अपना सिक्का ही खोटा है! 

The worship of Sai baba is actually the thousand year old chronic disease (weakness) of Hindus to do Muslim puja. Hindus feel pain in their belly until they do Muslim puja in some way. Offering “chaadar” at dargaah of Muslims at Ajmer sharif and similar other dargaahs by millions of Hindus is similar to Sai baba worship.


Majority (99.9999%) of highly educated and rich Hindus suffer from this chronic disease of Muslim puja. Less educated and poor Hindus are unable to judge what is right and what is wrong. Hence they simply do what they see intellectual and richer Hindus doing.


Three Hindu IPS officers DIG D.G. Banjara and R.K. Pandiyan (both Gujarat cadre IPS officers) and MN (Rajasthan cadre IPS officer) and few police inspectors have been in jail on charges of fake encounter of the gangster and terrorist Sohrabuddin. Hindus take it easily as they always feel pleasure in licking the feet of Muslims. Days are not far when Muslims would take the control of the administration of India. But Hindus are prepared to remain under the governance of Muslims. They have been ruled by Arab Muslims for nearly one thousand years, but they don’t have any shame or regret. Most Hindu intellectuals keep praising the Muslim rulers. In the text books of school, colleges and universities, Muslim rulers are not projected as cruel killers and tyrants. They are rather praised. Muslims don’t follow birth control, thousands of Bangladeshi enters India every day, Thousands of Hindu girls marry Muslims to produce Muslim children –but intellectual Hindus don’t bother at all. In 715 AD, before the first attack of Arabs on India there were zero Muslims in India. But they ruled India for one thousand years, married Hindu ladies in masses and produced millions of Muslims, many Hindus got converted to Muslims either to avoid the torture at the hands of Muslims or to gain privileges as a Muslim. Thus Muslims were able to permanently capture one part of India as a Islamic land in the form of Pakistan and Bangladesh. Super idiot Hindus allowed the huge number of Muslims to stay in India even after they were given Pakistan.

At the time of partition Muslims were about 12% of the total population of India. Now they have increased to nearly 30% of India population. Thus Muslims are rapidly increasing, but Hindus (includes Sikh, Jain, Buddhists, etc) are shrinking. But Hindu intellectuals are just happy with their idiotic secularism, Hindu-Muslim unity, etc.

I strongly oppose Hindu-Muslim unity as it gives advantage to Muslims at the cost of Hindus. It increases the strength of Muslims. Under the nonsense concept of Hindu Muslim unity, harmony, etc, Muslim boys get access to Hindu festivals functions etc where they are able to trap Hindu girls. marriage of Hindu girls with Muslims is a big loss to Hindus as not only that girl goes to Muslim camp, but also their children become Muslims who would otherwise become Hindus if the girl had married to a Hindu boy. But, Hindu intellectuals, religious leaders are all super idiots who give direct or indirect approval to such marriages. Why Hindus praise any Muslim when it is proven fact that all the Muslims including the so called educated, moderate, modern and gentle Muslims, strictly support the following anti social rules:
(1) Muslims should not do birth control and increase Muslim population as much as possible especially in a country that is ruled by non-Muslims so as to dominate over the non-Muslims by the power of large population.
(2) Any one who criticizes Islam, kuran, sharia, Muhammad, etc must be killed as soon as possible. Some Muslims would kill, but other so called moderate ones would cover the killing and keep telling the lie that Islam doesn’t allow such killing.
Thus Islam imposes complete ban over freedom of expression and every Muslim support this including the moderates like ex-president Dr Abul Klam Azad, Wipros CEO Azim PremJi, Indian Express editor M. J. Akbar, BJP MP Shahnawaj Hussen, Shahrukh Khan, Aamir Khan, Shabana Azmi, etc etc. So, all Muslims are same satanic minded terrorists.
(3) Muslim men can marry up to four ladies at a time without requiring any consent from the previous wives and divorce any of the wives any time (just by uttering triple talaq) without explaining any reason and bothering to give livelihood to the divorced wife.
(4) Muslims should use lie, deception, deceit, etc to promote Islam and to bring the whole world under Islamic rule.

The above explains that every Muslim is a Satan and terrorist, and Hindu-Muslim unity is just unity with a Satan. Hindu population is shrinking due to Hindus having just one or two child policy, female foeticide, Hindu girls marrying with Muslims, etc. But, Hindu Intellectuals are not bothered at all.

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  1. PL Bajaj says:

    We have to stand up and be counted.

  2. Swastik Kumar Gangulee says:

    At the root of inability of the Hindus to assert themselves as Hindus in India is not just idiocy, but total lack of self respect and sense of dignity as a people in its own right. Long periods of servitude to invading foreigners and loyalty to our corrupt political leaders put us in a habit of forgetting our own identity as well as our duties. “Patriotism must be founded on great principles and supported by great virtue.” We must reorganize ourselves in a way enabling us to regain the great principles and our identity our Dharma implanted in us and rely on the great virtue it imparts.

  3. raj says:

    Dear Venktash,
    You have spoken my mind. Our educational system lacks religious and national spirits, most inteluctual class come from school run by christian missionary encourged by the government in the name of secularism. It has made us helpless. The sooner Nehru/Gandhi ideology is wiped out, better it will be for hindu society.

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