” The King of the Jews must not be at the mercy of his passions, and especially of sensuality: on no side of his character must he give brute instincts power over his mind. Sensuality worse than all else disorganised the capacities of the mind and clearness of views; distracting the thoughts to the worst and most brutal side of human activity.” – The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, Published by PO Box: 2857, Kuwait.

The Zionist Arthastra ends on this note –  a clear instruction to the Jews not to indulge in sensuality if they want to dominate the world. They have the Gold, and a super strategy to confuse the goym ( the people of Europe including Christians known as ‘gentiles’ and others) by allowing them the multiplication of their TV News channels, news papers and all other means of communication. The more the TV news channels the more confusion they will spread. Therefore it is necessary for world domination to confuse the goym, the common people of the world, and also make them fight against each other. Feuds are sown and are allowed to grow and they mature into feuds and major wars. Complete exchange of populations in 1947 would have avoided this state of civil strife as we witness today in India.( Dr. Ambedkar had advocated for it. He was so prophetic.)

This is exactly what we see in India today. We have a plethora of news channels but they do not enlighten. They confuse. Some consider the Hindus as the fountainheads of all problems and others are silent about the real culprits. Saying anything critical of the minorities is considered a sin. An anti-Hindu, biased man is the President of the Press Council of India whereas he should be a neutral person. Justice Katju was interviewed on Headlines Today by Rahul Kanwal a few days ago. He was asked whether he approved of the dynastic leadership of the Congress or not. He replied that he had never criticised the top leadership of the Congress or the BJP including Mr. Advani. He dodged the question. But his silence on this question speaks volumes. It means that he has kept his options open. If the NDA comes to power tomorrow then he shall have the chance to approach the top leadership of the BJP for a plum post. He also compared Narendra Modi with Hitler. The Judge has lost his sense of judgement perhaps. Narendra Modi has done wonders in Gujarat but Hitler turned the entire Europe into a graveyard within a short period. The views of Justice Katju do not approve of his appointment as President of the Press Council of India. No wonder media is always absent from the seminars of the Kashmiri Pandits who are pained at their exile from Kashmir. A seminar of Kashmiri Pandits was held at Constitution Club of India in March 2011. Media was absent. Another was held at Arts Faculty Building, Delhi University. The media was absent. Yet another was held at India International Centre. The media was again absent. It shows up in strength when an anti-national, anti-people secessionist leader shows his face in Delhi or anywhere in India, anti-national elements get full coverage whereas nationalist forces are denied coverage. No wonder when we have the President of Press Council of India in Justice Katju who is highly biased the media will be absent from nationalist programmes. This is the work of confusion which is being done by the media. People are confused as to who to follow or not, they do not know what to think. Media is only Toiletries Vision (TV). They burn the time and electricity of the viewers in showing advertisements of toiletries.

Congress has many anchors in TV. I was invited to NDTV talk show after Delhi Bomb blasts and Batla House encounter in 2008. I used some harsh words on the blasts and the threats I have been receiving by post from terrorist elements. I showed one such letter to the NDTV anchor Mr. Pachauri. It was quite relevant to show it to him as the blasts had occurred just a few days after I received it. Mr. Pachauri asked me to keep silent. Mr. Rashid Alvi, the Congress MP, was also present there. He threatened to leave the show before it could begin. A girl, perhaps the floor manager of NDTV, also asked me “Do not shout.” Media is meant to give wide coverage to those who speak against Hindus and against the concept of unity and patriotism. The said NDTV anchor is now the Press Secretary to the Prime Minister of India. he has been rewarded for anchoring for the Congress while at NDTV.

Hindus must unite and have a media of their own otherwise they will not be able to fight the battles of the future which will be fought for the domination of the mind. Media is the propaganda machine which dominates the mind.

A.L.Rawal, Associate Professor, DCAC, University of Delhi.

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  1. dipak says:

    Why can’t we have our own media. Any ideas?

