Sex At Sixteen

Animals do not abort their babies. Only Humans do that. Humans are worse than animals in this and many other aspects of life.

 So Sex At Sixteen. Why? Because it is big business. Girls going for consensual sex at sixteen will have no qualms of consience or barbs of society or danger of law if it is allowed. It shall be legal. So the atmosphere was sought to be created in which they felt safe having sex at sixteen. They were to be used as production machines of babies to be aborted. A girl having sex at this tender age will have her whole life ruined. It brings in pregnancy, it destablises her life. This is the formative period of her life. She has to study hard and be something in life before she jumps into the grinding mill of daily life as an adult. Instead of giving her the chance and preparing her to face life in a more well-prepared manner the Government wanted to destablise her. Why? Because it is under the influence of lumpenising leadership which wants to demoralise, deaden the society from within so that the imperialists find it easy to conquer. Such a state is necessary for any conquering imperialist power. India is at present under the thumb of such elements which want to lumpenise the society so that there is no resistance to forein powers which are hiding in every nook and corner of the country. These agents of forein powers used to lumenise intellegentsia at Soviet Cultural Centre, Firozeshah Road, New Delhi during the height of Soviet onslaught in India. Free Vodka, Free Sex and Free literature was freely available. It was complete FREE DOM. Any one who refused it was considered `reactionary’, outdated, irrelevant, an enemy and so was side-lined. Dr. B.R.Ambedkar was against Marxism. He stood for responsible sex, not for irresponsible sex as the Useless Progress Alliance is advocating.

 If girls have sex at 16 they will also go for abortion. It is big business. Aborted babies are sold at a high price to cosmetic comapnies as raw material. Aborted babies have soft flesh. It is mixed with chemicals and creams to manufacture such creams which hide the wrinkels and spots on the faces of women growing old. The US and European consmetic companies have been using it for a long time. Now the growing middle class women of India also want to use them more and more. So Raw Material called Aborted babies can be easily produced in India too. So lower the age of sex with consent.

 Girls having sex at 16 will not find it easy to be accepted back in society. So willy-nilly they will find their way into the flesh market. It is again big business. All VIPs who are advocating for sex at 16 are in fact working actively for the supply of fresh flesh to the flesh markets of their respective constituencies. Its only when their Red Light Areas have fresh supply of younger flesh that they shall become more lucrative. Again big business. The Red Lights on the cars of VIPs will keep shining more brightly if they have more money whether from Red Light Areas or elsewhere.

 UPA is attacking all institutions of the country. Sanjay Dutt has been awarded a soft sentence for 5 years. But UPA is howling for a pardon for a criminal. Why? Only for vote politics. In this process it is harming the established institutions like the Supreme Court. Digvijay Singh has said that he will talk to his party and try for hs pardon. Is he trying to say that he and his party are bigger than the Supreme Court. Justice Katju has come out as the most dangerous person who is attacking Indian Supreme Court from within. His bias makes one think that all his judgements delivered during his tenure should be reviewed. Instead of honouring the Supreme Court verdict he has raised controversies. Is he preparing for the next round of political career?

The country is in great danger of being overtaken completely by such dangerous trends and persons. May God save it.

A.L.Rawal Associate Professor, DU.

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