“For no other country in the world from east to west, faces the agony that the Hindus in India have to face. They are the injured party; but they are crucified by the secularists—most of them themselves Hindus—at every stage. No country in the world has been so ravaged and raped by outside forces as India has been down the centuries: Not Japan, not China, not Russia, none of the European countries, neither the Arab nations and certainly not the United States of America. Krishnadevaraya of the Vijayanagar Empire did not send his forces to Portugal to tear down churches, use force to convert Christians to Hinduism and indulge in religious terrorism. Prithviraj Chauhan did not invade Afghanistan nor Central Asia and raise temples. ’

“No Chola, Chera or Pandya ruler sent a fleet to Saudi Arabia to tear down the Ka’aba and build a temple to Meenakshi on its ruins or even next to it to demonstrate Hindu might. India and Hinduism have been ravaged beyond belief. Hindu missionaries did not accompany a conquering horde to Britain and under their benign rule set to convert Scottish peasants to Hinduism—or even Buddhism.”


According to author Ram Gopal ” A band of dacoits may loot a full busload of passengers at gunpoint but that does not make the dacoits more intelligent, cultured or superior beings.”


(source: Help us bear the burden of secularism – By M. V. Kamnath – Watch The Crescent and the Cross

Refer to Misinterpretation of the Gita by Dr. Zakir Naik – By Dr. Alok K. Bohara.

“Let us face it: for almost a millennium, India has been ruled in different parts of the country, but in one continuous stream, by Islamic conquerors and their successors, which has caused a deep psychological scab in the Hindu psyche that starts bleeding at the slightest provocation.

Our liberal secularists have always failed to understand that. Primarily they refuse to face up to the past, which only worsens matters. To seem to be secular, the Hindu liberal needs to stand by Muslim kings and Nawabs, like Romilla Thapar being apologetic about the destruction of Somnath Temple by Ghazni Mohammad. It is a mind-set that is hard to understand.”

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