  2. Himard says:

    –First, some family background about Markandey Katju. The Katjus are a famous Allahabad-based Kashmiri Pandit family with close ties (through marriages and clan relationships) with the other, more famous, Kashmiri Pandit family from Allahabad — the Nehrus. When the latter family, led by Jawaharlal Nehru, usurped political power in post-independence India, through their absolute control over the Congress party, close associate Kailashnath Katju (Markandey Katju’s grandfather) also became a Congress politician and Nehru loyalist-cum-crony. He was first made a minister in Nehru’s cabinet and subsequently (twice) made CM of Madhya Pradesh. The patronage offered to the Katju family from the Nehru dynasty continued under Indira Gandhi, when Kailashnath Katju was appointed Governor of West Bengal and Orissa. Meanwhile, as the Nehru dynasty (and now the Nehru-Maino dynasty) continued to remain India’s political masters, the sons, nephews, grandsons and grandnephews of the loyal Katju family continued to receive patronage from the Durbar Establishment, and were serially rewarded with bureaucratic and civil service positions. Kailashnath Katju’s son (Markandey Katju’s father) Shivnath Katju was also appointed judge to the SC, as was later Markandey Katju himself. Cousin Vivek Katju rose through the ranks of the IFS, was appointed ambassador to various countries like Burma, Afghanistan and Thailand, and retired as Secretary, Ministry of External Affairs. Such cases only go on to demonstrate the depth to which the tentacles of the Congress party and Nehru dynasty have entrenched themselves in all aspects of Indian society — from politicians to civil servants and bureaucracy, from armed forces to intellectuals and intelligentsia, and from historians to journalists and mainstream media.
    Anyway, the addiction of possessing a bungalow in New Delhi’s famed and posh LBZ (Lutyens’ Bungalow Zone, the holiest of holy postal address in Indian politics) has been known to be the moral downfall of a great many people, and so seems to be the case with the Katju family (who were co-opted as the loyal bureaucrat-cum-courtiers of the Nehru dynasty Durbar). Immediately after retirement (no doubt aided by a track record of pro-Congress judgments), Markandey Katju was awarded with a sine cure quasi-judicial position (that lets him retain all official privileges, bungalows, cars and remuneration, etc) as the Chairman of the Press Council of India. Sadly, Katju has been anything but a good or successful leader of the PCI, and on his watch, the Indian print media has hit all-time lows on all fronts such as paid news, bias and prejudice, unethical journalism, and subservience to the govt. Katju, meanwhile, has been more of a pseudo-journalist and political commentator himself, instead of a watchdog over the media or the I&B ministry, as the PCI should ideally be. Like a modern day Pharaoh (or, like I said, a “one man Khap panchayat”), he has been airing his opinions and pronouncing judgments on pretty much anything and everything under the sun, from national policies to economics, from astronomy to Kashmir, from linguistics to religious philosophy, from Kate Middleton to NASA, from current affairs issues to breast enhancement surgeries. Sorry, but becoming a columnist himself is definitely not the job of the PCI, and this kind of pompous megalomania (tinged with outright political bias) certainly does not suit a former judge of the SC.
    This time our self-proclaimed genius and expert-on-all-matters (i.e. FRAUD) Markandey Katju decided to air his opinions on Narendra Modi and Gujarat. But of course, you see, EVERYBODY, from folk dancers to pseudo-activists, and from Delhi Durbar pseudo-intellectuals to Bollywood celebs, is an expert on Modi and Gujarat 2002, right? It is ONLY the poor Supreme Court of India that is NOT an expert on Gujarat 2002, evidently, considering the “inexcusable mistake” they made in exonerating “evil Hindoo fascist bigot terrorist mass-murderer” Modi of all charges of wrongdoing, right? LOL! Katju’s rant predictably also contained the usual (nowadays mandatory in all Modi-baiting articles) Congress-sponsored propaganda discrediting Gujarat’s economic miracle as “myth”. So now, with his post-retirement appointment as Chairman PCI coming to an end, looks like Markandey Katju is looking for another sine cure posting, this time possibly a bigger prize like an RS seat or a governorship (such as the one his grandfather had once secured from Indira Gandhi). And hence the usual dance of sycophancy and pleasing the dynasty Durbar, by slandering the Queen’s enemy number one, Narendra Modi. But this time, Arun Jaitley rallied around and delivered to Katju an EPIC hammering of the kind that only he could deliver!
