There will be no display of copious tears by Omar Abdullah
in the J&K assembly, lamenting the abuse of 500 poor young Kashmiri girls, mostly Muslim.
Abdullah’s tears are exlusively reserved for sudden appearance when a Jihadi terrorist ambushing an Indian army patrol is dispatched to hell by the Jawans.

Among other things, the obnoxious Article 370 enables a
Sufi “dervish” like this old goat to enact his various “Karishmas”
(miracles) with impunity for so long.

Unfortunately, the “miracles” of such “dervishes” are quite rampant in the Indian heartland as well. The vast majority of followers who patronize such
“Sufi sants” and seek their “miracles” are actually idiot Hindus. I will quantify their number at 80% of total Sufidom
in India. These Hindu dunces do not understand that “Sufis” are essentially missionaries who convert through fraud and mind
manipulation – when it is not feasible to convert by force. As such, they are more dangerous than terrorists indulging in outright Jihad.

But, try explaining this to those brainwashed in and raised on a staple diet of “SECULAR” faecal matter – and you end up being labeled as an “extremist” with
“unbalanced” views.

Don’t you know that “all religions are equal”?

Don’t you know that “all religions teach the SAME thing”?

Take a look at the “Sufi saint” in this story, radiating “spirituality”,
“peace”, “brotherhood” etc.

The “secularists” would have you believe that. Why, he could be a lost twin brother of His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar!!!

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  1. rawalal says:

    I agree with the views expressed in this piece saying that mostly Hindus (80%)  followers of these frauds called Derveshes are victims of sexual abuse. Khushawant Singh in his novel “I Shall Not Hear the Nightingale” has given a graphic picture of how a Hindu woman visits a Dervesh in the same quest for a child. She is sexually abused. Khushwant Singh has also shown in his novel “Train to Pakistan” how a Hindu woman falls in love with a Muslim and how they are both separated and suffer pangs in the days partitition. He had no courage to present a Muslim woman falling in love with a Hindu. It is the secular lumpens among Hindus and Sikhs who have presented a distorted view of the society. They surrenderer before they start fighting. Secularism is also surrender of the Hindu intellectuals for a safe haven. They know that if they Hindus win then they shall be at the top because of being Hindu intellectuals. If Hindus lose then they shall always plead that they have been secular always attacking the Hindu fundamentalist forces. This chicanery is marked in the mindset and behaviour of the Hindu intellectuals.   The Sufi saint buried at Ajmer was also a spy who entered the courts of the Hindu kings ruling over Rajputana at that time about 1000 years ago. He posed as if he was a mad man. Madness was considered a divine blessing at that time. Anyone who showed signs of madness was reverred and was considered to be divinely blessed. His madness was considered as a visitation of the divine being. Therefore he was not stopped. In such an innocent and holy-looking way the madman could enter and thus spied upon the Hindu kings. Such Sufi saints are in fact the human face of Islam. They manipulate the minds of the non-believers and thus entice them to their ways. A.L.Rawal


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