Operation of Disinformation War


1. Religious doctrines, dogmas, designs, and depictions in our time & nealy always in the past have been competitively presented & pursued particularly by the religions of exclusivity (Islam & Christianity). It is a fact of amazing stupor & stupefaction on the part of so many people of the religions of non-exclusivity, such as Hinduism, that this such a transparent & obvious fact of”competitiveness” has completely escaped their notice & speaks volumes for thetorpor, languor, and the passive attitude of the Hindus towards religion.

2. The recurrent competitiveness of religion really picked up steam after the emergence in the world of the religions of exclusivity (Christianity & Islam). These two religions immediately embarked upon a cut-throat competitive course through the usage of “word and sword” and the accounts of the carnage & the blood-soaked bigotry of these two religions through the centuries constitute an agonizing assemblage of historical record. The fact of reality is that these two religions have always viewed their religious engagement as a cut- throat business, as a total war and as a competitive battle for the minds of men. It does not make one bit of difference that in reality Christianity & Islam are not even religions at all, they are imperialistic ideologies disguised as religions because they are both ever & ever busy with endless efforts to snare as many people of the world into their “Imperialistic Religious Net” as they can. If they did not pursue this “Perpetually Inculcated Objective”, they would have lost any rationale or reason for their continued existence and they would simply vanish & disappear into thin air. It is also worth observing that these two religions are the “Only Religions” that call themselves as the Religions Of Peace, no other religion gives itself this noble title. The title is patently false but provides a convenient subterfuge to conceal the Barbaric & Imperialistic face of both Christianity & Islam.

3. Both Christianity & Islam have been upgrading their imperialistic arts & arsenals of religious war with the passage of time. Guns have now largely replaced the sword & the usage of modern information media such as the newspapers, magazines, radio, TV, computers, and the Internet have become their new arsenal of religious war, arranged in battle array. They are spending lavishly on their new arsenals of religious war to present “The Stocks And Stones” of their creeds as “The Ultimate Truth.” This vast effort is generally an “Operation Of Disinformation War” designed & demeaned to run down religions other than their own. Billions of dollars are being poured into this Disinformation War by the Moslems & the Christians & their agents are hard at work trying to present a bold front of the best image of their barbaric creeds. Words like the “Humanistic Side Of Islam” and “The Prince Of Peace, Jesus Christ” are used without abandon. Nobilitated words such as these of halo, blazing glory, & blushing honors come in real handy & seve as subtle subterfuges to conceal the real face of Islam & Christianity, a face barbaric & imperialistic to the core and bad to the bone. Through this convenient subterfuge art of preaching & proselytizing procedure, they are trying to Islamicize & Christianize the whole world.

This clever, contrived religious disinformation war of the religions of exclusivity (Islam & Christianity) inevitably carries with it a cargo of colossal damage to religious of non-exclusivity, such as Hinduism, which are being run down through terms of abuse & disgrace and they are aided & abetted in this unholy effort by the Western media which tend to portray religions like Hinduism as primitive. The Pseudo-Secular media of India & the pronouncements of the leftist press, who have never been accused of love for Hinduism, also do their damnest bit to do Hinduism in as a regressive force, as an impediment to the economic development of India.

4. The Western colonial masters are now gone from the Asian mainland but the Western media & their commercial enterprises are not; they have gotten a firm hold in Asia & they are trying to replace the native cultures & their basic beliefs. Islamic countries are alert to this challenge of the Western media & they have strictly limited the role of the Western media which they use only to project & stress the “Virtues Of Islam.” Islamic countries completely shut out the Christian Missionaries.  Thus Western media & Christianity are kept completely out of Islamic countries.

5. The situation in India is totally different. Western media, Western commercial culture, & the Christian Missionaries have a field day in India. India has also been dominated by Marxist, Socialist, & Pseudo-Secular thinking for fifty plus years and they have regarded Hinduism as their “Enemy Number One.” The net result is a convergence of the interests of Christian Missionaries, Islamic Jehadis, Indian Leftists, & Pseudo-Secular Hindus who have now ganged up collectively against Hinduism to do it in royally. The disinformation & pure perversion of their collective approach can be seen from their usage of words like “Theocratic Hindus, Fundamentalist Hindus, Communalist Hindus etc.” Now, look who is using these words. You guessed it.

Those groups (Christians, Moslems, Communists, Leftists) whose ideology is Exclusivity & and Utterly Undemocratic. This disinformation war, besides misrepresenting Islam & Christianity, tends to seriously undermine Hinduism & they succeed in it because Hindus generally do not react to or challenge these imperialistic ideologies. The inevitable result is the enormous erosion of Hinduism & Hindu Culture wherever this pernicious propaganda plague appears. Falsehood has reached such a ludicrous point of perversion that communists who are Nazis by a different name are accusing Hindus of being Nazis. This unadulterated hostility of the Falsehood Manufacturers towards Hinduism continues. Falsehood is a potent weapon & repeated often enough, it begins to stick. Most people neither have the time nor the interest to ascertain facts & they swallow the falsehood in the form in which it is presented to them. In time, they become conditioned by the type of information that they have been fed by the Manufacturers of Falsehood. Simply put, Hinduism is being eroded by this multi-pronged attack, is being pushed in the corner, & stays under siege.

