Secularism in India smells of hypocrisy, cowardice, an attitude of holier-than-thou and a singular ignorance of history unparalleled in the annals of our sorry times. 

There were no secularists around when Ghazni invaded India 13 times, smashed the lingam in the Somnath Temple and took the pieces to be scattered in front of a masjid in his hometown for his kinsmen to merrily trample over.

Nor were there any secularists living when, during the long Islamic reign in India, 3,000 temples were demolished. It was considered part of medieval behaviour and so to be taken in one’s stride.

If not Babar it was his general who destroyed a temple in Ayodhya, and despite the hysterical denials of our demented historians, a temple did exist where the Babri masjid once stood and there are enough records — and architectural evidence — to prove the fact. Only the determinedly blind will refuse to accept the testimony of writers like Mirza Jan (1856), Mohammad Asghar (1858), Mirza Rajah Ali Beg Sarur (1787-1867) and Sheikh Md Azmat Ali (1869) who have had no reason to tell a lie.

(source: Secularists be warned – By M V Kamath – Hindustan Times). Watch History of Ayodhya – Refer to My People, Uprooted: “A Saga of the Hindus of Eastern Bengal”  – By Tathagata Roy

Our secularists are only fooling themselves if they believe that all the sinners belong to the parivar. The damage unwittingly being done to the Hindu psyche by the so-called secularists needs to be understood. It has so far gone unchallenged. The majority of the Hindus feels assaulted from all sides. The silent Hindu Majority is quivering with anger at the writings of some of our English national dailies and some of the television channels.

A foreign writer, Koenraad Elst has described this tendency among Hindus in India as ‘negationism’. The Hindus revel in self-flagellation. It results in two developments: One, it encourages Muslims to extremism and unwillingness to compromise and two, it further deepens Hindu resentment against Muslims. We know with what disastrous consequences. It is very noble on the part of educated Hindus to take on all the blame for any rioting on themselves. But these educated Hindus rightly described as the chatterati totally divorced from reality – do something truly sinister they look down on those less fortunate than themselves attacking their religiosity in ways ‘totally unbecoming. Here is an instance of action and reaction: the more the chatterati look down on the hurt feelings of those who strongly believe in their religion’ and their gods, the greater is the reaction of the latter and the vicious cycle steadily gets enlarged until emotions explode in unmitigated fury. The truth is that all these years the Congress and the English speaking chatterati – have refused to acknowledge that such a thing as minority communalism exists; it is easier to blame the Sangh Parivar than to do something to counter it.

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  1. Swastik Kumar Gangulee says:

    You could have added, there had been no “secularists” in 1857 when the Sepoy Mutiny shook the foundations of the British pride and empire. Neither there were any, when the youth of India took whatever arms they could collect and rushed to join armed freedom struggle against the Empire and laid down their lives in thousands. There were no “secularists” in Jallianwala Bagh massacre. There were never a secularist who sang ‘Vande Mataram” with the rest of India! But, it were the secularists who shouted from roof tops – “Ye Azadi jhuta hai”! There is not a thing, an Indian is proud of, which the worthy secularists do not deride and are not contemptuous of, except of course a seat of power and its benefits! At the top of all, they redefined the very word “secularism” in the way it suited them in their narrow political games. The secularists should at be kind enough to realize that the Indians had always been so tolerant to them. In the present conditions, I think, we should leave an important question to the scientists to decide. To which species our honourable secularists do belong! Vande Mataram.

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