Majority Buddhist population (Muslims 10%) of Sri Lanka demand end to all halal (Islamic-approved) products. After a Government Minister condemned the Halal Certification racket on Feb. 14th, the Sinhalese Buddhist group has called for the abolition of the Muslim halal system of certifying foods and other goods, as well as a ban on any new mosques.


BOYCOTT HALAL (h/t Charles daHammer)  Sri Lanka, formerly Ceylon, is a naturally beautiful island off the Southern tip of India. Until May 2009, when the government forces seized the last area controlled by Tamil Tiger rebels,  the people had experienced a long and bitter civil war for more than 25 years which arose out of ethnic tensions between the majority  Sinhalese and the Tamil minority.  The violence killed more than 70,000 people, damaged the economy and harmed tourism in one of South Asia’s potentially most prosperous societies.


The Buddhist majority in the country are peace-loving and fair-minded, but they abhor the halal ritual slaughter which Muslims insist is necessary to produce halal meat – this outdated 7th Century seems unnecessarily cruel to livestock in 21st Century Sri Lanka, but muslims insist that the Muslim way of slaughter is the best and the animals get no feeling when the jugular vein of the neck is cut and the blood flows from the body… they say that immediately after the cut , the whole body of the animal will get numb and it will not feel any pain.


Muslims are against stunning the animal, because they say that the blood will still be there and the animal will suffer.  However a  four year Dialrel Study carried  out by Veterinary Scientists from many countries of Europe found the opposite is true and they concluded that halal ritual slaughter causes unnecessary suffering. The publication of that Scientific Paper is here:


Buddhist monk Kirama Wimala Jothi has urged Sri Lanka’s non-Muslim majority to boycott any product with the halal label and asked the government to outlaw Islamic clerics issuing such certification.

A Facebook Group called  SAY NO TO HALAL in SRI LANKA has also been set up which has a growing following here:


Then on 14th February, Sri Lanka Minister of Research and Technology Patali Champika Ranawaka, requested that all halal food producers remove the halal certificate. He warned that his Party, Sinhala Buddhist Jathika Hela Urumaya (JHU) would take action unless the producers of halal heed their demand.

Muslims say that from their perspective there’s nothing wrong if Christians or Buddhist will eat halal foods. It’s just a matter of choice if you like it or not;  but if you outlaw the selling of halal products, then that’s another matter. You are depriving the people of their freedom to choose. Conversely, the halal certification process is now seen as a violation of the Rights of the Majority who want traditional foods and food services.


Yesterday thousands of Sinhalese supporters of the Buddhist majority attended a rally in a suburb of the capital, Colombo… Youth activists at the rally wore T-shirts denouncing the Muslim halal method of slaughtering animals to eat.

They reject halal products & services and the creeping Islamification of their country eg. a Mosque has been built in Dambulla, which is considered by many to be a sacred Buddhist area. The prime minister ordered the mosque’s relocation on Sunday, following an attack on the mosque on Friday by hardline Buddhists, including monks and all this amid a rising  religious tension in the country. The Buddhist Sinhalese make up three-quarters of Sri Lanka’s 20 million population.


Muslims make up less than 10% of the population , but the majority are seeing a rise in halal certified products. This unwanted over-production of halal products & services is considered by the  majority to be threatening their culture and their valued traditions.

There is a gradual increase in halal restaurants and Markets and we have even found that Muslims have started to export Halal Fish to the UK from a halal supplier called Ceylon Fisheries Limited via their fully operational processing plant at Tudella, Ja-Ela, Negombo, Sri Lanka.


The increasing halal trade within Sri Lanka is completely unacceptable to the majority, so Sinhalese leaders have now called for a boycott of halal meat and demanded shops clear their stocks by April, according to the AFP news agency reports.

Now the The leading Muslim religious leaders’ group, the All Ceylon Jamiyathul Ulama, has warned against violence threatened by striking Muslims – they have called for Muslims to fast instead. Muslims have now gone on strike in eastern Sri Lanka which have left schools, government offices, buses and the public market all shut after that decree from the main mosque.

The Muslim panderers of the BBC bash what they call the “racist” Buddhists and sympathize with Muslims in the video.


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  1. Srilanka must not fall in the trap of secularism like India has done. Muslim radicals will always take advantage of the tolerance shown by Hindus, Buddhists, Christians etc and try to impose by hook or by crook their own religious practices on others with the aim of ultimately converting all to Islam and decimating those who do not agree and resist them.

    The cruel practice of Halal is deliberately propagated by Islamic clergy so as to dehumanize all Muslims and leave no trace of love and compassion in them so that they go to any extent and adopt whatever inhuman methods they want to convert or decimate all “infidels”.

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