Hindus are bunch of shameless idiots; hence they worship a cunning Muslim like sai baba as God. Hindus are so shameless that they don’t feel shame that Muslims ruled over them, tortured and badly humiliated them for nearly one thousand years. Only few thousands Arab attackers came to India and they started ruling over crores (millions) of Hindus. Coward Hindu kings, landlords, Pandits, farmers, businessmen, all surrendered to handful number of Muslim attackers. To save their lives, they cowardly and shamelessly offered their sisters & daughters to those Muslim butchers.

Marriage of Jodhabai with Akbar is a highly humiliating episode in the history of Hindus–but instead of feeling humiliation, majority of Hindus appear to celebrate that cowardice episode. The film Jodha Akbar was made by Hindu producer, director, actor, actress, etc to portray Akbar as a great person. No Muslim forced them to make this film. This humiliating film was watched by millions of Hindus without any feel of shame. There is news that the idiot Ekta Kapoor of BalaJi Tele films is now going to telecast a mega serial named Jodha Akbar on Zee TV to portray Akbar further great. Again this serial will be watched by millions of Hindus without any feel of shame. The DNA of the Hindus is corrupted with foolishness, shamelessness and cowardice.

After watching such films and serials, Hindus consider Muslims great. They don’t hesitate in praising Muslims and marrying their sisters, daughters, etc with Muslims. Thousands of such Hindu (includes all religions of Indian origin such as Sikhism, Buddhism, Jain, etc) girls marry with Muslims every year and their children become 100% hardcore Muslims who would contribute to Islamic jihad and become the enemy of Hindus and entire mankind. But, no Hindu intellectual or religious leader has wisdom and courage to speak against this shamelessness and foolishness. Most Hindu religious SwamiJi, MataJi, Shankarcharya, etc themselves keep praising Islam and Muslims in the name of secularism, social harmony etc. They are all idiots.


                                                                    Pandit Shri Ram Sharma

Pandit Shri Ram Sharma of Haridwar has written a book in Hindi titled “Das Mahaan Muslim” meaning “Ten great Muslims”. Saying Muslims as great shows that Pandit Shri Ram Sharma was an idiot. Every Muslim follows the satanic verses of Koran, Hadeeth, Sharia, etc and he/she is a follower of the killer, rapist, looter Muhammad. So, how can any Muslim be called great regardless of his/her other merit? Most Hindus (99.999%) are idiots like Pandit Shri Ram Sharma. I have heard that Swami Satyanand, the founder of the Bihar School of Yoga, Munger(Bihar) and author of the famous book “Asan Pranayam, Mudra Bandh” who was a disciple of Swami Shivanand of Rishikesh (Shivanand Ashram, Divine Life Society) also used to show huge respect for Islam. One of my friends told me that he heard the swamis of Shivanand Ashram to chant mantras in the name of Allah too. This is utter foolishness.%20%28Lance%20Naik%20Hemraj%20Singh%20was%20beheaded%20on%20January%208%2C%202013%20by%20Pakistanis%20on%20the%20Indian%20side%20of%20LoC.%29


Pakistan has attacked India four times and done terrorist acts inside India thousands of times. But, still Hindus sing the song of Aman Ki Asha with Pak.

Not even one month passed since two Indian soldiers were beheaded brutally by Pakistani army, when Pak PM visited Ajmer Sharif with forty other Pakistanis. Indian govt gave them red carpet welcome and Hindus didn’t object at all except symbolic protest by handful of Hindus of Ajmer only.

 On 14th August, why Indian Army officer go to in the camp of Pakistani army and congratulate them of Pakistan’s Independence day, Not only this, Indian soldiers feed sweets to Pakistani soldiers and embrace them calling them brothers –this is shows how idiots are the officers of Indian Army. How they forget that Pakistan keeps violating ceasefire every now and then and many Indian soldiers are killed in cross firing, many are killed in defending the border from the Pakistanis infiltrators, still Indian Army officers embrace Pakistani and feed them sweets.

R-Day: India, Pak armies exchange sweets

Indian soldiers presenting sweets to Pakistani soldiers and embrace them calling them brothers

Millions of Hindus are fans of Muslims actors, singers, cricketers, but hardly you would find a Muslim who is a fan of Hindu actor, singer, cricket, etc. In any Muslim country, can a Hindu rise to the level to which Muslim actors, cricketers have risen in India–Would a Hindu be respected in any Muslim country to the level Sharukh khan, Aamir, Jaheer khan, etc being respected by Hindus.


