THE SUPER IDIOTS AND SHAMELESS HINDUS:(PART THREE)-WAKE UP ! O !! DUMB HINDU !!! जाग उठ ऐ बेखबर, गफ़लत से नादान हिन्दू, तेरा लुटने को है कारवाँ , तेरा मिटने को है नामों निशां !-By VENKTESH

जाग उठ ऐ बेखबर, गफ़लत से  नादान  हिन्दू
तेरा लुटने को है कारवाँ ,
तेरा मिटने को है नामों निशां !




On many TV channels(LifeOk, Colors, DD-1, etc), music and dance reality shows are organized, in which teenager boys and girls participate in pairs and demonstrate their dance and singing skills. It is highly painful that all the girls are Hindus, but there are so many Muslim boys as participants who pair up with Hindu girls. Actually this type of shows spread immorality in Hindu society as girls and boys embrace each other in most sexy and exciting manner and so called panel of judges praise their actions and give them marks/points and after several rounds, winners are declared who are given huge prizes in lakhs of rupees plus much appreciation.
Why Muslim boys are allowed to pair up with Hindu girls? A Muslim boy embraces and molests (during the dance) an unmarried Hindu girl (dance partner) in presence of thousands of Hindu audiences and judges, but in stead of feeling shame and anger, the super idiot Hindus enjoy their sisters and daughters, i.e. Hindu girls being molested by Muslims. Crores (millions) of Hindus see such programs on TV screen, but no one bothers. Muslim girls are reserved only for Muslims. No one can see them, touch them as they are strictly under burka, hijab, etc. But, greedy Muslim boys always have tempting eyes on Hindu girls and due to foolishness and shamelessness of Hindus, they are able to enjoy with Hindu girls in the presence of millions of Hindus. Would Muslims allow Hindu guys to enjoy with their sisters/daughters in this way–never-never and never. But, Hindus are shameless and super idiots–they allow Muslims to use the Hindu girls.

Similarly, in so many TV serials, Muslim actors works with Hindu actresses. Fool Hindus watch this on their TVs and shamelessly enjoy all this nonsense. Hindu actresses and teenager Hindu girls working with Muslim partners/actors gradually develop love and sex relationship with that Muslim and insist on marrying with them. The super idiot Hindu parents and other Hindu intellectuals, media, politicians, judiciary, etc allow this under the idiotic slogan of social harmony, unity, secularism etc. Why don’t Muslim girls pair up with Hindu boys. Please ignore the exceptional cases. If you collect the statistics, then out of one thousand cases of inter religious pairing up or marriages, in 999 cases, the girl will be a Hindu( includes Sikh, Jain, Buddhists too) and the boy will be a Muslim. Hardly in one out of 1000 cases, the girl may be a Muslim and the boy may be a Hindu. In this exceptional case too, the Hindu boy becomes an admirer of Muslims and Islam due to his Muslim girl-friend. But, no Muslim guy becomes the admirer of Hinduism despite his Hindu girl-friend/wife/dance-drama-partner.

Similarly, Muslim boys join the Garba dance in Gujarat, Janmashtami festival in Maharashtra, etc where they pair up with Hindu girls and are able to entice them to their love/sex trap. In Ramnavmi processions, Hindus allow Muslim guys to demonstrate their skills with swords, etc and clap on their performance saying that this is social harmony. But, would Muslims allow Hindu guys to demonstrate their warrior skills in their Tazia festivals and clap/appreciate for the Hindu performer–never, never, never because Muslims praise only Muslims. This is all due to our super idiot religious leaders who always keep saying that all religions are same path to spiritualism and religion has no relationship with terrorism. These idiot Swami, MataJi keep saying that love all–love all–even the super-selfish, super-Satan, and super-cunning Muslims.

Islam is a terrorist religion and different from other religion. It is political agenda of the gang of Muslims to dominate over non-Muslims and enjoy with the sisters, daughters and other resources of non-Muslims.

So, I urge the Hindus (Sikhs, Buddhists, Jain, Indian Christians)  to please start keeping distance with any Muslim who have converted from Hinduism) from now onwards. However, we must be wise enough not to express our hate for Muslims directly. But, we must always protest strongly when any public office, road, building etc is named after any Muslim, when any Hindu girl, actress etc is paired-up with a Muslim guy, or any Hindu parent is allowing his/her daughter to marry with any Muslim regardless of the merit and wealth of the Muslim guy or when any Muslim is being given any high authority or position in any Govt or private office. I don’t say that we should start fighting with Muslims or attacking on them, but simply say that don’t give them rights, resources, authority, importance and respect. We are living in a democratic system, hence we are forced to give Muslims some rights. But, we must give them as minimum as possible just to avoid any direct conflict, riot, legal problem, etc. We must strongly reject the idiotic and self suicidal idea of Hindu-Muslim unity, social harmony, secularism, etc as it benefits only Muslims at our costs and it would lead us to slavery under Muslims in the near future. We must become the one who hates Muslims secretly. We must follow the policy of intolerance towards Muslims with a hidden and long term agenda to free India from Muslims.

