Muslim attacked upon Hindus in Meerut to stop temple loud speaker in Ramadan time. 2 Hindus dead, 12 injured.

Posted by hinduexistence on July 28, 2013

Upananda Brahmachari | Meerut | 28 July 2013:: The extreme peace loving Muslims with devilish nature attacked upon a Hindu village and Shiva temple on Friday (28 July 2013), in Nanglamal (Meerut, Uttar Pradesh, India) village to stop the temple loud speaker in the month of Ramadan which is meant for ‘fasting’ and ‘maintain peace’ as per false Islamic propaganda.

Two Hindu people, including a woman, were killed and a dozen injured in clashes between Hindus and Muslims in Nanglamal village area in Meerut, police said on Saturday.

The incident went grim when members of two communities had a verbal tiff over blaring loudspeakers at the temple and a nearby mosque. Then clashes erupted after Muslim  community objected to the playing of hymns at a temple at the time of Aarti of Lord Shiva, switched off the loudspeaker and started beating up Hindus present in the temple and nearby areas.

Things got out of hand when Muslims damaged the loudspeaker of the temple. This led to the clash, during which bullets were fired, forcing the police to lathicharge the mobs twice.

One Sunil (Hindu male) died of bullet injury while another person was hospitalized. Twelve others sustained injuries in the clash. A woman, Suman (Hindu female), died of heart attack after she saw her son get wounded in the clash. Suman was trying then to rescue her son from the riot gripped area.

Police resorted to a baton charge to control the mob. A police officer has been suspended and a hunt is on to nab the rioters.

Nanglamal Riot. Two Hindus killed._115239166_n

Post Attack scene near Temple. Inset: Dead Sunil & Suman. Courtesy: Jagran.

But, on Friday, some Muslim youths came all on a sudden to the temple and started demeaning the Hindu people and wanted permanent ban of the loud speaker of the temple for the facility of a nearby Mosque.

Though Nanglamal area (famous for its sugar mills) has mixed population with a slight majority of Hindu populace, the Muslim people there always try to harm the Hindu people with the strength of communal elements centralized in Meerut and Lucknow.

The main stream media suppressed this news and think a day when Hindus and non-Muslims will be compelled to stop their all festivals or functions and using loudspeakers, organizing processions or melas (fairs), only due to the objections from the communal Muslims.

The Akhilesh Yadav Govt. in Uttar Pradesh, which is very much pro active to give aids-assistance-compensation to the Muslims, even to the accused and penalized Jehadi elements, have not declared any compensation to the demised persons or the riot victims.

District Magistrate Navdeep Rinwa said the National Security Act would be slapped on people who started the clashes. Police have been deployed in large numbers to prevent any further clashes.

In-charge of the Mundali police station Wasim Khan was suspended by SSP Deepak Kumar for his inability to contain the crowd. As a precautionary measure, personnel of the Rapid Action and PAC have been deployed at areas which have a mixed population in the city. “The situation is under control but we are not taking any chances,” said SSP Deepak Kumar.

The area is still tensed all over and the communal Muslims are obviously finding another clue to attack non-Muslims in the holy month or Ramadan. Hindus and other non-Muslims must keep on safe side and alert to avoid any provocations from other side in this Ramadan and resist the menace of Islam with all efforts unitedly and globally.

Courtesy: IANS | Jagran.

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  1. thineswaran says:

    Another good reason 2 make Narendra modi the PM.

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