TERRORIST MAMATA CONGRESS – this is what TMC stands for in West Bengal now. Bengal, which was the leader of Indian intellecual world once has been reduced to the state of a pauper by the continued curse of Congress Party of Muslims (CPM) rule for 35 long years. It was said 100 years ago that what Bengal thinks today the rest of India thinks tomorrow. EMS Namboodiripad, the Kerala CM foisted Mallapuram as a Muslim district in secular India. Surjeet Comrade took patently anti-Hindu stands on various occasions to divide the poor Hindus. CPM alienated the Hindu majority from all trade unions and the lumpen party workers did not have the courage to assert their Hindu culture.They were made to feel ashamed of their being Hindus. It was considered to be a sin to be a Hindu during the blighted rule of the CPM. This deculturalisation of the Hindu masses has delayed a Hindu Revolution. The Marxists led by Marxist Mullahs and fed by Petro dollars always framed such policies which were anti-Hindu. They were too eager to prove their secular credentials. They could not say anything against the minorities because they are minorities and thus sacred cow which cannot be criticised. The only target left for them was the Hindus and their culture. They always made a fun of Hindu way of life and also called Hindus gods as Monkeys, Pigs (Varah Avtaar), or abnormal creatures. Hindus lost faith in their own faith and it was weakened. Minoritism was re-inforced. CPM did not have the courage to question the Christian belief which says that the wine drunk on Easter becomes blood in the body of Jesus Christ and the meat eaten on that day become flesh in the body of Jesus Christ. They also did not have the courage to ask the Muslims as to how a man can reserve his seat in heaven by killing a Kaffir on earth.

Lumpen parties as the Communist Party of India was assembled in a foreign country. It was asked to frame its policies in such a way as to help the Soviet interests in the world. The CPI leadership agreed to dovetail the Hindu working people in the service of the Soviet global interests. Such betrayal of the Indian working people stabbed them in the back and made them future slaves of the Soviets. The Communist goondas were given complete FREEDOM – FREE VODKA, FREE SEX AND FREE LITERATURE at the Soviet Cultural Centre on Feroz Shah Road, New Delhi. It was a fashion to be a member of the exclusive club of lumpens thronging the place. I was also appointed as a Reporter in Soviet group of journals. I was asked to cover World Book Fair 1978 being held at New Delhi. I was told that one Miss Preety would accompany me there. Her name was dangled before me like a carrot before an ass. But this ass did not take the bait. I was also told to give a `slant’ in my writings to the Soviet stall at the World Book Fair. I replied that I was a man of fiercely independent nature and that I shall not be able to give a slant either to the left or to the right. The CPI had enslavement of the Indian working people to Soviets and now China as its agenda . Shame on such traitors. May India be safe from such elements. Hindus must unite quickly otherwise their freedom will evaporate before their own eyes.

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