When our idiot PM Manmohan invited Pak PM to watch the cricket world cup semi final at Mohali few years back, then no Hindu objected as why Pak PM is being given so much respect. On the contrary, Hindus and Sikhs whole heatedly welcomed the thousands of Pakistanis who came to watch the cricket match at Mohali. Hindus & Sikhs offered their own match tickets to Pakistanis who could not get ticket and also sheltered them in their houses—This shows that Hindus (includes Sikh, Jain, Buddhists, too) are super idiots.

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    Ur absolutely correct.Muslims targeting young mass.they are following the salmon khan style,shahrukh khan style.they are making money,fame and they propagating their religion and culture without any obstruction,opposition.we are all fools.
    what the solution?
    as my knowledge is concern,I suggest all politicians please realize the ground realities,stop their (Muslims) ill intentions.
    make a legislation in Parliament to abolish the right to vote(of all Muslims),I think 80% of problem will automatically solved,
    2ndly make law to ban their sharia law.they have obey Indian law.
    ………………………………..I have many more thing to say.I will write it later.

    • radiomen says:

      you are correct.muslim kings ruled india many years without any obgection? do you think why? because there is a no religion called HINDHUISAM in ancient-medival india.the name HINDHUISAM given by british rulers for classifying the peoples on the basis of culture.

      The word HINDUSTAN means the people living near INDUS RIVER.not means the land of hindus.

  2. Venktesh says:

    Mr Rath, please try to be practical. At present, it is not possible in India to make a legislation to abolish the right to vote for Muslims. Banning sharia laws is also not an easy task due to strong support to it by millions of secularist Hindus. We should try to find a working solution under the present democratic system of India. I am proposing some workable measures that we can take at present.

    (1) We should try to educate Hindus against the evil nature of Muslims and their religion. This type of blog (that you are reading now) is read by hardly few hundreds people. We should somehow propagate the education to common masses, that is, to crores of Hindus. Problem is that in mainstream print and electronic media any matter against Muslims or Islam would be banned immediately by the Govt and secularists. Presence of Muslims and super idiot secularists in India has created a terror situation in common people, media, and Govt everywhere. Our rights and freedom of expression have been banned by our own Govt and secularist Hindus just to please the Muslims.

    (2) Caste system is the inherent problem and the root cause of most of the evils of the Hindu society. Majority of Hindu people are caste biased. They do favor to own caste people and disfavor to certain castes people. Corrupt people are defended by the powerful people of their own castes and some allied castes. Weaker caste Hindus feel (rightly or wrongly) being discriminated and marginalized by so called upper caste people on caste basis–and they have developed wrong notion that Muslims are better than upper caste Hindus. Even if they have been given reservation in Govt jobs and parliament, many of them keep converting either to Islam or to Christianity from time to time. This has been reducing and weakening Hindus. Hindu votes are divided on caste basis and hence all politicians blindly follow the policy of Muslim appeasement in order to get Muslim votes.
    Due to caste system, other religion people cannot convert to Hinduism. All Hindus are only by birth. This has restricted the increase in Hindu population. Otherwise there are many Christians and even few Muslims who would happily convert to Hinduism. Since every Hindu must belong to certain caste, anyone embracing Hinduism must be assigned a caste which is practically impossible. So, Hindus can let its own people to convert to other religion, but cannot allow other religion people to convert to Hinduism.

    Problem is that all the religious leaders and powerful Hindus support caste system either openly or secretly–this is the root cause of the destruction of Hindus. We are so idiots that we can lick the feet of Muslims, be tyrannized and humiliated by them for ever, but cannot seek bride/groom for our family members outside own caste. Kashmiri Pandits tyrannized, humiliated and driven out from their homelands about 23 years back, don’t have guts to fight with Muslims and recover their rights, but they are so idiots that they love caste system too much—Most of weaker caste Hindus don’t feel sympathy for these Kashmiri Pandits due to caste system. These Kashmiri Pandits have further foolish misconception that not all Muslims are bad–only some are bad. The reality is that each and every Muslim on this earth is a bad person. Whoever would become a Muslim either by birth or by conversion would become an evil person due to following the satanic teachings of kuran, sharia, Muhammad, etc.

    Therefore, there is an urgent need to unite Hindus by elimination of caste system which is possible only by large scale inter-caste marriages in which parents must participate. Parents must be counseled for inter-caste marriages and bad consequences of the caste system.