    Venky Vembu has mentioned and linked some brilliant articles above: Do read Jaitley’s article. Also the two Desh Gujarat articles that show how not just columnists and journalists, but even the sitting judiciary seems to be actively “baiting” Modi (and the Gujarat govt) in their effort to suck up to the centre Congress/UPA govt and the Nehru dynasty Durbar, so as to land plush post-retirement sine cure positions. But for the best analysis of the politics behind the emergence of “shoulders” like Katju over which the Congress will fire salvos for the next one year, read the Ram Jethmalani Sunday Guardian article that has been shared above.
    Katju’s duties as Chairman PCI absolutely do NOT mandate him to write op-ed columns or blogs in sundry
    newspapers or websites and try to become a “journalist” himself! What is especially shocking is that Katju
    is airing
    his opinions on Gujarat 2002, a case which has already been heard (for several years) by a bench of
    judges (Katju
    wasn’t even one of them) of the highest court of law in the land, the Supreme Court of India, and who have
    completely exonerated Modi of any charges whatsoever. It is sad to see that a retired judge (I am not
    how good a judge or lawyer he was) has so little respect for the judicial and legal system of India.)
    Katju is being criticized, not because he criticized Modi, but because he lied and is shamelessly biased in his article in the Hindu. “2,000 Muslims” did not die in the rioting as he claimed. The actual death toll is 790 Muslims and 254 Hindus. Like a typical pseudo-secularist, Katju claimed to have sympathy for the “thousands of Muslims” dead, yet more than doubled the number of Muslim dead and conveniently ignored the Hindu dead altogether. Not once does he mention any “horrible crimes committed” against Hindus in Gujarat, least of all being the Godhra train arson, which he does not even mention by name. There is nothing more reprehensible than shedding crocodile tears for victims of injustice and using their cause to score political points, as Katju has shamelessly done. People who care about riot victims do not fabricate or ignore suffering.
    Moreover, his blatant comparisons between Hitler and Modi are slanderous and disingenuous to say the least, not to mention painfully ironic. It is in fact the Congress Party that suspended the Indian Constitution on spurious grounds, declared a state of emergency, banned political opposition and jailed political opponents, detained, tortured, and murdered political dissidents, forcibly sterilized people, and then tried to cover it up by destroying all copies of the damning Shah Commission Report. These are all things Hitler did, while Modi did no such thing. In fact, he did everything he could to stop the rioting, and has allowed himself to be subjected to over a decade of scrutiny and libel, which has produced little of substance against him. Despite this, Katju sees Modi as culpable while actually accepting employment under the Congress government.
    Moreover, Katju’s comparison between the Gujarat riots and Kristallnacht is simply absurd. The Jews did not invade Germany and rule over it, vandalize churches, rape women, loot anything, or massacre anyone. They have no history of rioting against non-Jewish Germans, and they did not partition Germany and exterminate the non-Jews of that new state, as Indian Muslims did. Indeed, if anyone in India is comparable to Germany’s Jews, it is the Parsis, a peace-loving, well educated, and productive minority in India who, like the German Jews, fled to India fleeing religious persecution and contributed immensely to their new home. And if anyone is comparable to the Nazis, it is the Muslim barbarians who attacked them in rioting in the 1800s.
    More disgustingly, Katju actually has the temerity to say that “there is still a mystery over what happened at Godhra.” This is despite the fact that Indian courts have already charged, tried, and convicted those responsible for the cold-blooded arson of 59 innocent men, women, and children. In contrast, Modi has not even been charged with anything, let along tried and prosecuted. Yet, Katju insists that he must be guilty, merely because he finds it “impossible to believe” that the Gujarat riots were spontaneous. Perhaps there is no need for anything so cumbersome as “evidence” or a trial; just have “Detective Katju” take the case, and convict people based on what he finds “impossible to believe.” Indeed, if the 2002 Gujarat riots must have been carried out with the help of the government, then which riots were not carried out in a similar manner? Why isn’t Katju comparing Rajiv Gandhi or Tarun Gogoi with Hitler for their “complicity” in the 1984 Delhi and 2012 Assam rioting respectively, which can no doubt be established in a similarly spurious manner based on Katju’s no doubt infallible hunches? Indeed, if it is “impossible to believe” that the Gujarat riots were spontaneous, then why is there any “mystery” regarding the Godhra train burning in Katju’s mind? Surely, by Katju’s own logic this too was a “horrible crime” and hence must have been carried out with the support of Modi’s Congress party enemies?
