Ever since the division of the country into India and Pakistan, the problems of Hindus have increased manifold. They are always targeted and hounded out of their places of birth where they have been living for generations. Be it Bhutan from they were hounded during the 1980s in the name of ‘One Nation One People’ , Bangladesh where also the same principle of one nation one people prevails or Pakistan from they are being thrown out. It is the only Hindu society which allows others to live amongst them. People of other religions do not allow them to live among them as equal members of the society. In Kashmir this tragedy has been repeated since times immemorial.

The ruler of Kashmir wanted to become a Hindu but the Pandits refused to convert him. He took the pledge in anger that he would embrace the religion of the first person whom he would see the next day when he opened his eyes. The man who was standing at the foot of his bed was a Muslim. The ruler, true to his pledge, adopted the religion of the first person whom he was. So he became a Muslims and the saga of torment of Pandits started. They were tied in grass and drowned into the Dal Lake. They were also tormented in many other ways. There was no respite for them even though they were the most powerful as rulers during the Nehru era. Most of the important positions were held by Kashmiri Pandits. But they did not do anything to help their own people or even control the outflow of Pandits in the face of terrorist attacks. The Govt. of India also allowed it all to happen. The terrorist organisation should be have been flushed out from our estate which was purchased by our ancestor Gulab Singh from the British. They all came and left their lands behind.

Therefore India should demand land from Pakistan to rehabilitate the Pakistani Hindus who have fled to India now and in the past. Giving them succor and help in the name of their being Hindus is welcome because no Human Rights Organisation works for Hindus. They work only for non-Hindus because they consider Hindus as non-humans who do not deserve any sympathy. Hindus must unite now or perish.

A.L.Rawal, Associate Professor, DCAC, University of Delhi.

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