1. Question: How do you spell Barbarism?

Answer: I-S-L-A-M

2. Question: What is the source of this barbarism?

Answer: You guessed it right, it is KORAN.

3. It is necessary to understand that both Christianity and Islam are mutations of Judaism. The basic thinking behind both Christianity and Islam is exactly the same. In fact, Islam is the first cousin of Christianity, albeit an UGLY COUSIN.

4. Our Rotten Hindu Leaders, of the last 1400 years, have failed to understand the real nature of both Islam and Christianity, especially of Islam. Instead of constructing strong “Anti-Dragon Defenses” and “A Lakshman Rekha” around the sacred honor of our Great Hindu Women, our Rotten Hindu Leaders have been “Pussy-Footing” and trying to “TALK”to the Barbarian Moslems, using the Non-Sense Hindu-Moslem Bhai Bhai approach in the process. And we all know the tragic consequences of this blunder and the colossal calamities that have been visited upon the Hindus through this Ignorant Approach.

5. All self-respecting and smart Hindus need to understand clearly, once and for all, that Islam is a Barbaric Creed and its brutality and barbarism have no parallel in the world. Islam is not a religion at all. It is a Barbaric Military Machine, heavily disguised as religion. Because Islam is treacherous, it conducts its Jihadic Violence under the camouflage of Peace and Brotherhood (Remember: Just a few months ago, while Nawaz Shariff was professing peace and shaking ABV’s hands in Lahore, his Jihadi troups were sneakily infiltrating into Indian-Kashmir, to kill the Kafir Hindus. This is a Perfect Example of how Islam works its violence on Non-Moslems, Sneakily and Treacherously, a technique recommended and sanctioned by Islam’s Goonda Chief, Hazrat Mohammad, Allah and the piece of sh** called Koran).

6. Islam urges the true Moslem Believers to do Jihad and become a Shaheed or Ghazi. Koran seeks unlenting allegiance to this requirement. No Moslem dare defy this edict. Koran is completely implacable and a Moslem has to believe all of Koran; he has no right to delete, add, or re-interpret any of its edicts. If a Moslem does not believe all of these Koranic edicts, his Koran is suspect and he is like a Kafir…and there will be a FATWA warrant of EXECUTION against him soon. The fear of this deadly FATWA is what keeps the Islamic Troops in line and solidly inside the Islamic Camp.

7. For Hindus it is time to get smart and understand clearly that time of talking to this Barbaric Creed is over. We have been crushed under the barbaric brutality of Islam for 1400 years. It is time for us Hindus to face the reality of life, catch the bull by the horns and rid the world of this scum called Islam, starting with NaPakistan, once and for all. I have stated elsewhere that a Good Moslem is a Dead Moslem or a Moslem Mummy. The world is far better off with Moslems only as Moslem Mummies. Let us have a Moslem Mummy Festival of Islam.

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2 Responses to HOW DO YOU SPELL BARBARISM? By S.P. Attri (USA)

  1. Swastik Kumar Gangulee says:

    The write up should serve as a warning and wake the Hindus up. At a time when anti-Hindu conspiracy is at its new height, the Hindus should start a process of self introspection and realization that the Hindus are alone in their fight for survival. They must identify themselves in the line of Swami Vivekananda’s clarion call the we are all amritashya putra, children of God. The Hindus adhere Hinduism as their religion which flourished in ancient India before any other religions were born in the world. Its foundation had always been virtue and valour, and object was character building, i.e. to develop human qualities into something close to divinity, and not aggrandizement. It had no political agenda. Other religions had always an imperialistic ambition and aggression came naturally to their adherents. To them this quality of toleration of the Hindus as weakness and subjected India as an easy target to fulfill their imperialistic agenda, and worked hard to keep the Hindus in permanent subjugation. The Hindus are the third largest number of people in the world without a homeland.

  2. Dal Chand Dangi says:

    I want all hinduawekan’s writeups in Hindi so that I may send it to my hindi speaking friends

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