    Katju also says other stupid things that make him worthy of censure, like the silly idea that “India is a nation of immigrants.” If people who immigrated to India thousands of years before recorded history are “immigrants” then which nation is *not* a nation of immigrants? Everyone’s ancestors from migrated somewhere. Katju’s ridiculous notion renders the term “immigrant” meaningless, because it makes all countries nations of immigrants, and leaves no “indigenous” populations anywhere. It means that Indians are no more native to India than the colonialists who occupied it. He also complains about British “distortions” of Indian history to “create enmity” between Hindus and Muslims, a typical secular negationist statement that blatantly ignores the long and bloody history of persecution against Hindus by Muslim fanatics long before the British arrived. Moreover, he ironically subscribes to actual British distortions of Indian history, like the Aryan Invasion Theory, a piece of racist colonialist propaganda rooted in the debunked garbage that was “racial science.”
    Katju’s lionization of Akbar and Nehru in the article is typical, as the latter was not the “pluralistic” ruler he is made out to be, nor was Nehru the secularist that Katju sees him as. According to the Ain i Akbari of Abdul Fazal Allami, the vizier of Akbar “the Great”, this “tolerant” king actually forced Hindus to wear patches to identify themselves as second class citizens, much as the Christians did with Jews, especially in Nazi Germany. Yet it is Modi, not Akbar that Katju compares with Hitler! This “great” king also made towers of skulls of the heads of his dead Hindu enemies after the Second Battle of Panipat, and desecrated the body of his opponent, King Hemuchandra Vikramaditya, another convenient aspect of Islamic history that Katju whitewashes as part of his attempt to “prove” a British conspiracy to make Hindus and Muslims enemies.
    Predictably, Nehru, Katju’s other idol, whitewashed Islamic history in India himself, going so far as to deny the jihadist motivations behind Mahmuhd of Ghazni’s invasion and looting in India, despite the latter’s own admission of it, and actually *praising* Islamic vandalism in India as restoring “vitality” to “decadent and morbid” Hindu architecture. Unsurprisingly, Nehru began the minority-appeasement policies that masquerade as “secularism” in India today, whether it was his maligning Rajendra Prasad for attending the Somnath Temple restoration while hypocritically using state funds to restore Delhi mosques, or presiding over a “secular” country with religious personal laws, or praising Muslim League secessionists and murderers as “patriots” and allowing them to stay in post-partition India.
    Like many of Modi’s critics, Katju wraps up his sordid excuse for an article by launching a rather predictable attack on Modi’s development of Gujarat, criticizing the rates of malnutrition in the state. His blog contains a lengthier version of the article, where he sneers at Modi, asking if the hungry children in Gujarat will eat the roads, and factories he has built. Perhaps the good justice is unaware that the parents of these hungry children work on and help build these roads and factories, to earn money so that their children can have something to eat. Unlike his counterparts in other states, Modi does not hand poor people free food in exchange for votes, but provides them with jobs and infrastructure so that they truly become self reliant. Yes, Gujarat is not perfect and is still improving, especially since Modi has launched schemes to combat malnutrition. But what is particularly galling about Katju’s article is that in his own blog he refers to the need for India to become an “industrialized” and “powerful” country. Yet when it comes to Modi, he immediately shifts gears and lambasts him for “giving concessions to big industrial houses and offering them cheap land and cheap electricity” completely ignoring the fact that such measures contribute to the very “industrialization” he praises elsewhere, and secures Gujarat jobs and investment. Indeed, it is particularly hypocritical for Katju to shed crocodile tears for Gujarat’s poor on one hand, and then pompously denounce 90% of India (much of which is poor) as “idiots” and “communal” especially when his own statements are full of lies, bias, and politically correct fiction.
