India, a Hindu State

“You contend further on that our country and our state cannot be called Hindusthan and a Hindu State as some non-Hindu minorities too are citizens thereof. But how is it that inspite of the presence of Hindu, Christians, Parsees and other non Muslim minorities in its territory, all of you and Gandhiji in particular keep salaaming and saluting the newly carved out Moslem Raj as ‘Pakistan’ which avowedly and literally means a Holy Moslem land, a Moslem State? Is it not a fact that almost all states and nations are called after the names of what the League of Nations termed ‘National Majority’ predominating in each? Nor have you yourselves ever felt any qualm of conscience in recognizing Baluchistan, Vaziristan, Afghanistan, Turkastan or the Turkish State as such in spite of the presence of non-Muslim minorities there? How is it then that the very mention of the name of Hindustan or the Hindu State alone takes your breath away as if you were smitten by a snake-bite?”

Veer Savarkar

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One Response to INDIA,A HINDU STATE-Veer Savarkar

  1. Swastik Kumar Gangulee says:

    It is an observation of the sad state of affairs in Hindustan! India with an 80% population was partitioned on communal lines. The Muslims got their land, and Hindus were decimated as of a mere ‘secular’ genre, whatever that means, with a permission to live in the rest of India with the rest of the population and definitely without any identity of their religion. Even if the Hindus form the third largest religious communities in the world, they don’t have a homeland! That is how our leaders be-fooled their own people.

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