6. Hindu religion is much more than the worship of a deity or deities or an observance of a particular doctrine. Hinduism is a way of life, a method of thinking, conduct, & speech. It teaches values that inspire good deeds & it teaches us how to know the difference between right & wrong, between good & evil, between Dharma & Adharma. Hinduism has been tolerant to a fault. Other religions, especially the religions of exclusivity (Islam & Christianity) have taken advantage of their over-tolerance, benign neglect, & passivity. Hinduism has had a time-honored spirit of respect for other faiths but this attitude of respect has worked against its own interests.

Hinduism needs to extract itself from simple, passive tolerance. Tolerance lets lie the half-truths and the half-baked stereotypes that others hold about us Hindus as a result of the relentless anti-Hindu assaults from the Falsehood Manufacturers. We Hindus need to go beyond tolerance and enter into active Hinduism Defense engagement, with full involvement & commitment. This effort should not be considered as a mere chore. We have to fight in earnest the demoralizing minimalization of the Hindus & the warped depiction of Hinduism in the Western & the Pseudo-liberal Indian press & daringly challenge the anti-Hindu propaganda bull-horn of the falsehood manufacturers (Christian, Islamic, Marxist, & the recitations of the pseudo-liberal Hindus) against Hinduism.

7. Abrahamic Religions (Islam & Christianity) claim that their scriptures commission them to evangelize the whole world. We Hindus have been massacred, brutalised, disgraced, and assaulted as a result of their divine mission of proselytism Anyway, what is their special grouse against us Hindus? Answer: That we Hindus exist…along with our paraphernalia of polytheism, idolatry etc which they have sworn to decimate from the world. In reality, it is a desire on their part to grab political power in the crudest possible manner, in the disguise of religion. If anybody amongst them question their hate against polytheism & idolatry, they fly into a rage & retort, “Don’t you know how evil & dangerous idolatry & polytheism are and that they are devil- inspired and that the practitioners of these devil-inspired rituals are on their way to hell. With stock phrases like these, they insult Hinduism in every possible way.

We Hindus need to remind the people of the Abrahamic religions of the simple rule of law that is taught in the first year tort classes: Your right to swing your arms freely ends at my nose. Standing by our beliefs & convictions, we need to put our foot down & assert that we Hindus are not going to accept the inferior & meek position that the falsehood manufacturers have designated for us Hindus.

8. We Hindus have been under the “aggressive ideological attack” of the religions of exclusivity (Islam & Christianity) for 1200 plus years. Ideological aggression is the first phase of war & if not adequately resisted, is invariably followed by the second phase of war, the actual physical conflict. If ideological phase is properly & effectively resisted in time, it serves notice on the aggressive adversary that he will be resisted and many times the second phase, the actual conflict, can be averted.

9. The inevitable question: What do we Hindus do? As an absolute minimum, we Hindus must create a new class of intelligentsia that can challenge media distortions in every area, in schools, in books, newspapers, and Internet. The Hindu intelligentsia class must debate issues & expose the distortions & false beliefs & face up to the challenges of the religions of exclusivity, warning others about the dangers posed by the exclusivity religious creeds. Hinduism must come out of its “Other Worldliness” and the veil of its spirituality and must not allow the forces of Adharma to take over the world. Hindus need to come off their lethargic attitude & actively work for Hinduism Defense & the defense of Hindu Dharma. We must foster Hindu solidarity as a unity in diversity amongst all Hindu sects & lineages. We must dispel myths, illusions, & misinformation about Hinduism. It is about time that we Hindus fight back to protect our great religion & cultural heritage, in the true Kashatriya spirit, in the defense of Hindu Dharma.

9. There is no truth whatsoever in the statement often expressed by some that Kashatriya Hinduism will promote Hindu Fundamentalism or Hindu Nazism. Kashatriya Hindus have always fought for the protection of Dharma, never for aggression, have never resorted to forcible conversion of people of other religions ( as the Abrahamic religions have been routinely doing for centuries) but have always fought for upholding Dharma. It is time for Kashatriya Hindus to rise up again. Upon the buoyant ascent of the Kashatriya Hindus depends not only the survival & the future of Hinduism but the survival of Dharma itself in this generally Adharmic world.


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  1. A.L.Rawal says:

    All Hindus have to arise and not merely Kshatriya Hindus. Kshatriyas always fought for their respective kings and died on both sides. When two Hindu kings fought with each other it is the poor, kshatriya Hindus who died. They lost most of the times because fighting was considered to be their business only. Others stood as if nothing was happening and they were unconcerned about it. Manthara says in Ramayan: How does it matter to her who becomes the King. She will always remain a `dasi’. Therefore this thought has to be changed. Now the war is fought every five years at the national level and also in states. All have to fire their weapon of votes.

  2. dipak says:

    Christianity and Islam are not religions as we understand, they are nothing but religious imperialism.. In the name of religion, they convert people by hook or by crook.
    It is time we have true history of India, I sincerely wish some learned Hindu historians will take this project.

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