    If one becomes “senile” with old age we may feel pity but if he/she turns “venile” with old age we should only come down heavily on that person whatever exalted position he/she may (think to) be in. Shri. Katju has been giving sermons (to) “left” and “right” (without antagonising the “centre” even a bit) as if the people of India are eagerly looking forward to his, self-perceived, “bits of wisdom” (while many may think they are just “wise-cracks”). Sorry, his “haphazard” thoughts are causing severe “hazard” to “hap”less, unsuspecting victims, the “aam admi”. What is the point in spreading negativity, looking at problems one-dimensionally (without looking in totality), spreading “self implicated” prejudices, grievances, irritations, etc. to every other fellow-being, afflicting each of them with this epidemic called “hopelessness” with no new solutions and advocating (God, please take care that the retired judge does not take offence to the use of word advocate, though used in the correct sense with no provocation), implicitly or inadvertently, more of the same old “tried, tested and failed” form of dynastic dispensation. I (and many fellow Indians) find Shri. Modi’s speeches or ‘pearls of wisdom’ (and his hard work) more inspiring with loads of positivity and actual solutions, giving hope for a “better future” for Indians if not the “present”. I am sure, Shri. Narendra Modi will win over the trust and compliments of even Shri. Katju ultimately (didn’t we see how he reached out to Shri. Keshubhai Patel after recent victory?). After all, didn’t “Vashishta” ultimately call “Vishwamitra” a ‘Brahmarishi” while initially admonishing him that he, having born a “Kshatriya”, could never become even a ‘Rishi’, let alone ‘Brahmarishi’. Similarly, those who say Shri. Modi should not even be “CM” of Gujarat, let alone “PM” of India, will ultimately turn around and hail, in future, Shri. Modi, as the best PM India has ever seen.
    If Katju think’s Narendra Modi cannot transform India into a land of milk and honey,who can be? He served as the Hon Chief Justice of India and the charges against Modi was under his kind consideration,if he had enough proofs against him why he didn’t charge Modi guilty. He said Gujarat Development is mere a myth,if so why EU and UK ended sanctions against him? Have he checked the recent studies about malnutrition,HDI and BMI indices of America, does that mean America is underdeveloped? How can we conclude a population of 60 Million is under malnutrition by collecting samples of less than 5% population.If exitpolls are accurate then this could also be perfect. Gujarat didn’t witness any religious intolerance in last 10 years after 2012 riots doesn’t it sound good for his governance,and while Katju brand Modi as a bigot , why Katju purposefully forget the 1984 anti Sikh riots and the exodus of Kashmiri Pandits from 85-95.Why Katju didn’t mention the previous riots in Gujarat when congress was ruling, the score card doesn’t make up to his expectations.The states Katju proudly compared to Gujarat have atleast one killing in the name of religion a day.
    I think you are aware of the recent Municipal Election in Gujrat were BJP secured 24 out of 27 seats from an area with 90% Muslim population, Gujarati Muslims feels they are secure under Modi.
    Katju made a fresh allegation against Modi; if you think Godhra was planned by him,why you didn’t come up with the same allegation when you were the Chief Justice.Anyone can make conspiracy theories, I think unfortunately Hon. Chief Justice Markandey Katju lost his judicial impartiality.
    Obligatory duties comes first. Keeping off politics is obligatory for a judge, even in a quasi Judicial post — else he is compromising the very functional definition of a Judge(Neutrality). Attacking BJP,Serving nation as claimed by Justice Katju comes next. Due to this logical contradiction he should obviously resign. This is more so as only the state is armed and people are defenseless (Example- what happened in Emergency) and state has shown a tendency to be predatory. And judicial power is concentrated as Jury system is not there in India.
    Good articulation…Wonder really, as to do these paid TV anchors like the Barkha’s etc, ever read these blogs , which are qualitatively so good than their lop sided, cock eyed reportage, which always misses the point, yet makes for good psycophancy.
    Thank you everyone for your kind words and up votes. Secularist garbage is revoltingly predictable and easy to refute once you realize that its just a regurgitation of the same stale, recycled false points over and over again. An excellent book on the sick monstrosity that is “secularist” discourse in India would be “Perversion of India’s Political Parlance” by the late Sita Ram Goel, which is available online. In fact, just about anything Shri Goel wrote is excellent. He mercilessly rips apart secularist self delusion and political correctness with enviable ferocity and eloquence. He was a modern day rishi, a seer who saw what his myopic secular contemporaries could not.

