Rohingya Muslims- Time for a census


rohingyaWith the Lashkar-e-Tayiba going all out to fight for the cause of Rohingya Muslims, the Indian Home Ministry has decided to conduct a fresh census. Home Ministry officials told that the problem appears to be becoming big and hence as a precautionary measure we will be conducting a census of both Rohingya Muslims and also Bangladeshis settled in India.

There is a huge influx of refugees in the states of Bihar and West Bengal. It has been seen in the past how Bangladesh based militant outfits have joined hands with the Indian Mujahideen and the ULFA and used these refugees for terror activities.

According to the National Investigation Agency, the Bodhgaya blasts was a cursor to show how the issue of Rohingya Muslims was being used by terror outfits. It was more of a warning signal and cannot be taken lightly, an NIA official pointed out.

The Lashkar on the other hand is going all out to use this issue to further this cause. Hafiz Saeed has been vocal about this and he has promised to fight their cause. For the Lashkar the message has to be delivered and taking into consideration the large Buddhist population in India, they may try and use our nation once again, an Intelligence Bureau official told

Over the past two years the number of Rohingya Muslims coming into India has increased considerably. Two years back a large numb in er of them came to Hyderabad. Today refugees are coming in larger numbers and according to reports taking shelter in Muslim dominated areas in the country. Officials say that their religion with the Indian Muslims is the only bond, but the way of life is completely different and hence they do not adjust too well over here. However we want to have an exact data base on them as we suspect some vulnerable persons could be used by terror outfits. In such cases it becomes important to have a data base as in many case of Bangaldesh refugees in the past, the lack of a data base has helped foot soldiers get away.

Two years back according to official data, around 109 Rohingya Muslims had come to Hyderabad. However today statistic reveal that the increasing violence in Myanmar has led to 80000 being rendered homeless. This means that the influx into other countries especially India too is increasing and this has the Indian government worried. During a recent meeting of security officials involving the Home Ministry and the Intelligence Bureau, around 5000 Rohingya Muslims have settled in and around New Delhi. Around 10000 Rohingya Muslims are spread across Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, West Bengal and Uttar Pradesh, officials stated at the meet. Moreover there is also intelligence to show that some middle men from the militant groups are trying to get in touch and assuring them of revenge. Currently there is nothing on record to show that any of these Muslims have gone with these militant groups, but if India is not careful then the issue could spin out of control, an officer said.

According to the IB, the Lashkar would lead the cause but it would be through their cells in Bangladesh. The Bangladesh cells of the Lashkar have already appointed four commanders for this job and these have been tasked with setting up a brand new force to fight this issue. The Lashkar plans on fighting this issue through pseudo outfits which are called either the Jamaat-ul-Arakan and the Rohingya Solidarity Force. Through this force they propose to head hunt for refugees in India and deploy them for war back in Myanmar. The battle would be fought on two fronts. One would be a combat in Myanmar and the other would target Buddhists in various parts of world.

The Lashkar is also in touch with radical Rohingya Muslims who have launched independent operations in Myanmar. The Lashkar has been providing them with logistic support apart from supplying arms and ammunitions for the battle, Intelligence bureau officials also pointed out.

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