Editor’s note, Ahmedabad, 16 July, 2013

Being a Hindu, do you ever need to clarify that you are not anti-Hindu? Or do you ever need to showcase your Hindu credentials, to make a point that you are a Hindu and not anti-Hindu?

But here’s one unique case involving a unique person. Congress politician Shri Digvijay Singh had to post a clarification today on his website that he is not anti-Hindu. Interesting, isn’t it?

But Mr. Singh should ask himself why he is looked largely as anti-Hindu person. Shri Digvijay Singh would blame RSS for such image. But blaming RSS for everything, starting from Mumbai terror attacks(photo above hinting that) to his anti-Hindu image is little or no remedy. Mr. Singh should review the remarks he regularly makes in media. He most of the time looks like a Congress man who has been assigned the job to criticize the RSS and Narendra Modi in worst possible manner, regularly, perhaps to win over the Muslim voters.

Mr. Singh was earlier Congress party’s Uttar Pradesh incharge. And he continuously criticized BJP, Mr. Modi, and some time Hindus with ‘Hindu terror’ remarks harshly, but it just didn’t work in terms of political gains. Muslims voted for Samajwadi Party, and not Congress.

Now he has been shifted to look after the party affairs in Andhra Pradesh, and his 140 characters long tweets and little longer TV bytes are continuing in same manner.

Beyond blaming the RSS, Mr. Singh seriously needs to introspect and self-search why in a unique move he needs to raise the question whether he is anti-Hindu or not! Perhaps because the Muslims votes are not gained, and large section of Hindus have started looking at him as anti-Hindu! ‘Na ghar ke na ghat ke’ situation?ujrat.com



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