1. Why should we respect Islam, asks Amit Nishar? The answer is very straight-forward: No reason at all. There is no decency or decorum in Islam. As an entity, Islam is an ideology, not a religion; it is an evil and a curse. The source of Islam is Koran, which is the Gospel Of Hate and the product of the evil ding-bat mind of  Mohammad. Islam has brought colossal amount of evil & barbarism into the world and has irreversibly transformed ordinary average human beings into predatory animals and rabid butchers of Islam. Rape, pillage, loot, arson, and murder are the basic stuff of Islam & its reward for belonging to Islam. The Moslems have their world revolved around one area, the sex. They are the followers of the child-molester,  Mohammad. Even their heaven is a whore house. Moslems only destroy societies, until everyone becomes like them and then they destroy themselves. Internal tyranny and external adventurism and imperialism are the consequences of Islam, Islam that is always on the prowl. The shameful record of Islam, spanning across fourteen centuries speaks for its epidemic of barbarism. Humanity in general, and Hindus in particular have not awakened to this reality, the stark reality that Islam is bad to the bone.

2.The barbaric butchers of Islam have murdered hundreds of millions of our Hindus over the centuries, and are on their barbaric prowl at this time, so we shall just have to murder an equal number of Moslems…I can expect some Moslem to lecture me on how honorable and civil Moslems really are. Don’t give me that lecture of non-nonsensical gibberish on morality or humanity. It does not become very convincing, coming out of the mouth of Islamic butchers, whose record is engraved on the pages of history for all time. The barbarian butchers and degraded terrorists don’t deserve a fair trial. They need to be shot, shot at sight. Our Shastras teach us that: PAAP KARNA PAAP HAI, PER PAAP SEHNA BHI PAAP HAI. In our ill-considered and ill-advised approaches we Hindus have forgotten that one who is passive and inactive in the face of ADHARMA, is just as guilty as the individual who commits ADHARMA. As an example of this, every time we Hindus turn the page and forget the brutal massacre of Kashmiri Hindus by the butchers of Islam, we forget our DHARMA and our SHASTRAS & we commit ADHARMA. Simply put, our own Hindu hands are stained with the innocent blood of the Kashmiri Hindus who were slaughtered by the butchers of Islam because we Hindus allowed this to happen. It is our bounden DHARMIC duty to hit the evil at the source and resolutely strike it down. It does not benefit us Hindus one bit or behoove our Hindu dignity to sit with bangles on our wrists and allow the barbaric butchers of Islam to bleed Hindus to death. So what are we Hindus to do?

3. Inside the inner recesses of his mind, every Hindu needs to have a watch- word: Whosoever wants to destroy Hinduism, must be completely eradicated from the face of this earth. We Hindus must take the war to the enemy, right inside his “Inner Camp.” It should be absolutely clear to every Hindu that Moslems have crossed the limit of Hindu Tolerance. Hindus have patiently but pointlessly tolerated the riff-raff of Islamic barbaric non-sense & brutality for too long. It is time for Hindus to hit back and decimate the barbaric butchers of Islam. The recent stark massacre of Hindus in Udhampur, Kashmir at the hands of Islamic butchers, is a direct slap in the face of Hindus around the world. Make no mistake about it. There is no way to sanitize it!

4. Lord Ram was asked by Sita Jee about his reasons for carrying weapons in the forest to fight Rakshishas. Lord Ram replied: “The Kshatriya carries his bow and arrows so that there may be no cry of distress.” How many cries of distress will it take for Hindus to wake up, take up their bows and arrows, and act decisively and resolutely?

5. HINDUS OF THE WORLD: Wake up. HINDUS OF THE WORLD: Arise and awake. Throw the barbaric butchers of Islam out of India. Unite so we can usher in a Hindu Rashtra. Hindu Rashtra is the right of every Hindu and is absolutely vital for the survival of Hinduism. A religion that cannot defend itself does not deserve to survive.

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One Response to WHY SHOULD WE RESPECT ISLAM? By S.P. Attri (USA)

  1. dipak says:

    Excellent artcle.At the moment,I am reading Sita Ram Goel’s book-The story of Islamic imperialism in India.Can’t beleive, human beings could be so barbaric !

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