narendra_modiWith development politics and equal treatment, Modiji has become so popular to all Hindus that they are unequivocally voting for Modiji, seems like a vote bank which is binding congress to field less Muslim candidate this year! Remember, this year congress fielded only 7 Muslim candidates compared to last previous elections which went up to 17 Muslim candidates while BJP fielded none as BJP and Congress both have understood very well that Hindu vote bank can now outnumber Muslim vote bank, if they field Muslim candidate!

Hindus, learn from Gujarat, congress will be bound to stop Muslim appeasement and it may turn into Hindus favor if Hindus are maximum voting to outnumber Muslim vote bank!

If rest of India, Hindus go Gujarat way, it is not so far that , in next every election, congress will minimize their Muslim candidate which will diminish Muslim political importance what is on rising now and a worrying factor of Hindus!

Awake rest of Hindus, go Gujarat way! Nobody will be able to stop you!!!


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