LETTER TO NEWS INDIA TIMES, NEW YORK                          May 18, 2013


Dear Editor,

On behalf of the Indian American Intellectual Forum and its entire national and international constituency I want to convey that we are appalled upon using purposely a divisive and mischievous title “Dalit Leader Named Chief Minister of Karnataka” (News India Times, dated May 16th) by your reporter. We are convinced that this title is politically motivated, mean, mendacious, malicious and a diabolical attempt designed to create a wedge in Hindu society and fragmentize it to the advantage of the establishment.

If your reporter was interested in igniting a new class warfare based on societal divisions that previously existed in the Indian and Hindu society in all fairness he should not have ignored the appointment and placement of the selective minority individuals by Mrs. Sonia Gandhi in highly sensitive positions in the government in office. Trampling upon the sentiments of the majority of Indians she has quietly handed over most crucial and extremely important portfolios to her pet individuals from Muslims and Christians communities. Here are some examples.

Salman Khurshid, Foreign Minister of India; E. Ahmad, India’s Minister for External Affairs; Syed Akbarddin, the spokesman for the Ministry of External Affairs; Chief of Intelligence Bureau, Syed Asif Ibrahim; Chief Justice of India, Altmas Kabir; Attorney General of India, Goolam E. Vahanvati; Vice President of India Mohammed Hameed Ansari; Health Minister Gulam Nabi Aza;, Union Minister Farooq Abdullah, K. Rahman Khan, Sonia Gandhi’s political Advisor Ahmad Patel all are Muslims. Former Chief Election Commissioner of India, S.Y. Qureshi was also a Muslim.

Isn’t it ironic that your reporter while reporting about these pet individuals of Sonia Gandhi  never identified them as Muslims, Sunnis, Shiias or Christians. Can it be an inadvertent error?

Sonia Gandhi, her son Rahul Gandhi, Defense Minister A.K. Anthony, Air Chief Marshall Norman Anil Kumar Browne all are Christians. However, strangely enough their identification is never made by referring to their religion or Jati. Could it also be a mistake?

The Dalits, as is universally acknowledged, are an integral part of the Hindu Samaj. Quietly and constructively Hindu society has been at work for bringing about social reformation so that  justice and equality become  a part of every body  including those who for one or the other reason have thus far been denied such rights.  Included in the scheme of this massive transformation are those who were classified as unprivileged. We are determined to make equality,  justice,  national unity and patriotism four central pillars of Indian’s modern civilization. Alas! your reporter failed to recognize these characteristics in the New Indian Society. Clearly your reporter’s intention smacks of mala-fide intention. We have not seen any news report loudly proclaiming that Sonia and Rahul are Catholic Christians, and that Salman Khurshid, Altmas Kabir and all others mentioned above are Muslims.

A doubt has crept in our minds that some anti-Hindu Communists, communalists and far left guys entrenched in top most positions in Media are deliberately sowing the seeds of disintegration and conflict in Hindu Samaj. They twist and craft their items in such a way as to serve their sinister and evil designs.

We firmly believe that your reporter has done a great disservice to his profession and more importantly to Hindu Samaj. It is incomprehensible as to what on earth prompted him to damage Hindu Society. Instead of drafting and highlighting his news item negatively the reporter could have done a great service to his profession by staying on facts, projecting positivity and by helping the ongoing efforts by millions of Hindu volunteers towards unification and revitalization of the entire Hindu Society.

Narain Kataria


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  1. Swastik Kumar Gangulee says:

    Thanks for the letter you published! It revealed the type of media, we are apparently proud of. The colonial rulers of India knew well how to divide and rule a resourceful colony, populated by a strange people with a high level, rather too high for own existence, of philosophical and spiritual culture and heritage, that made it easy to loot the colony. But they were uncomfortable with the vast majority of Hindus, which was a potential threat to their rule in the subcontinent. No effort was left to make Hindu majority insignificant, by conversion, by violence, by vilifying the Hindu social fabric, their culture and heritage. Finally the crown transferred power to a family, rather dynasty. The legacy of colonial rulers was gratefully accepted only to continue to denigrate any institution or heritage with contempt and disgrace. The media followed the process with extraordinary enthusiasm. One of such despicable practices is mentioned in the letter with much pain and grief. But, the responsibility of protecting the excellence of Hindu culture and heritage, and Hindus themselves, lies with the Hindus alone. We have failed repeatedly in discharging our duties. Even our history is distorted into an official version, that suits the purposes of the present day ruling class. Hindus must realize their predicament and unite.

  2. pramod says:

    Why blame non-Hindus for dividing them, when they themselves exposed to division by falling for the bait of benefits of reservations. Reservations have dealt a body-blow to the unity of Hindus which have divided its unified electoral vote to serve the nefarious designs of pseudo-secularists. Sikhs,Jains, Budhists and other sub-sects should forgo narrow gains under Reservation and join the umbrella of United-Hindu, otherwise they will be wiped out before Hindus by the onslaught of fanatic Islamists.

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