  3. Himard says:



    (Comments by various persons in FIRSTPOST:

    • sanjay
    Dutt says that he should be let off as he has family, children to look after and since he has done a lot of charity he is a good man.Family cannot be a reason for letting him off the hook because all those who were killed in the 1993 blast (with the weapons Dutt had stored in his house) also had families and kids and the second fact is that knowing fully well that there was court cases in which he could be convicted to jail sentence why did he marry a few years ago?
    Even the terrorist organisation LeT and its mastermind Hafiz Saeed also do a lot of charity apart from the main business of exporting terrorism and terrorists to India so just because he is doing charity work all his crimes should be pardoned?
    Dutt saying that he had in his possession AK56 guns to protect his family is totally ridiculous it seems he would have even said the same had a tank or a rocket launcher had been recovered from his house, it seems he had been trained to say in this manner by his lawyers.
    The media is all over the place saying that Rs.250 crores of films is riding on him, what do they mean by this? Should he be left away just because so much money is involved? If that is the criteria then it is clear that the wealthy people will commit all kinds of crimes and get away with it just because they are rich and famous.
    Finally it is totally ridiculous to hear a JOKER by the name of Katju saying that Dutt should be pardoned just because he acted as Munnabhai and reminded everybody about Gandhigiri, so what? He acted in Munnabhai for money and not for free and its is even absurd to recommend a person to be pardoned or let off just because he acted in a film, tomorrow someone may act in a role of Gandhi and if he is caught in a criminal act should be let off just because he acted like Gandhi? GOD SAVE THIS COUNTRY FROM TURNING INTO A BANANA REPUBLIC.
    As per of Joker Katju,Sanjay dutt should be pardon because he acted as Munnabhai and reminded everybody about Gandhigiri…in the same logic, Sanjay dutt should be also hanged because he killed many innocent people in ‘Agnipath’ by playing Kancha Chinna…Absurd logic Mr. Katju
    • Rajeev
    • gp65
    Katju was himself a Supreme court judge and if he undermines Supreme court rulings whether in this case or in Modi case and comes up with a standard of Innocent even though proven guilty in case of Sanjay Dutt and Guilty even though acquitted in case of NArendra Modi then he deserved to not be taken seriously.
    Whatever respect he had earned as a good judge, he is losing by questioning the same judiciary of which he was a part.
    Apat from this he has made statements like 90% Indians are idiots and Pakistan is a Jurassic Park and called for a reversal of the 1947 partition. Who can take such a person seriously?
    He is just waiting to be granted a Governorship
    • Prakash Patil
    Sanjay, your comments are as balanced and forthright, as the article of Abhay Vaidya. Certain more points need to be highlgihted are….. Firstly, Dutt was educated in the best schools of the country, yet he chose to be a wayward man than following the cultured ways of his parents. Secondly, He was possessing a dangerous weapon like AK- 47 ( Kalishnikov gun made in Russia) and not a 5″ lon Rampuri chaku or a local made katta. Arms Act makes no distinction in all these and merely punishes for the illegal possession of the arm, without going into lethality, origin and the method of procurement and the intended use of the weapon. Thirdly, Like many actors, builders and businessmen, he had gone close to criminal gangs and terrorists upon his own volition , so that he could wield power and clout in the film industry. Fourthly, a person like Katju, must be seen as a dangerous influence, because of his intellectual bigotry and his ability to hog a lime light because of his own celebrity status. many accuse him of having gone senile due to age. I feel the contrary. He is an extremely cunning and clever man, who knows how to get after retirement appointments by being in the right books of the powers that be and also knows that it will be safe to side Datt, who will be emotionally supported by film industry, media and gullible film buffs….. Thanks Abhay and sanjay for the studied article and the comment respectively.
