Mr. Nitish Kumar said at a meeting of the JD(U) recently that one who becomes the PM of India shall have to wear caps and also hats. These caps and hats are symbols of foreign imperialism. The cap is a symbol of surrender to Arabian imperialism and Hat is a symbol of surrender to Western Imperialism.

When the Dutch captured Andaman and Nicobar Islands they told them that they had descended from heaven and that their civilisation was superior to the civilisation of the natives. They also gave them some trinkets to prove the superiority of their civilisation. The art forms and paintings of the Tribal’s  show them worshipping the hats also worn by the Dutch. This marked complete surrender of the tribal to the imperialists.

The cap is also a cap f surrender to Arabian imperialism. The plot to make Modi wear the cap was to destroy his image as an upright son of the soil who refused to surrender before foreign invaders.

JD(U) garlanded the photograph of Babasaheb Ambedkar at his session held at Constitution Club, New Delhi. Dr. Ambedkar converted to Buddhism not to Christianity or Islam. He said that if he converted to either of these then it would take him out of the periphery of Indian civilisation. Therefore he rejected both. Mr. D.C.Ahir has said so clearly in his books ‘Dr. Ambedkar on Islam’ and Dr. Ambedkar on Christianity in India’ (published by Blumoon Books, New Delhi) that he did not want to become an alien in his own country by converting to any of these religions. He was so right. The trouble being faced by India is mostly from these two civilisations. They do not want India to be strong and stand on its feet. Therefore they are destroying our administrative set up, judiciary etc. from within. When a big man like Sanjay Dutt is convicted here comes a Katju to suggest ways and means to subvert the judgement. Katju’s does not boil or weep on the sufferings of the victims of anti-Sikh riots of 1984. He knows that he takes up their cases then he would have to take a stand against the Congress leadership. He said to Rahul Kanwal in an interview on Headlines Today last month that he did not want to criticise the top leadership of the BJP or the Congress. “I have never criticised Soniaji, Rahul or Dr. Mamnmohan Singh. I have also not criticised L.K.Advani.” By saying this he said that he wanted to keep his doors open. In case NDA comes to power in 2014 or earlier then he would not have burnt his boats with him. This selective criticism or praise speaks volumes of the man who wants to appear as a messiah of the Muslim minority. If he is so desirous of serving the cause of the Muslim minority he should wear the robes of an advocate and appear before the courts to defend Muslims. He does not want to do that but wants their sympathy also by using Press Council of India against the Hindu interests. Hardly any TV channel shows the programme of a nationalist organisation. Media is always absent from their meetings but is always present in full strength at the meetings, seminar or get together s of anti-national, secessionist forces. The reason is that Katju’s bias against Hindus is a broad hint to the media what to do and what not to do. They do not need a diktat they are ready to fulfill the wish which has not been expressed even. Such secular perversion is marring all aspects of life.

If Mr. Narendra Modi is elected as a leader of the NDA at the meeting os all NDA MPs after elections will the JD(U) walk out of the NDA? Such delicate questions should be considered before taking any stand on the sensitive issue of Hat or Cap.

A.L.Rawal, Associate Professor, DCAC, University of Delhi.

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