officers has not even completed training; still she has been taken in the committee. It is also asked that how can subordinate officers investigate any matter related to their senior officer ? It is, therefore, felt that inquiry is only a charade. On 7th August, the investigating team was to visit the hostel and instructions were given to students that they can give their opinion about the ‘Iftar’ party; but none of the committee members visited hostel and although it was announced that report would be presented in two days, no such report has been yet presented.

7. When Minister for Social Welfare was contacted over phone in this regard, he said that complaints were received and investigation was going on. He also promised that action will be taken against the guilty within 15 days.

8. When Shiv Sena, MP, Shri. Chandrakant Khaire was asked about the matter, he said that ‘Shivajirao Moghe, Minister for Social Justice would be contacted and demand would be made to take action against officer Jalil Sheikh. It is wrong to distribute books propagating Islam to Hindu students in Government hostel. Shiv Sena’s office bearers will visit the hostel next day.’  

9. Shri. Sunil Ghanavat, the Coordinator of HJS for Maharashtra State said that imparting knowledge of Islam to Hindu students in a Government hostel is wrong. ‘Maharashtra Andha-shraddha Nirmulan Samiti’s Dr. Narendra Dabholkar was also conducting anti-Hindu project in schools with the support of the Government, in the name of creating awareness amongst students towards science. In a way, it is the conspiracy of Government to give anti-Hindu education. The officer Jalil Sheikh should be first suspended and senior officers should conduct inquiry.

10. Few persons are saying that ‘Students’ Islamic Organization of India (SCOI)’ had organized such ‘Iftar’ party for propagation of Islam. ‘Is it associated with the banned terrorist organization SIMI ?’ was the doubt expressed by local residents.   

Hindu students forced to wear Muslim dress and read ‘namaz’ in Madhya Pradesh

All Hindu students from Microvision Academy run by Shri. Anand Prasad at Burhanpur, MP were asked to dress like Muslims on the day of Ramzan Eid. After they went to school wearing Muslim dresses, they were also asked to read ‘namaz’. When Bajarang Dal came to know about it, they lodged a complaint with local Shikarpura police station by taking out a protest march.

Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat

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  1. Swastik Kumar Gangulee says:

    The reporting is alarming. Organizing an Iftar party in a government hostel, lecturing on students on superiority of Islam to other religions and distributing books on Islam to the students are a part of an well oiled conspiracy against the Hindus in India. These activities are obviously planned and deliberate attempts in denigrating the Indian Constitution that upholds secularism to ensure equal treatment of all religions. It is more alarming because the students from backward classes were targeted. Apart from the above, our politicians are inclined to abuse even government machinery in cultivating vote banks. Thus the Hindus are under a three pronged attack from the Islamists, secular intellectuals and the political class. Your posting should make the Hindus aware of the continued assault from the worthies referred to above and garner a strong unity among them. The HJS has already raised a strong voice against the conspiracy, which is good sign for us.

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