    (3) At personal level, we must boycott Muslims as much as possible, but avoiding any direct conflict, fight, riot, etc. We must not buy any item from a Muslim shop. we try our best not take service from Muslims either at home, market or office. We must discourage, or try to prevent the Hindus who go to Muslim countries for earning. Those who work in Muslim countries or work under a Muslim employer in India, become indebted to Muslims and don’t have courage and willpower to stand against Muslims. Such people become admirer of their Muslim master which is a very dangerous trend. We must avoid interaction or friendship with Muslims as much as practicable. Hindu girls must be brainwashed fully against Muslims and be educated to keep distance with Muslim guys. we should not allow our family members to watch any movie or serial or any such video or program in which Muslims are in lead roles. We must change the channel of TV if there is any program or news which appreciates or praises any Muslim. If it comes to our knowledge that any Hindu girl is to be married with a Muslim, we must strongly and openly protest this marriage without any hesitation, fear, etc. We should counsel the the girl, her parents and relatives about the evil consequences of such marriages and try our best to stop such marriages. If the girl and her parents don’t listen and they make matrimonial relationship with Muslims, then we should completely boycott such girl and her family for ever.

  3. radiomen says:

    You cant stop islam/muslims without proper guidance.please learn about islam like a muslim.and try to diffrentiate the benfits of hinduisam from islam. god bless u..

    • supriyo acharya says:

      hindustan is the land of hinduism,not given name by british ok.. Hindustan the place for vedic knowledge, krishna n ram leela..india the motherland of hindus the original name vedic sanatan dharma,the oldest religion. . . get this not ur islam

  4. Prince says:

    You idiots continue to gossip and criticize on net….Loosers, if U have problems of Hindu girls-Muslim guys relations why did’t you do the same….or U are very less-confidence that Muslim girls will not pay any attention towards you…..i am telling about myself,I am a Model,have 3 girl-friends,two Hindu and one christian, and i love having relationships with them,i have few Hindu good-looking friends also who have Muslim girl-friends, only loosers like you having idiotic dreams argue about these… i am asking you a question,why U stupid guys always blame Pakistan based on religion….Pakistan is not the only core Islam country,what about Iraq,Iran,Afganistan,Dubaai,Arab etc….where hardcore Hindu country,only Nepal…..India may be a Hindu country by birth,but by population Muslims are in larger amount,more than Pakistan….so you cannot call it a core Hindu country at all,and by chance if your dream comes True someday in the future….as you wish all the Muslims left India just imagine how lesser the count of population of India will be,after that Pakistan,stronger than before combined of all the other Muslim countries if attack India…..IMAGINE…..foolish guys….muslim persons in all sectors in India….are making India proud,whether Shahrukh khan in Movies,Yusuf pathan in Cricket, Abdul kalam in politics….and you guys telling that they are rulling India, whether the prime minister or president is still Hindu….what U want more? Do you want the Muslims of India to live in a very low-manner, U can’t tolarete these facts that Muslims are becoming educated,becoming successful, U have Paap in you….and U criticize Muslims, yes you can blame Pakistan,but what Indian Muslims have done to you….? People like you are the result of some innocent Muslims to pair up with Pakistan and become animals,after that they will behead a innocent Hindu,and you guys will again criticize… know one thing, you are loosers….and if you want to really want to hurt us…start impressing and fucking Muslim girls as you claim we do….but I am sure atleast you guys can’t do that….because you are LOOSERS…..

  5. pradeep says:

    Mr venkatesh , you are living in 1700 Ad .Now awake . Know your ability to turn the world according to your will. You have become very strong . Indeed. Beleive me. Together we shall make Bharat the strongest country in the world. A country where you WILL like to be called HINDU.

  6. krishna says:

    fight with pakistan or we as a hindu start terrorism like them in pakistan, then what will happen complete breakdown of our economy and peace. only try to friend them like calling them in cricket match, high level meeting, match in pakistan etc, what will be the ultimate benefits is friendly and high level diplomatic approach. we cant kill them, but friendship is more wiser than fighting with them. yes we need to give them a sweet etc anger never solve a problem it will again a global war. hindus are not idiots they are try to create a peaceful environment. hindus are not cowards, they know when to fight. a proverb in tamil, “muratu thulukan” hot temper muslims is the meaning, hindus have sense and logic mind how to control everything but muslims are having first priority of madness like hot tempered rather logic. so let it be we cant change them, but avoid them and live peacefully.

  7. Dan says:

    First. you gain some knowledge regarding islam.

    Brothers -Dudes. Grow up . Get a life, hatred is all what you got.

    Better you first understand Islam and then criticize.

    And if you don’t then.

    Adios assoles..

  8. gaurang shah says:

    this is. the. reality
    hindus. are lives. in. illusions and delusiond

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