UNHAPPY TRUTHS- Dr K Prabhakar Rao


India became like a chicken plucked off its feathers
While it was enslaved by others
History’’s pages are replete of these incidents
And bitter wars were fought between brothers

The slavish spirit has gone into Indians blood
And the people are down with sentiments and fad
One after the other the dynasties ruled
The reading of history is of course shameful and sad

At last the Mughals have vanished from Delhi
And the last Mughal@ was sent into a distant Rangoon jail
The rule of English Queen commenced
That put India in spin as they twisted Indians tail

The English empire lost moorings in World War II
And India was felt as a greatest burden
Netajis rebellion removed the air from them
And finally they left us to live in their dens

The English men were thus at last thrown out
And the new dynasty started off
Nehru* ruled nearly for two decades
With his loyalist and slavish working staff

He made Kashmir a burning funeral pyre
That would never go off in our land
Greatest shame was heaped on us by the Chinese men
Yet the guys in India played to congress band

He groomed his daughter to rule after him
Sadly Shastriji was taken away by the god soon
Poor guy died in a far off land all of a sudden
For the dynasty this of course became a greatest boon

Nehru’s daughter ruled India for nearly two decades
And her son too was groomed in her own way
Sadly the lady lost her life at her own house
Where her guards shot her as if it was a child’s play

Her son soon became the ruler of the land
And he had his own way fads and hangover
The guy lost his life soon in a bomb blast
And it looked as if dynasty rule was finally over

The dynasty rules still from behind
While the guys in power are mere robots
They dance to the tune of background music
And on their own they can not row their sinking boat

The guy in power is ready to quit at whisper
And enforce dynastic and succession and rule
The voter of India is mere watcher
While he is considered as a nut and mere fool

* Jawaharlal Nehru was a ardent follower of late MK Gandhi.His main failures are Kashmir and 1962 war with China.

( @ Bahadur Shah II Zafar was the last Mughal emperor of course name sake. He was tried and convicted for taking part in the war of 1857 and sent to Rangoon jail in Burma where he died in detention)

—————- Note: Content of this blog post is writer’s personal opinion and may not be hinduawaken’s view.

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One Response to UNHAPPY TRUTHS- Dr K Prabhakar Rao

  1. pramod says:

    Enslavement was in genes of Hindus and now in the genes of Indians. Psychophansy is the only requirement for getting enslaved. But who so ever enslaved well-meaning and meek have ultimately met destruction. See what has become of the progeny of Great Mughals or that of present day rulers. Wait for some more till they meet the fate of Great Mughals.

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