    • HemangshuP
    Wish Katju could have also put a ground that Sanjay Dutt have record of being DRUG ADDICTIVE and he did not know what he was doing.
    • aneev
    He’s made enough money in 20 years to secure his family for generations to come. He provided a safe house for an arms cache before it could be moved elsewhere…….the media doesn’t highlight that fact…..he needed a harsher punishment. Katju should be retired forcibly. He’s a joke.
    • Ram Ohri
    The infamous Justice Katju who labelled 90 percent Indians as fools is a CHAMCHA of the Dynasty. A countrywide agitation against his brazen acts of tomfoolery should be organised to force that dimwit to retire from public life. He is pain.
    • Ram OhriFrom wikipedia (now u will understand why he is sympathetic to ‘dynastic politics):
    “His background is also noteworthy because of his family’s achievements in the fields of Law and Politics. Justice Katju is the son of late Justice S. N. Katju, formerly a Judge of the Allahabad High Court.[3]
    His grandfather Dr. Kailash Nath Katju, was one of India’s leading lawyers and participated in the country’s freedom movement.
    Dr. K. N. Katju was the Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh, the Governor of West Bengal and Orissa, as well as the Union Law, Home and Defence Minister.[4][5] Justice Katju’s uncle, Justice B.N.Katju, was the Chief Justice of the Allahabad High Court.[6]”
    • Facepalm
    We must review all the cases that he oversaw. Maybe he let someone off on grounds of sympathy or Gandhigiri
    • Ashwaruda
    He re-introduced the word ‘keep’ for ‘live in relationships’ and ruled
    against suck ‘keeps’. So why does he support Sanju Baba types ? Bollywood is full of such ‘kept’ relationships (both ways) !
    Part of the judgement reproduced from indiankanoon-org-doc-1521881 (D.Veluchamy VS D.Patchaiammal on 21 Oct 2010)
    It appears that the respondent-D. Patchaiammal filed a petition under Section 125 Cr.P.C. in the year 2001 before the Family Court at Coimbatore in which she alleged that she was married to the appellant herein on 14.9.1986 and since then the appellant herein and she lived together in her father’s house for two or three years. It is alleged in the petition that after two or three years the appellant herein left the house of the respondent’s father and started living in his native place, but would visit the respondent occasionally.
    34. In our opinion not all live in relationships will amount to a
    relationship in the nature of marriage to get the benefit of the Act of 2005. To get such benefit the conditions mentioned by us above must be satisfied, and this has to be proved by evidence. If a man has a `keep’ whom he maintains financially and uses mainly for
    sexual purpose and/or as a servant it would not, in our opinion, be a
    relationship in the nature of marriage’
    How feudal can one get ? Besides, in ‘reel life’, Sanju Baba would have ‘Gandhigiried’ the erring guy into ‘tying the knot and conferring legitimacy to the abala stree’.
    • irregularexpression
    So even people who may have been declared innocent by the courts should be hanged because you don’t like them? With your perfect reasoning, you would make an ideal wingman for the likes of Katju!
    What about those who are involved in land-grabbing, stealing electricity, opposing construction of power-plants, and challenging the territorial integrity of India by offering Kashmir to Pakistan on a platter… what should be the punishment for them, oh incarnation of justice

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