मेरे सीने में नहीं तो तेरे सीने में सही
हो कहीं भी आग, लेकिन आग जलनी चाहिए।

To do the above successfully, Hindus must get rid of its social evils like caste system, dowry system, delayed justice, uncontrolled corruption, female foeticide, human sacrifice, killing or torturing ladies by declaring her Dayan(witch), greedy and superstitious nature to worship anything as god, alcoholism, gambling, lottery system, nudity, live-in-relationship, sex-before marriage, extramarital sex/love relationship, late-marriage, blindly following western culture, being insensitive to the sufferings of others, hesitation in awarding severe punishments to rapists, kidnappers, gangsters, murderers, acid-attackers, one-sided lovers who attack or kill girls, dacoits, robbers, smugglers, fake-currency mafias, contract-killers, prostitution rackets, corrupt persons, other criminal and evil-doers, etc.

We must strongly support inter-caste marriages to promote unity among Hindus. In a casteless Hindu society, Hindu votes won’t be divided on caste basis and good politicians would be elected. They need not bother much about Muslim votes as good leaders can win by majority Hindu votes. But this is possible only when Hindus become casteless by means of inter-caste marriages. But, such marriages must be with the consent of parents. Eloping of girls with their boy-friends and marrying against the will of parents is unethical, unsocial, immoral and satanic. How can you avoid your parents for your boy-friend or girl friend–it is complete indiscipline and chaos. Parents should be counseled for giving their consent for inter-caste marriage. If you cannot convince them, don’t marry against their will or don’t suicide. Have courage and patience to face the odd situation as good days would come again. Hindus should be educated about the benefits of inter-caste marriages and also be warned against the evil consequences of divided Hindus. Hindu religious leaders can do this easily as their millions of followers blindly follow them. But, unfortunately Hindu religious leaders are too selfish, greedy, idiot, coward, etc. They can lick the feet of Muslims, but cannot educate Hindus for inter-caste marriages. These selfish Swami, MataJi want Hindus to remain divided and be always defeated by Muslims.

But please note that, we must strongly oppose inter-religion marriages as it is self-suicidal. While the inter-caste marriage would give us strength, remove caste based corruption, caste based politics, etc, the inter-religion marriage would destroy the Hindu society.

Increasing suicide cases among Hindus is also a matter of big concern. It is highly painful, pathetic and unfortunate that millions of Hindus commit suicide every year and this trend is increasing day by day, that means Hindus are becoming mentally weaker and weaker. It reduces the Hindu population, destroys the family peace and happiness and makes people coward, impatient, etc. Hindus are losing the fighting spirit and struggle against the odds of the life. Something must be done on large scale to reduce the suicide cases to zero level.

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5 Responses to THE SUPER IDIOTS AND SHAMELESS HINDUS:(PART THREE)-WAKE UP ! O !! DUMB HINDU !!! जाग उठ ऐ बेखबर, गफ़लत से नादान हिन्दू, तेरा लुटने को है कारवाँ , तेरा मिटने को है नामों निशां !-By VENKTESH

  1. ert says:

    Hindus are fools because they do not know what their scriptures and traditions were .All these were reinterpreted falsely as per western standards.Hindu fathers ,husbands and sons have lost all of their legal rights and respect they deserve from their daughter.,wife and women folks.

  2. Muslim by Nature says:

    Lol hahaha all im seeing here is Rage… Why you mad brah??? Islam is the truth… You got some super dumb words up there any way lemme give you a Advice Mr.wanna be Modi….In the Name of God… I call You to The Religion of Peace n Truth “ISLAM”…. all The other Religion are man made n already Expired!!!… Accept “Allah” as the One n Only God and Muhammad(pbuh) as his Slave and Messenger…. Think and Accept it… Or else you will Suffer alot in yer Grave n in the Here-after….. Salaam(peace upon you),,,,, 🙂

  3. Roshan says:

    Subhan Allah!!!… Worried of Muslim actors Molesting Hindu Girls on screen???? Who said any of those actors are Muslims… Just a name Khan or Ali does not make a person Muslim. Those men are equally guilty as those women who are shameless and nude on the screen for the world to watch.

    Ask your women to guard their modesty before calling any MAN guilty of misbehaving.

  4. Prince says:

    Who said there are no Muslim actresses- d shameless Nargis Fhakri, a Bengali actess called Nushrat Jahan, Nargis-Sunil dutt’s wife…….whoever have written this is a Dumb and looser guy….a Hindu guy who might have a crush on a girl and that girl might have paired with a Muslim guy Infront of him,and from that a inner hatred and jealousy had developed inside him against him….LOOSER….think big Ok….there are many many girls,women who fantasized Salman khan,John Abraham in bed and there are also many Muslim girls who fantasized Hrithik,Ranveer Singh in bed….Its ur problem that you did’t get any girl,neither of other religion nor of your own religion….LOOSER

  5. umang vyas says:

    To the small headed and frog of well with stupid beard.. If you are comparing Islam and stating that it is the best religon, I should open your eyes and inform you that the Hinduism started 10000 years B.C. and unfortunately ur Allah was not born that time as ur religion (islam) started 200 years A.D.. Which is later Christianity… Ur Mohammad did not do anything apart from copying the contents of Hinduism and Christianity plus adding his own beliefs and make Quran out of it. Pity on u ppl to follow it and make your women go through hell.

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